Wedding Guest Book

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Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

Create a custom wedding guest book. We have quite a few designs that make a unique wedding guest book alternative. We can also make personalized designs so if you have a design idea we would love to hear about it and make it for you!


Traditional Guest Books Vs. Alternatives

The traditional wedding guest book often times gets forgotten about because it just gets put on the shelf. Traditional guest books are also many times plain and not very exciting. Using an alternative wedding guest book idea can make the guest book fun for both you and your guests. Guests are used to signing traditional books. When they see your creative and unique wedding guest book it will create one more memorable moment for your already beautiful wedding. 


After The Wedding 

As mentioned before, most guest books get lost or just forgotten about after the wedding. With our alternative design you get a ready to hang piece of artwork that will look beautiful in your home. It makes an absolutely gorgeous wedding keepsake. 

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