Family Last Name Signs

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Family Last Name Signs

Create a personalized family last name sign. It is your family's name on canvas. Each canvas is personalized using your name and your established date.



Everyone's last name is very meaningful. Some names go back for many many years. Our last names are passed down through our children on to the next generation. That is why last name signs are so popular. Putting up a work of art with our last name is a symbol of pride and honor saying "this is who we are." "We are a family of love. We respect one another and we are dedicated to do anything and everything for each other." A sign with your family's name is like putting a flag on a piece of land and making that declaration. 


Various Types of Signs

There is a large variety of different works of art that can incorporate your last name. There are wooden signs, stone carvings, cornerstone bricks, established dates, custom blankets and pillows, vinyl lettering and many more options. Here at Canvas Vows we specialize in name signs specifically for wall decoration. We make small and large canvas signs. We can make our signs with plain background in any color or give them a rustic look with wood texture. 

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