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Modern and Traditional 14th Anniversary Gifts

Once upon a way back when, the traditional gift for the 14th anniversary was all things ivory. Ivory utensils, jewelry, keepsake boxes, figurines, etc. Ivory isn't considered ethical any longer as its way of being sourced is considered controversial (elephants are beautiful creatures we absolutely love!). In lieu of the traditional ivory gift, you could present your spouse with ivory COLORED things such as new bedding, sweaters, jewelry, fancy dining utensils, etc. You could even go the extra mile and get them something elephant related such as a cute elephant plush or make a donation towards saving the elephant species in their name. If you don't want to opt for an ivory themed gift, the modern 14th anniversary gift these days is gold jewelry. 

For gold jewelry gifts, you can opt for a lot of things. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings are all appropriate for the occasion. Of course you won't want to buy just any old gold jewelry, but something sentimental and romantic. Something like a gold knot handwriting bracelet or a gold handwriting bar necklace. For more gold jewelry ideas, see our friends at Sincerely Silver!

Canvas art makes a perfect gift for any anniversary and while ivory themed gifts may be far and few to find, we've got you covered! We've made this collection of ivory 14th anniversary themed canvases for you to choose from. For example, our ivory sheet music canvas comes printed on a beautiful ivory backdrop with the sheet music of any song you would like. You could choose from many love songs or pick a song that means something to you and your spouse. Choose the song you danced to at your wedding, a song you dedicate to your partner, a song you heard on your first date, or just a song that reminds you of them. If you have trouble coming up with song ideas you can read these blogs to get inspiration:

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What is the meaning behind ivory? Ivory is known as a representation of dignity, patience, and stability, traits that are massively important in a marriage. At the fourteen year mark, people consider this a very lucky year! The number 7 is considered lucky in most cultures, making 7 plus 7 extra lucky! At this point in your marriage, you've got it down pat. You've worked out all the kinks and the life you've built is grounded on a stable foundation. You have mutual respect for each other, understand each other's boundaries, know all your likes and dislikes, and can name everything from your partner's blood type to their pants size. People says once you've made it past the 7 year mark that it's all uphill from here. That must make fourteen an even bigger deal! As mentioned before, the fourteenth year marks the ivory anniversary of patience, stability and dignity, so you'll need the perfect gift to commemorate it. 

Other symbols of the 14th anniversary are gold jewelry, the Dahlia flower, Opal as a gemstone, an ivory colored rose, elephants, kunzite stone and moss agate stone. This should give you some insight into other gifts you can add on to your ivory themed 14th anniversary canvas! Some suggestions are:

  • Ivory colored bedsheets
  • Ivory colored clothing such as sweaters, bags, purses, shoes, dresses, pajamas etc...
  • Elephant themed figurines, candle holders, jewelry.
  • A donation to a charity that saves elephants from poaching and extinction in your partner's name.
  • Gold jewelry such as a gold knot handwriting bracelet with a sweet message or a gold handwriting bar necklace
  • A ivory colored forever rose statue
  • Opal jewelry or gemstones
  • A bouquet of Dahlia flowers or Dahlia scented oil/perfume
  • Ivory colored candles

Your 14th anniversary gift should be special and heartfelt. It's been 14 years of marriage after all (and a few more counting before the engagement). Our 14th anniversary gift collection is constantly growing, you'll be able to choose from many different ivory themed 14th anniversary gift canvases such as sheet music canvases, heart lyric canvases, song lyric canvases and more! If you have any questions about having a personalized canvas made or want any modifications to a canvas you've ordered, reach out to us at support@canvasvows.com for help!

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