Song Lyrics On Canvas

Song Lyrics on Canvas


Music holds a special power in our lives -- it can remind us of the beautiful times or help us to move on from the bad times. Music can enrich our spirits and heal our hearts. Music inspires and motivates. Without music, people can feel less connected to others, or even to ourselves. Song lyrics connect us to a world that can give us peace and power, calm and courage.

But, what is more important than music? The time you spend with your romantic partner. When you combine special moments with your spouse and your favorite music, the memories you make can last a lifetime. By designing a custom song lyrics print, you can commemorate a special moment with your significant other.

Here are some ideas for what song lyrics to put on your canvas:

  1. First dance song from your wedding
  2. First song you bonded over
  3. A song from the most recent concert you and your partner attended
  4. A song that got you both through a hard time
  5. “Your song”

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    We often fall in love with lyrics and want to share that song with our loved ones. By creating personalized song lyrics on canvas, you can remind your partner of those special times you’ve shared. These custom song lyrics on canvas can also help you and your loved one to decorate your home and create new memories! In general, personalized wall art is a great gift to surprise your partner with since it shows them that you really put time and effort into creating something meaningful to them. But with custom song lyrics on canvas, you can remind your significant other of a beautiful memory the two of you shared.

    Here’s how to put song lyrics on canvas:

    1. Chose a song that is meaningful to you and your partner.
    2. Find the right lyrics! Sometimes, even though an entire song can be meaningful, you have to find lines that work well detached from the rest of the song.
    3. Decide on style of canvas. Do you want a triptych song lyrics canvas? Or maybe lyrics in a heart canvas? Whatever design you decide, we got you covered.
    4. Choose from our preexisting canvas boards and decide on size.
    5. Surprise your spouse!

    Song lyrics on canvas is the perfect gift for your partner! Whether it is your wedding anniversary or you are just looking to surprise your significant other, our team here at Canvas Vows can help you create the perfect personalized song lyric art! For all of your custom song lyrics on canvas needs, our team is prepared to help you make your vision a reality.

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