25th Anniversary Gifts

The 25th anniversary is known as the Silver Anniversary. Silver is both the modern and traditional 25th anniversary gift! The anniversary gift of silver represents the strength of your marriage, and how far you've come in your journey. Silver is a metal of endurance, a subtle color, and stepping stone in that mission to reach for gold. 25 years are half of that treasured golden 50th anniversary. But, silver shouldn't be dismissed as second place. Your marriage is not about the destination, but the journey after all. And the longer you are together the stronger your partnership will be. You've been through all the highs and lows of life together and that 25th milestone needs a memento to signify this happy occasion.

Silver is a perfect anniversary gift because silver can mean so much and be translated into so many different kinds of trinkets and memorable gifts. Silver is a common go to when it comes to jewelry, furniture, flatware, toiletries and other decor. It's a soft, contemporary and subtle color that blends in well with any decor, fashion sense or architecture. Silver can be seen as a beautiful feminine metal that inspires confidence and brings out a woman's inner glow. Silver can also be a neutral metal that doesn't boast nor take away from other pieces but rather compliments them. This is probably why silver is the most popular choice when it comes to accessories and decor.

Therefore, if you’re stuck and not sure what to get as 25th anniversary gifts this year, consider something silver: particularly one of our high quality silver printed canvases from out 25th Anniversary Gift collection. These canvases represent the silver anniversary while also giving you the opportunity to gift your forever love something they can cherish forever. These canvases represent a love that will last a lifetime and will bring back old memories of the years before. Not only are these perfectly romantic anniversary gifts, but they are beautiful, contemporary art pieces to decorate your home with. What could be better than that? Happy Anniversary!

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