25 Father’s Day Gifts 2022 (All The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas!)

Posted on 22 March 2022

father's day gifts

He’s your dad, your pops, your father, your confidant, your friend. He takes your side against Mom, he’s always there to listen to you when you’ve had a bad day, he provides endless dad jokes and he is never short on understanding, guidance or wisdom. He’s the guy who spent countless weekends coaching you at soccer, basketball, math and piano. He was never not on the sidelines cheering you on. Sure, he has his faults — his musical taste is a little wacky and he can never remember where he set his glasses down — but you share the exact same sense of humor and the bond between you two is just undeniable.

With Father’s Day coming up, you want to make sure you get him something really spectacular this year. Something that says, “I could not ask for a better Dad — you’re the weirdest person I know and I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve taught me.” That’s a tall order, but luckily we’ve searched all across the web to bring you some of the best Father’s Day gifts out there!! But first, you might be wondering, when even is Father’s Day this year?

When is Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16, 2019

As Father’s Day is coming up pretty soon, it’s time to jump online and find that gift that’s going to make him snort with laughter or “aww” with gratitude. For all the best Father’s Day gift ideas, Father’s Day gifts from daughter, homemade Father’s Day gifts and funny gifts for Dad, we’ve got you covered!! Check out our 2019 Father’s Day gift ideas list!

(HINT: #21 is our fave!!)


Best Father’s Day Gifts

There are a lot of gift ideas for Dad out there, but you know that this year, you want to get him something that really stands out. You can’t get him just anything — you have to get him one of the best Father’s Day gifts you can find. Scratch that — you have to get him the best Father’s Day gift! The absolute best. Well, we can help you with that. It’s important to make sure that your Dad knows just how lucky you feel to have him as a father. With these best Father’s Day gifts, you can do just that.


#1 Meditation Gift Certificate

meditation gift certificate

So, maybe your dad’s been a little stressed out lately and you want to remind him he needs to take some time for himself. No matter what stressors your dad has in his life, helping him to eek out time where he can relax is no doubt one of the best Father’s Day gifts you could get him. What matters most is his happiness — get him a gift that helps him to increase feelings of peace and calm so that he can work on continuing to build the life he wants to have.

#2 Nomad Turntable

nomad turntable

Your dad loves music, but unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to listen to any of his old records for quite some time now because his old record player broke or maybe he never even had one! This Nomad Turntable will allow him to easily transport his tunes as he jams out to his vinyl collection.


#3 Pendleton Men’s Lounge Robe

lounge robe

Remind your dad that comfort is key. Whether he just needs a new comfy robe or you want to send him a message that it’s okay to just lounge around some days and relax, this Pendleton men’s lounge robe is exactly what he needs this Father’s Day.


#4 Smoker Grill Box

smoker grill box

Your dad absolutely loves grilling. You’re not even sure if you completely understand his intense love for grilling, but you know a gift that has to do with grilling would be something he’d appreciate. Once you’ve settled on getting your dad a grilling gift, you know it has to be really top-quality since he has all the regular grilling utensils! This smoker grill box makes smoking and grilling meats and fish super easy because it works inside any type of grill! Combine this awesome gift with some high quality meats and spend an afternoon grilling and hanging out with your pops. He will absolutely love it and will not soon forget this Father’s Day.


#5 Photo to Pencil Sketch Canvas Print

photo to pencil sketch

We just love this photo to pencil sketch canvas print. If you’re looking for awesome Father’s day gift ideas, this photo to pencil sketch canvas print is one of the best Father’s Day gifts you will find. Whether you’re looking for your husband, for your dad, for your grandpa or maybe for your brother (who’s a dad!), this canvas print makes for a wonderfully sentimental and meaningful present. Pick a picture that represents who he is as a dad, or maybe one that has a lot of sentimental value for him and he will be so grateful to have someone wonderful like you in his life.

Unique Father’s Day Gifts

Sure, you could get your dad all the typical things — some socks, some grilling supplies, his favorite beer and steak dinner — and he would, no doubt, appreciate these gifts quite a lot. However, this Father’s Day, consider doing something a little out of the box for him, something that makes him take a step back and say, “wow, you remembered when I said I wanted that last year?” Get your Papa something different from the regular year-in and year-out gifts you and your siblings get him each and every year. This is the one day a year entirely dedicated to celebrating your dad and all that he’s done for you growing up; make it extra special by getting him a few different unique Father’s Day gifts! He will love that you went the extra mile and got him unique Father’s Day gifts rather than just your run-of-the-mill dad presents.

#6 Best Dad Docking Station

best dad docking station

 This Best Dad Docking Station is one of the most unique Father’s Day gifts out there because it is a personalized station that lets dad totally unwind. At the end of a long day, your dad comes home from work and throws his keys, phone, wallet and other accessories all over the house. It drives your mom nuts and your dad can never find his essentials when he has to leave for work the next morning. With this docking station, you can help him keep track of all his needed items, while simultaneously reminding him each and every day that he is, without a doubt, the best dad. 


