50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

This is the big one. The Golden 50th anniversary! Congrats! This is such a special time in your marriage! You've gone from the frailty of paper to the strength and status of gold! Gold represents so much. Gold is 1st place in competitions, it stands for success, personal achievement, desirability... Gold has always been the choice for nobility and royalty. Gold was high class, above the rest, a luxury item. Gold is a romantic metal. Gold jewelry means that the receiver is highly favored, desired, seen as special and above all others. Gifting someone with gold can say a lot about how you feel about them as a person, whether it be romantically, unconditionally or whatever the case may be. However, for marriage, this is a symbol of love for the receiver. Being presented with gold gifts for the 50th anniversary says, "this is the person I choose to be with for the rest of my days, this is the life I choose." 

50 years is a long time to spend with someone, but well worth it. Your relationship has seen it all. You've experienced all the ups and downs a marriage can face. You've grown together, you've been front and center for all of life's great milestones and rights of passage. All this time, no one has been able to break you. This is quite an accomplishment and deserves to be recognized. To properly commemorate this golden anniversary, you know it's the gift of gold, but precisely what?

You can always go for gold jewelry, whether it be a sweet pendant, a bracelet, earrings or so forth... gold wall art can really make a statement, something that really says a lot about your love story that you can display and showcase to anyone that comes into your home. Choose gold colored things, like clothing, yellow roses, gold appliances, drink-ware like personalized champagne flutes, gold dishware and flatware, cuff links, etc... 

Be sure to celebrate your 50th anniversary in style! Go on a romantic getaway and enjoy each other's company relaxing or going on an adventure! Have a party with your loved ones to commemorate your 50th! Drink gold colored champagne or wine and have your wedding cake re-imagined to celebrate the day that changed your lives for the better! Don't forget to dance the night away to those solid gold oldies!

Your spouse comes in first place, like gold, they are the winner of your heart. 

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