What To Get Your Boyfriend for Christmas 2019 (38 Christmas Gift Ideas For Him!)

Posted on 09 November 2018

what to get your boyfriend for christmas

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is over -- you can put your skeletons and pumpkins away and trade them in for wreaths, elves and snowmen! Isn’t it wonderful? You can finally blast Christmas music for hours on end, shamelessly. What’s even better is that now you can focus on getting gifts for your loved ones.

Sure, it can be stressful finding the perfect present for each individual member of your family, but that’s why you’ve started looking early! The holiday season is a magical time of the year when families can spend more time together and can finally take a break from the hectic, constantly on-the-go mentality. Though, with the holidays comes another kind of stress: making sure you find that ideal gift for each special person in your life that conveys just how much you love them and how much they mean to you. Not only do you have to find a gift for every single one of them, but it has to be the perfect gift that speaks to their personality, inspires them and even bonds the two of you closer.

But, how do you find those perfect gifts?

Well, luckily we’ve scraped together a nifty little checklist to help you come up with gift ideas for everyone you care about. Check it out:


Gift Ideas Checklist

gift ideas checklist

  • What are their likes, hobbies, or passions →

  • Do they like to play basketball in their spare time on the weekends or after work? Do they like to read, do arts & crafts or go for bike rides?

  • Get the gift that will empower them →

    Say they love playing basketball, but they already have a ball to play with, gym clothes and shoes. Is their basketball old or cheap? Are their shoes falling apart? When people really love doing a particular activity, they will find a way to do that thing even with lower quality items. Consider getting them a high quality, expensive, top-of-the-line basketball, or fancy basketball shoes. This will tell them you care about what they care about and they will feel comfortable to continue on with their passion, feeling empowered to do the thing they love.

    Usefulness + Pleasure + Sentiment →

    What do they need? You can never have too many pairs of underwear! What do they enjoy? Alcohol is never a bad gift. What makes them emotional? Consider creating a homemade photo album of meaningful moments you two shared.

    Consider these 5 questions

    1. What is your relationship between you and the giftee?
    2. What do you want the gift to say?
    3. What do you like most about the giftee?
    4. What activities or interests connect you both?
    5. Does the giftee have brand or store loyalty? 


    If you’re still not sure, try this Brainfall Quiz.


    But, what to get your boyfriend for Christmas?

    But what about gift ideas for your boyfriend? There’s always that one person who you are super close to -- for some people it’s their mom, dad, or sibling -- who never seems to want anything! Or perhaps you know they want something, but they never tell you what exactly they want, and so you are constantly guessing and fearing there is a better gift idea out there that you just can’t think of in time!

    Well, what’s the bottom line?

    Boyfriends can be difficult to find presents for for the same reasons it is difficult to find gifts for everyone else who is close to you -- but perhaps it is even worse with your boo because there is that extra added pressure that you just automatically know what they want.

    That’s frustrating. But, hey, don’t fret -- if the checklist above didn’t spark any ideas, then there’s a lot of great ideas online, like Prezzybox, Dodoburd, Findmeagift.com, and even Finder.com. You could also check out our list of gifts guys actually like, homemade Christmas gifts for boyfriend, and even gift ideas for the 12 days of Christmas for boyfriend! Now sit back, relax, listen to the soothing tunes of Christmas music below, and scroll.



    Gifts Guys Actually Like

    So what do guys actually like? You’re racking your brain for superb gift ideas because you really don’t want to end up getting him socks, again! It’s infuriating when he says, “Oh, you know what I like -- don’t worry, I trust you,” because that just puts all the pressure on you! If you’re looking for some cute Christmas gifts for boyfriend, check out these Christmas gift ideas for him! Check it out:

    For the Guy Who Loves Sports


    for the guy who loves sports

    Get him a sports jersey of his favorite team or, even better, accompany him to a game!


    For the Guy Who Loves Music

    for the guy who loves music

    Whether he loves just listening and jamming out to his favorite tunes, or he loves to create music (or both!), any music lover will appreciate high quality headphones and high quality instruments and accessories.


