Custom Star Map

Custom Star Map

There are certain moments in our life that we will never forget. For instance, do you remember the night your husband proposed to you? Maybe he took you to the beach or a rooftop terrace after a wonderful evening at your favorite restaurant. Underneath a bright night sky, he got down on one knee and asked you to be his forever! Or perhaps, the night your first child was born -- do you remember taking him/her home from the hospital? Maybe you looked up to see the night sky and were in awe of the miracle of life. A constellation map of stars in the sky will remind you of those wonderful moments in your life that you don’t ever want to forget.

Do you want to commemorate an important moment in your life?

For those big moments, we often have a clear memory of where we were. A sky map of the night sticks in our minds as a meaningful image we want to keep with us always. That is why our custom star maps have become so popular. Here at Canvas Vows, our personalized star maps integrate the location and date of the big moments in your life.

Here are some examples of those big moments:

  1. Do you remember sitting on the deck of your new home with your family, looking up at the stars the first day after moving in? A custom star map can capture that special night sky -- a reminder to you and your family of starting on a new journey together.
  2. The moment your child is born is a remarkable experience. There is nothing else like it. Whether you want a custom star map to celebrate the birth of your first child, or you want to get one for the birthdays of all your children, this star map gift is a wonderful gift your little ones will grow up to cherish.
  3. Your spouse’s birthday is a wonderful day for both you and your partner. You want to make the day even better by gifting them a custom star map of their birth date!
  4. Another noteworthy night was when you and your spouse met. This night can often be overlooked by the wedding night or the engagement night, but this is a night and a memory unique only to you and your spouse.
  5. Of course, where you got married is a significant place for you and your spouse. Let us help you celebrate it with a personalized star map from the night of your wedding!
  6. Where you got engaged also holds a lot of value for you and your partner.
  7. Are you looking for something really out of the ordinary to help your parents celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary? Imagine the surprise on their faces when you hand them a custom canvas print of the night sky when they got married? They will be speechless!
  8. Maybe even the date you landed your dream job!

Use any special moment to create your personalized star map. Whether you are hoping to surprise your spouse with a one-of-a-kind star map gift or you are just looking to decorate your house with memorable moments, the night sky custom star map is the perfect addition to your home.

Map of the Night Sky

So, what is a star map?

A custom star map is made from inputting longitude and latitude coordinates. Here at Canvas Vows, we can help you recreate that special night and give you the gift of the night sky on canvas. To create a night sky map, we input the exact location of your choosing and recreate the night sky with pictures of stars. Imagine if you could rewind time and go back to that same location and time? Wouldn’t it be magical if you could see the same stars overhead as that one special night? With a personalized star map from Canvas Vows, you will be able to relive the moment every time you look at your custom night sky canvas. All you need to do is let us know the date and the address (or coordinates).

How to create your own star map:

  1. Decide on which important moment you want commemorated.
  2. Determine the date and address (or coordinates) of the big event.
  3. Check out our canvas templates above and decide on one of these styles, or on a custom style that suits you!
  4. Check out the examples below for ideas!
  5. Turn the rest over to us :)

Contact us today to get started on your very own custom star map!


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