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With custom canvas prints from Canvas Vows, you can transform your pictures into high quality canvas prints! Think of all the pictures you have on your social media accounts or your phone — you probably have some really great memories that are just sitting online or in your phone and you’ve totally forgotten about them! With custom canvas prints, you can send us your images and we will create for you a high quality photo canvas! Transform your memories into beautiful canvas prints to hang on your wall with our Canvas Prints Collection!

Want to know how we make canvas prints? Check out our blog post, How Canvas Prints Are Made to learn more.

What Are Canvas Pictures?

Canvas prints, or canvas pictures, are a beautiful combination of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. A canvas print is an image printed onto canvas from an inkjet printer. Once the image is printed onto the canvas material (read below to check out what materials we use here at Canvas Vows!), the canvas material is then stretched over a wooden frame. Regarding the borders of your canvas pictures, you have two main options:

#1 Gallery-Wrapped Edges (Frameless Borders)

Gallery-wrapped edges, or frameless borders, are canvas pictures that have an image that extends beyond the edge of the typical canvas frame. “Gallery-wrapped” means that the image is wrapped around the sides of the stretcher frame. When the image is printed out on canvas, if there is at least 2.5 inches on each of the 4 sides, you can choose whether you want the image to go to the edge, or be gallery-wrapped and go past the edge.

#2 Image Aligned with Edge of Frame (Framed Borders)

If you want your canvas photo prints to appear to have a border, you can choose to have your image printed on the canvas so that there is an extra 2.5 inches on all 4 sides. This way, when your canvas is wrapped around the stretcher frame, just the image will appear on the front of the canvas print, while the edges will be white, like a framed border.

To learn more about these 2 options, check out our blog post, How To Stretch A Canvas Print.

The Process: How To Transfer A Picture To Canvas

If you’re wondering how to transfer a picture to canvas or how to print photos on canvas, don’t worry — the process is pretty simple. Not sure how to put a picture on a canvas? Follow these simple steps:

#1 Find Your Image

For some, finding an image can be super simple. For others, it can be more difficult — you know the event you want to commemorate but not the exact image. Perhaps you want to commemorate a special event like your birthday, wedding or anniversary celebration. Perhaps you want to commemorate a special person in your life, like your wife or husband, mom or dad, grandparents, siblings or best friend. Or maybe, you want to commemorate a special place. Whatever it is that’s meaningful to you, find an image that you just love and we’ll help you create the best canvas prints to celebrate your memory.

#2 Order Your Canvas Pictures

Decide on your size and how many you’d like to order, and add it to your cart!

(If you need help deciding on your canvas sizes, check out our blog post, Canvas Sizing Guide!)

#3 Send Your Image To Us

After you’ve added it to your cart and ordered your canvas print, contact us either through our Contact Form, or email us at with the image you want to use. If there is any additional information or details about your canvas pictures you’d like to tell us, let us know when you send us the image!

#4 Approve Your Preview

After you’ve decided on which image, ordered your canvas pictures product and sent us your image, our dedicated team of graphic designers will get started designing your canvas photo prints. If you have any reservations about how to put a photo on canvas, do not worry. Our professional graphic designers are masters at transforming pictures to canvas prints. If all looks good to you, approve the preview we send you. If there’s anything you’d like to change, tell us and we’ll get on that for you.

#5 Receive Your Finished Canvas Picture Prints

After you’ve approved the preview, our team will print out your canvas picture prints on our canvas fabric and assemble your canvas prints! Then, we will ship it to you! If you’re interested in the materials we use here at Canvas Vows, keep reading!

For more information about our process here at Canvas Vows, check out our blog post, How Canvas Prints Are Made.

The Materials Of Our Custom Canvas Prints

#1 The Fabric

Here at Canvas Vows, we use canvas material that has a satin finish, is bright white in appearance (before the application of inks), is water-resistant and is composed of a 35% cotton and 65% polyester blend. We’ve found that using a cotton-polyester blend creates the best canvas prints and canvas pictures. With a photo transfer to canvas, it is our priority to make sure the end result looks as good as it can.

That’s why we use the fabric blend that we do.

The cotton-polyester blend gives a uniform, low-glare finish to the canvas picture prints. This makes our canvas fabric ideal for both indoor and outdoor signage, backdrops and murals. Using this material means that we do not need any sort of lamination and the material can be stretched without cracking. Additionally, the cotton-polyester blend is compatible with EcoSol, high-grade solvent, UV, and latex inks.

#2 The Inks & Printer

When transforming pictures to canvas, it is of utmost importance that high quality inks and a high quality printer is used. Low quality or incorrect use of inks or printers can ultimately lead to a poor quality canvas print. Here at Canvas Vows, we use HP Latex Ink and HP Printers because they give us the best results and contribute to helping us give you the best canvas prints.

Why HP Latex Inks?

Water-based HP Latex Inks create high image quality and consistency on a substrate range. Here at Canvas Vows, we use HP certified latex inks because it is significantly higher quality and higher durability than varnish printing. Additionally, HP latex inks are compatible with HP printers — a combination that creates consistent results.

#3 The Frame

Here at Canvas Vows, we use high quality wood to create sturdy frames. There is just no other way to do it. Whether you want large canvas prints or small canvas pictures, the frame is what ensures you can display your gorgeous image on your walls.

Photo Canvas Options

We’ve got a couple different options for your canvas pictures here at Canvas Vows. For instance, if you want your canvas print to go in a particular location in your home, but not sure if it will fit, check out our sizing options! Additionally, we have two options for the thickness of your wood frame.

#1 Size

  • Small: 10 X 20, 16 X 16
  • Medium: 12 X 36, 16 X 20, 16 X 30, 16 X 48, 16 X 24
  • Large: 20 X 40, 24 X 30, 24 X 36
  • Oversized: 30 X 36, 30 X 60, 36 X 48

For more ideas where to place particular canvas sizes in your home, check out our Canvas Sizing Guide!

#2 Thickness

  • Standard: .75” wood frame. This is the standard size for the wooden frame.
  • Thick Frame: 1.5” wood frame. This option is great if you want the canvas print to stand out against your walls.

No matter how you decide to customize your canvas print, it will be our pleasure to create meaningful canvas prints for you to display proudly in your home.

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