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Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Nowadays, wedding guest books can be so much more than a book with your guests’ signatures! Traditionally, the wedding guest book was intended to keep track of all the guests at a wedding so that the newlywed couple can look back on their special day with their loved ones. Today, many have expressed concern for their wedding guests and the tradition of waiting in line to sign a guest book, and have sought out wedding book alternatives to continue this tradition into modern day. While the sentiment of having your loved ones sign the guest book at your wedding can be nice, the traditional wedding book might be a custom you are looking to update.

If that is the case, consider some new and unique wedding guest book alternatives you and your loved one can enjoy for years to come! Here at Canvas Vows, we can help you create a custom wedding guest book. We have quite a few designs that make a unique wedding guest book alternative. We specialize in personalized designs, so if you have a design idea that you don’t see on our page, we would love to hear about it and make it for you!

Check out our modern wedding guest book ideas below!

Guest Book Alternatives

More often than not, the traditional wedding guest book gets forgotten both at the wedding and afterwards. Your guests are looking to maximize spending time with you and your new spouse. After the wedding, the traditional wedding book is often placed on a shelf and left behind, not to be looked at again. Traditional guest books are also often plain and not very exciting. Using wedding guest book alternatives can make the guest book fun for both you and your guests. When your guests see your creative and unique wedding guest book canvas print, it will create one more memorable moment for your already beautiful wedding. Imagine if you could hang up a canvas print in your new home with your partner -- something to brighten your days and remind you of your wedding day with all your family and loved ones. For all your wedding guest book ideas that are a little out-of-the-box, check out our preexisting canvas prints or feel free to contact us with your unique idea!

Check out these wedding guest book alternatives:

  1. Watercolor states
  2. Wedding tree
  3. Photo with hearts
  4. Large circle
  5. Canvas print

Don’t see what you’re looking for? That’s okay! Here at Canvas Vows, we can turn your special guest book ideas into reality! We specialize in custom designs, so we can help bring your designs to life to commemorate your special day.

After The Wedding

As mentioned before, most guest books get lost or just forgotten about after the wedding. With our alternative custom canvas print design, you get a ready-to-hang piece of artwork that will look beautiful in your home. It makes an absolutely gorgeous wedding keepsake. Avoid a book full of “Best wishes! With love, Aunt Kathy,” by deciding to go an alternate route with our custom canvas prints.

Contact us today to get started crafting your out-of-the-box wedding guest book!

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