#7 Beeropoly

beeropoly board game

Truly unique Father’s Day gifts are hard to come by, but this Beeropoly board game is one of them! With Father’s Day gift ideas like this one, all the adults can spend time together while performing a series of bizarre beer tasks. For the father who loves beer, this beeropoly board game is an absolute must!


#8 Vincero Watch

vincero watch

An incredibly high quality watch, like this Vincero watch, is not only a conversation-starter, but is also a great way to encourage your dad’s own unique sense of style without being too flashy. A watch like this instills a sense of confidence and encourages your dad to be just the way he is — what could be more meaningful and unique than that?


#9 Audible Audiobook Subscription

audible audiobook subscription

Some of the best unique Father’s Day gifts and Father’s Day gift ideas are ones that support his hobbies, favorite past-times and passions. Is your dad a reader and has recently just not had enough time to get immersed in a good book? Remind him to take some time this year for the things he loves to do, with an Audible audiobook subscription!


#10 Sandalwood Shaving Cream

shaving cream

Really awesome Father’s Day gift ideas are ones that take his everyday activities and transform them into little moments of joy. Consider how much happier your dad would be if you could take every mundane event throughout your dad’s day and make them 20 times better! This would be a gift not only for one day of the year, this Father’s Day, but also for every day after this since he would use it every single day and remember that you got it for him.


Funny Gifts For Dad

Your Pops is a funny guy: he’s always cracking jokes at inappropriate times, he’s made a sport out of ignoring your mom (just for laughs, of course) and he’s gotten really good at breaking wind and blaming the family dog. In general, he’s just a silly dude. He doesn’t even have to try to be funny — he still rocks his hippie vest from his hippie days, randomly dances in the cereal aisle while you pretend you’re not together and is never on key when he thinks he’s singing beautifully. You know that you need to get some funny gifts for Dad this year, something that speaks to his ridiculous sense of humor and really makes him laugh. If that’s the case, we’ve got some great funny gifts for Dad for you — you’ll both get a kick outta these!


#11 Fa-Thor Dad Shirt

fa-thor dad shirt

Your dad really doesn’t need any help being funny, but with t-shirts like this, you just can’t help yourself! Whether your dad has an inflated ego or just pretends to have one, this Fa-Thor Dad shirt will add some flare to his dad joke humor and give him a little chuckle every day that he wears it.


#12 King of the Dad Joke Father’s Day Card

king of the dad joke

Your dad is definitely the king of the dad joke. He cracks a dad joke at least once an hour — he can’t help himself! You know your pops isn’t big on gifts and really all he wants is just to spend some time with you and maaybe for you and your siblings to laugh at his cringe-worthy comments every once in a while. Throw him a bone this Father’s Day and let him know you actually do kind of like his silly humor and face-palm causing comments. Kind of.


#13 Pot n Putt Bathroom Golfing Game

pot n putt

Does this Father’s Day gift idea really need any extra selling? The picture just about says it all. After all, what better time to practice your putting than when you’re on the pot? Your dad will appreciate you wanting to combine his two favorite hobbies and this will shortly become his new favorite thing to do.


#14 The Three Stooges: The Ultimate Collection

the three stooges

You know your dad loves The Three Stooges — it’s where all his silly dad humor comes from! Spend an evening with your dad eating his favorite dessert and watching The Three Stooges. He’ll feel happy spending some quality time with his kids and sharing a good belly laugh.


#15 Nerf Gun

nerf gun

Bring out the kid in your dad who you know is struggling to remain hidden day after day. Let him know this day is about him and if he wants to act like the 4-year-old he really is, then let him! Tell your mom to ease off for a day and not worry about how messy your dad makes the house. Shoot some Nerf darts at your pops and encourage him to act like a doof!


DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Yeah, you could buy your dad something cool you see online, but imagine his face when he unwraps the paper and sees that you’ve made him his Father’s Day gift? He’s always known you were crafty but this is a new level and one that says, “I spent time on this for you because I knew it would be something you would appreciate.” You really can’t get better than that for a holiday celebrating your parents: DIY Father’s Day gifts and homemade Father’s Day gifts remind him that you do a lot for him and he’ll feel so appreciative to have a son or daughter who constantly go out of there way to make sure their Dad is happy. There is nothing quite like DIY Father’s Day gifts and homemade Father’s Day gifts — they add an extra element or sentiment that other gifts you could buy just can’t! Check out these DIY Father’s Day gifts he’ll be sure to love.

