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Second Anniversary Gifts


The second anniversary may not be the most popular, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be celebrated! You and your spouse have successfully made it past one year! Two years! If that isn't evidence that you're on the right track, what is? Each year you complete in your marriage is another year stronger, another year wiser, another year full of lessons, experiences, and fond memories.

Perhaps this is the year you've decided to try for a baby or have one already on the way! Maybe now you're looking into buying your first home together! Everything is coming together now. Your bond is stronger than before and the life you're building together has a stronger foundation. This is something to take note of. Did you know on your 2nd wedding anniversary, you will be married for 730 days and over 1 million minutes?? And that's just how long you've been wed. You've been together even longer than that and have faced challenges, grown together, learned who you are as people, and made this marriage what it is from the ground up. The perfect relationship isn't found, its built so they say. You have many more years to go and much more to explore.

2nd anniversary gifts

Take this opportunity to really celebrate one another! Your second anniversary can be recognized with cotton gifts, porcelain, garnet, rose quartz, linen white, red, lily of the valley, cosmos (flower), and even a high quality canvas to display in your new home! For a romantic second anniversary date, go out to a romantic restaurant, maybe the place you had your first date at! Or have a cozy night in with a movie marathon and a homemade dinner! Go to a museum, see a movie, go to a wine tasting, see a local band in town if you're both music lovers, take some photos add to your scrap book, the possibilities are endless!


Second Anniversary Gift Ideas


Traditional 2nd anniversary gifts

Modern 2nd Anniversary Gifts

Cotton gloves

China place sets

Cotton t-shirts

China figurines or sculptures

Cotton handkerchiefs & bandanas

Porcelain refrigerator magnets

Monogrammed towel set

Porcelain or ceramic coffee mugs

Egyptian cotton sheets & pillowcases

Tea & sugar bowl set

His & hers pillowcase set

Garnet jewelry

Plush, cotton bathrobes

Rose quartz jewelry

Cotton table cloth, napkins & place set

Porcelain ring holder

Quirky, cotton socks

Fresh bouquet of cosmos or lily of the valley

Cotton rope hammock

Floral-themed art prints of cosmos or lily of the valley

Cotton flowers

Custom ceramic jewelry

Cotton canvas print

Ceramic vase with flowers


2nd anniversary gifts

More great 2nd anniversary gift ideas include:


Wedding Vows on Canvas

Song Lyrics on Canvas

A Custom Star Map

Sheet Music on Canvas

Last Name Signs

Push Pin Travel Maps

Photos on Canvas 


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