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Photo To Pencil Sketch Collection

Are you looking for unique wall decor ideas? Tired of your standard canvas prints? Here at Canvas Vows, we strive for excellence and to create fresh designs that encourage our customers’ sense of creativity.

You might be wondering, what is pencil sketch?

When it comes to personalized home decor, pencil sketch art is a unique form of wall art that transforms your beautiful memories into a work of art that appears as though it has been drawn by a pencil. While there are effects that can be found online to turn photo into line drawing, the beauty of working with a custom canvas print shop is that your pencil sketch photo will be printed onto high quality canvas fabrics and assembled into high quality wall art that you can keep with you for years and years to come.

Check out the following ideas to see which one is right for you!

Pencil Sketch Art Ideas

#1 Convert Photo To Pencil Sketch

This option simply converts your photo into pencil sketch wall art. If you’re looking for an option in which your photo stands on its own, this one is the one to go with. No need for fancy frills — the memory the photo represents is all that matters. And what could be better than transforming it from a regular picture to a work of art?

#2 Photo To Pencil Sketch - With Lyrics or Vows

For the lucky couple who just got married and wants to showcase their love in a distinctive and meaningful way, the pencil sketch wall art option that includes your written vows is the way to go. With this great option, you can also opt to have lyrics to your first dance song, or another meaningful song, scrawled tastefully on you unique wall decor.

#3 Photo To Pencil Sketch - With Names and Date

Unique canvas wall art is hard to come by, but with this pencil sketch wall art with your names and date, you can personalize your home decor in a beautiful way. There are many reasons why custom canvas wall art is the way to go; the main reason is that with personalized home decor, you will feel more encouraged on a daily basis by the happy memories of you and your love. 

    Custom Wall Art

    Here at Canvas Vows, we use only the highest quality materials to ensure that when your canvas print gets to you, it is completely flawless. Our dedicated team will work with you to create any design you have in mind -- the sky's the limit! We use only high-end materials and strict quality controls here at Canvas Vows. Our inks are all water-based, solvent-free, and odorless and the hardware needed to install your custom canvas wall art is included. We use high grade canvas print fabric, high quality printers and ink, as well as exceptional wooden frames so that you know your personalized home decor will last you a very long time.

    If you’re interested in how to clean a canvas print, standard canvas sizes here at Canvas Vows, how to hang a canvas print, or the materials we use, check out our blog!

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