#16 Grilling Apron

grilling apron

Does your dad love grilling? Make him a manly grilling apron — it is perfect for the dad or husband who loves grilling! Not only do you not have to put in that much effort to make this awesome DIY Father’s Day gift, but it will end up being something he will use and wear every time he grills.


#17 Grill Master Hanging Display

grill master hanging display

This grill master hanging display pairs perfectly with the grilling apron (#16)! For the dad who really loves grilling, 2 DIY Father’s Day gifts will make him light up! Consider making him one of these ideas and encouraging your sibling or mom to make him the other for a Father’s Day with a grilling theme. Maybe even get him some fancy, high quality steaks to spend some time grilling with the best dad in the world.


#18 Bottle Cap Fishing Lures

bottle cap fishing lures

Going fishing is an all-time dad activity. If your dad just loves to go fishing at a nearby lake or out in the ocean, then this is one of the better homemade Father’s Day gifts out there. Along with these bottle cap fishing lures, plan a trip with your dad to go fishing and spend some much-needed father-daughter or father-son time together. He’ll love the thoughtfulness of your gift and will cherish your homemade gift for him.


#19 Golf Headcover

golf headcover

Golf is another great dad activity. Does your dad love to go golfing? A DIY Father’s Day gift like this allows you to spread your creative wings more than just your average homemade project. With this fancy DIY golf headcover, you can encourage your dad’s favorite activity while also making him a super unique gift!


#20 Wool iPad Case

wool ipad case

Your dad is always on his iPad. Whether he’s reading, playing games, watching movies and TV or just messing around watching silly YouTube videos, he loves that thing. It’s his favorite item of technology because it has just everything he needs! Whenever he’s lounging around, he’s usually doodling on his iPad. This Father’s Day, make him some homemade Father’s Day gifts that help him to protect his favorite pastimes and hobbies. He will appreciate the thoughtfulness you put into creating this gift.  


Personalized Father’s Day Gifts

When you give personalized Father’s Day gifts, you’re getting him something that really speaks to who he is. Gifts that are not personalized sometimes just don’t cut it — they don’t have anything to do with who he is as a man, a father and a friend. Personalized Father’s Day gifts combine things he loves with a unique, added personal touch, which makes him 20 times happier than he would be if you got him something that wasn’t personalized. Though, of course, he’d be happy with just about anything you got him, personalized Father’s Day gifts give him an extra added spark of appreciation. Check out these personalized Father’s Day gifts for your pops!

#21 Thank You Dad Wedding Tie Patch

thank you dad wedding tie patch

You’ve made it to our fave! This is not only one of our faves, but it is also one of the best personalized Father’s Day gifts out there. If you’re looking for Father’s Day gifts from daughter, you couldn’t find a more meaningful gift than this Thank You, Dad wedding tie patch. It will remind him of all the wonderful times you’ve spent together growing up and all the wonderful times still to have!


#22 Thin Blue Line Flag Personalized Canvas

thin blue line canvas print

Is your dad in law enforcement? Awesome Father’s Day gift ideas include gifts that have personal and sentimental elements. Consider getting your dad personalized Father’s Day gifts that speak to his personality and what means a lot to him. As someone in law enforcement, your dad is someone who always wants to do the right thing. This Father’s Day 2019, let him know that you appreciate his strong values, the way he is, as well as the way he raised you with this thin blue line flag personalized canvas print.


#23 Personalized Dad Book For Father’s Day

personalized dad book

This personalized Father’s Day gift is one of the best Father’s Day gift ideas you can find!! Personalized Father’s Day gifts like this one are especially awesome from a young daughter or son. This personalized gift idea will make his Father’s Day special and remind him how much he loves being your dad every single day. Not only are personalized Father’s Day gifts meaningful keepsakes, but this one in particular is one you and him can read every night before bed.


#24 Personalized Beer Bottle Labels & Bottle Carrier

personalized beer bottles

Is your dad a beer drinker? When you get him personalized Father’s Day gifts like this one, you’re letting him know you want to encourage him to relax. This Father’s Day, split a beer with him! Make it extra special by buying him some beers with his own face on them! Every little thing you do that makes your dad’s day better (even if it’s something silly and small like a picture of his face on a beer bottle!) makes for a great Father’s Day gift!


#25 Mega Dad Personalized Comic Book

mega dad personalized comic book

For the comic-book loving dad, this Mega Dad Personalized Comic Book is an absolute must. Remind your dad that, in your life, he is a superhero. Not only is he a superhero to you, but he’s the only superhero you really need in your life. Being reminded that you are a role model for another, that you are respected, valued and looked up to is really the only gift a father needs. There really is no better Father’s Day gift than that.

And there you have it! 25 Father’s Day gifts for your dad this Father’s Day 2019. These are all the best Father’s Day gift ideas — we hope you got some great ideas for your dad, pops, papa or father!!

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