5 Piece Canvas Art

5 Piece Canvas Art Collection

Looking to transform your wall into a gorgeous display that will be sure to make an impression? With 5 piece canvas art, you can split a single image into multiple canvas panels to create a stunning wall decor item!

Why is 5 piece canvas art so popular?

Multi panel canvas prints create a dramatic effect and give the illusion of depth and a vast space. This effect transforms your walls from a static, flat surface, to an eye-catching work of art that will leave both yourself and your guests breathless.

Make A Statement With 5 Panel Canvas Art

With a 5 piece canvas art set, you can really make a statement in your home. Multi panel canvas art is the perfect way to complete any space and make a room feel like it was designed by a professional. Beyond that, there are 3 main reasons why 5 panel canvas art is the best way to make a statement with your home decor:

#1 Large Wall Space

Also known as multi panel canvas prints, 5 panel canvas wall art is an ideal way to make the most of a large space in your home. If you just moved in to a new home and realize the space is larger than you had remembered, a great option is to find a 5 piece canvas wall art set that really speaks to you! Nothing can make a room feel complete quite like 5 piece canvas art.

#2 Beautiful Artistic Design

With 5 panel canvas art prints, the end result is just stunning. In multi panel canvas art, the printed image is mounted across multiple canvas print pieces rather than a single wooden frame. This creates a jaw-dropping effect: the image seems to be flowing across your 5 panels to create an artistic piece of wall art for interior designs.

#3 Create a Feature Piece

Since 5 piece canvas wall art is typically larger than your average canvas print, homeowners tend to buy split panel canvas art to create a feature piece in their home. (If you’re considering designing a gallery wall, check out our How-To Guide: How To Design A Gallery Wall!)

High Quality Custom Wall Art

Here at Canvas Vows, we use only the highest quality materials to ensure that when your canvas print gets to you, it is completely flawless. Our dedicated team will work with you to create any design you have in mind -- the sky's the limit! We use only high-end materials and strict quality controls here at Canvas Vows. Our inks are all water-based, solvent-free, and odorless and the hardware needed to install your custom canvas wall art is included. We use high grade canvas print fabric, high quality printers and ink, as well as exceptional wooden frames so that you know your personalized home decor will last you a very long time.

If you’re interested in how to clean a canvas print, standard canvas sizes here at Canvas Vows, how to hang a canvas print, or the materials we use, check out our blog!

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