7 Year Anniversary Gift

Happy 7th anniversary! This one may seem random, but this is actually a really important anniversary as it marks not only 7 years together as a married couple, but it is the first anniversary where the traditional gift is a strong metal. Copper or bronze usually represents 3rd place in competitions, not the winner but still placing with honor. Copper makes up a lot of everyday items we use such as pots and pans, drink-ware, currency, wires, building materials etc... 

Copper is the first anniversary where the material can take most damage and hardships without crumbling. They call the period before your 7th wedding anniversary the "7 year itch" as most couples that will divorce typically do so before the 7th year of marriage. But never fear, you've hit the 7 year mark and that's cause for celebration! 

For copper gifts, treat your spouse with copper wall art, copper jewelry, copper drink glasses, or get creative and have a message pressed into a copper penny!

The traditional gift for a 7 year anniversary is copper while the modern anniversary gift is wool! Gift your spouse with wool blankets, wool sweaters, wool socks, a wool scarf, or even a wool tote! 

If you want to stray away from copper and wool, other ideas for the 7th anniversary are anything yellow or off white, as these are the official 7th wedding anniversary colors. This could range from a canvas print to bed sheets, to something soft to wear. The 7th wedding anniversary jewels are yellow sapphire and black onyx. Yellow represents positivity and happiness. With yellow sapphire you can gift your spouse with lovely yellow sapphire jewelry. For less sparkle but still a classy look nonetheless, black onyx jewelry can also make for a great 7th wedding anniversary gift. For a 7th anniversary flower, choose freesia!

The 7th wedding anniversary is a big milestone and deserves recognition, celebration, and a great gift to pair alongside it! You may be in 3rd place now, but your journey has only just begun and in the blink of an eye you'll be taking the gold!

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