Halloween Decoration Ideas

Posted on 16 September 2019

Spooky Season is upon us and it's time to spruce up your home with Autumn elegance and Halloween charm! We know you've been waiting all year to bring out the pumpkin decor and scented pine cones. Here we've compiled a list of your must have Halloween decor for 2019!


Halloween Decoration Ideas



halloween decoration ideashalloween decoration ideashalloween decoration ideas

This may be an obvious one, but you can't have the perfect Halloween decor without pumpkins and gourds around the house! The pumpkin is probably the most infamous symbol of the Halloween season and paired with some gourds can be a great transitional piece into the Thanksgiving holiday! Pumpkins and gourds are great for the entirety of Autumn, so you can keep them up longer than just September-October. Obviously if you've got real pumpkins they'll only last so long (especially if carved), so bring out the real pumpkins closer to Halloween day and until then decorate the house with fakes! What's great about this is that you can do anything from plastic to plaster to even knitted! There's all kinds of choices for your particular Halloween aesthetic!



halloween decoration ideashalloween decoration ideashalloween decoration ideas

Candles can set so many moods, from romantic to tranquil and yes, even a little spooky! Real candles can add a feeling of both mystery and warmth to your home (depending on the time of day and paired with other accessories). The best part about candles during the Fall season, is all the amazing scents that come out this time of year! Everything from Autumn Woods to Pumpkin Spice! Your home will be illuminated with the spirit of the season and smell amazing too! Smells are heavily associated with memories, so to someone that comes into your house, this may trigger a pleasant memory for them of childhood Halloween's etc... Have fun choosing just one!


Foliage & Flowers

halloween decoration ideashalloween decoration ideas

The cutest trend right now is pumpkin planters! Combine and adorable pumpkin vase or planter and put in it a succulent, arrangement of flowers, aloe, cacti, or any other plant! This puts a very chic and modern twist on the typical pumpkin decor and can add a pop of color into your overall theme! For a clean and modern elegance, choose white pumpkin planters. For a traditional and warm Autumn look, choose orange! Bring in the beauty of nature into your Halloween decor!


String Lights

halloween decoration ideashalloween decoration ideashalloween decoation ideas

Who says string lights have to be for only Christmas?? Throw in some Halloween themed string lights, or subtle white lights into your decor for a magical feeling in your home! Drape across the curtains, walls, or outside along your house or in the trees! String lights are such a subtle, yet effective way to really spruce up your decor any time of year! Halloween doesn't just have to be spooky, it can be sparkly and dazzling too!


Pine Cones

halloween decoration ideashalloween decoration ideas

One of Mother Nature's finest achievements, the gift of the pine cone. Pine cones are a perfect neutral decor element and can be used for Halloween, Thanksgiving, AND Christmas too! Depending on how you play them up, they can be a cute, woodsy and charming play on Halloween decor! Place in a bowl with potpourri, place in a case with string lights, or, our personal favorite, combine them with cinnamon sticks and acorns for a sweet pine and cinnamon scent! Just remember not to eat the pine cones!


Throw Blankets

halloween decoration ideashalloween decoration ideas

Autumn is all about comfort and warmth, even during Halloween! For a simple and rewarding decor idea, buy throw blankets with warm colors and drape over your couch or bed spread. Stick with fabrics like wool, chenille, and soft cotton. It's going to get a little chilly during this time, and if you're staying home passing out candy, you'll want to be comfortable! Curl up with a spooky book and a pumpkin spice latte and you're good to go!


No Tricks, Just Treats!

halloween decoration ideashalloween decoration ideas

For you and your partner, your kids, house guests, and any other ghoul or goblin that drops by, have some quirky and delicious Halloween treats on hand! Break out the candy bowl or make some fun and festive Halloween desserts like cookies, cupcakes, color coordinated macaroons and so on! Indulge your sweet tooth after spending the day re decorating your home with something yummy!


A Lucky Black Cat

halloween decoration ideashalloween decoration ideashalloween decoration ideas

We know this isn't exactly decor, but we couldn't resist throwing these cute witchy hobgoblins into this article! If you already own a black cat, he or she will blend right into your Halloween decor! Also, remember to keep your black cats indoors on Halloween, they still get a bad rap for being unlucky and deserve to be safe! Also, black cats are the least adopted at animal shelters! So if you're looking for a new fur baby, consider taking in a magical little bean like the ones above! Look at their cute little faces! You can't resist!


Halloween Signs

halloween decoration ideashalloween decoration ideashalloween decoration ideas

Let them know that the witch is in, or that it's just a bunch of hocus pocus... Whether you put these signs on your front door, or on your walls inside, cute Halloween themed wood wall art or canvases make a quirky splash to your Halloween decorations! From sweet and sassy, to quirky, or even a little spooky, there's a decorative sign for that! Welcome guests into your haunted house or extend your guests with harvest blessings. Whatever you do, it'll be a scream!



halloween decoration ideashalloween decoration ideashalloween decoration ideas

Skeletons and skulls are the bread and butter of traditional Halloween decor. But what's great about them is you don't have to stick with the norm to successfully implement skeletons into your spooky decor. If you'd like, stick with (fake, we hope) human heads and such, give Hamlet a run for his money. Or, add a splash of color with Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) sugar skulls for a traditional look and a homage to loved ones that have passed on. For a modern feel, add animal skulls (plaster hopefully) that can be part of your decor year round. These can make your Halloween feel a little more witchy and southwestern all at once!


Crystals & Wiccan Tools

halloween decoration ideashalloween decoration ideashalloween decoration ideas

For the true witch, incorporate meaningful crystals (see these blog posts about them), tarot cards, incense, sage, etc... into your Halloween decor. To those not familiar with these items, there's actually nothing spooky about them at all! Crystals bring healing and positive energies into the home and sage can dispel bad spirits or negative energy. Really put a spell on this Halloween and bring some balance and positivity into your Feng Shui! 


However you decide to do Halloween this year, stay safe, stay fabulous, and don't forget to stay stocked up on candy!


halloween decoration ideas

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