Photo Word Art

Photo Word Art


Are you looking for custom canvases? A place where you can create your own canvas with words? Here at Canvas Vows, we are dedicated to creating personalized photo word art from your photos and words. If you’re looking for a special gift for your partner and want to create something really unique that is tailored to you and your spouse, custom words on canvas is the way to go!

A photo word art canvas uses your words and your favorite picture, combining them to create a beautifully made personalized canvas.

With our personalized home decor, our team at Canvas Vows wants to help you create the perfect home environment for you and your family. Our custom canvas prints with words are designed based on what is meaningful to you. Are you looking to create your own canvas quote? We can combine your favorite quote with an image of you and your spouse to hang in your living room, creating a loving home environment. What is important to you is important to us. We want to help you create a canvas with words that are meaningful to you.

Check out some of our options:



There are quite a few options with this custom design that can make it really personal and meaningful to you.

Consider these ideas for the picture:

  1. a picture from your wedding day
  2. a picture taken during your engagement
  3. a memorable photo of you and your loved one

For the words, consider these options:

  1. a popular option is using your wedding vows
  2. another popular choice is using song lyrics from one of your favorite songs
  3. use a poem to express to your partner how much you love them
  4. another meaningful option is to write a brand new love note, letting your significant other know that you love them more and more each day

If you have something else in mind, feel free to send us your ideas and we would love to be a part of creating your special photo and word canvas!

Photo word art is a wonderful way to express to your loved one how important they are to you. Imagine waking up next to your significant other with your canvas word art hanging above you, custom-made to suit your unique romantic relationship. Having daily reminders of the bond you share serves to bond you further as partners. It is our hope here at Canvas Vows to print your photos to canvas and combine that with your words to create a truly unique piece for your family.

Contact us today to ask how we can help you create the perfect photo word art for you and your spouse.


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