    For the Guy Who Likes Looking Good

    for the guy who likes looking good

    Whether your boyfriend is obsessed with his beard or you wish he took a little better care of it, you can help your boyfriend keep up with you by getting him fancy beard products and a high quality watch.


    For the Disorganized Couch Potato

    for the disorganized couch potato

    Simultaneously support his couch potato ways with some comfy sweatpants, and give him a little nudge to get more organized with these manly planners for men.


    For the Brew-Obsessed Boyfriend

    for the brew obsessed boyfriend

    For the brew enthusiast, encourage his passion and give him the tools to test out making his own beer!


    DIY Christmas Gifts for Your Boyfriend

    This Christmas, you’re looking to do something special for your boyfriend -- something that will take a little more effort than usual. You know how it is: every Christmas comes and goes and you buy him something you think he’ll love and, even though he does love each of your gifts, you have an urge to create something he won’t soon forget.

    We’ve got just the thing:

    Cute diy christmas gifts for boyfriend make for perfect gifts that will definitely surprise him with your creativity! There are a lot of homemade gift ideas for your boyfriend for Christmas but check out these homemade gifts guys will actually like!


    DIY Clothing Gifts for Him

    #1 Trophy Boyfriend T Shirt 

    He’s your prize, he’s your trophy -- remind him of it with this cute, diy t shirt!

    #2 Comfy PJ Pants 

    Comfy pj pants are a must.

    #3 Men’s Bowtie 

    Help him look snazzy this new year with this diy bowtie!

    #4 Manly Man Apron 

    Cooking isn’t girly! Let him know he’s in charge of the grill with this manly apron.


    DIY Food Gifts For Him

    #5 Bacon Salt 

    Because bacon is life.

    #6 Cubicle Snacks 

    For the hungry man who likes to nom nom nom.

    #7 Grill Rubs 

    For the man who loves meats!!

    #8 Magic BBQ Rub 

    And again, more grill rubs!

    #9 Candy Guitar 

    For the music lover AND the chocolate lover!


    diy clothing gifts for himdiy food gifts for him


    DIY Personalized Gifts For Him

    #10 Chalkboard Mug 

    Write sweet messages to him in the morning!

    #11 Monogrammed Skewer Set 

    To add to his collection of grilling items.

    #12 Stamped Keychain 

    Remind him he’s the greatest with a keychain he’ll see everyday!

    #13 Create Your Own Storybook 

    One of our faves!!! Tell your unique story of how you two started as a couple and create your own storybook.


    DIY Sentimental Gifts for Him

    #14 Photo Coasters 

    Remind him of special moments with these diy photo coasters!

    #15 Photo Pillow 

    Commemorate a special vacation or event with this diy photo pillow.

    #16 Photo Calendar 

    Make a calendar of funny memories for him to start the new year.


    diy personalized gifts for himdiy sentimental gifts for him



    Gifts for 12 Days of Christmas for Boyfriend

    Sometimes, the best kind of gift you could get for your boyfriend is something truly out-of-the-box! Gift ideas that are a little out of the ordinary will surprise him and will make him feel really special. You could get a little crazy and go for the traditional “12 days of Christmas” gift ideas but it might be a little pricey. Plus, you’ll have to find the room for all that livestock, which might be a little more than what you bargained for. Instead, consider these modern gift ideas for the 12 days of Christmas for boyfriend.

    These gift ideas are a little out-of-the-box, but they break up the traditional holiday season with a little something extra and special in the 12 days before Christmas! For a more modern idea relating to the 12 days of Christmas, the general idea for these gifts is to give 12 presents that increase in meaning for the giftee and/or effort from the gift-giver.




    Check out these modern gifts for 12 days of Christmas for boyfriend:


    #1 Love Texts →

    love texts

    Send your boo cute texts throughout the day that let him know you care about him and are thinking about him. If you’d rather send him just one, text him a list of 5 things you love about him.

    #2 Cuddles & Snuggles →


    There is nothing like a good cuddle from your boo. A great gift doesn’t have to cost money or take weeks of planning -- just take a couple minutes out of your day to cuddle with your boyfriend on the couch. A simple hug could be the remedy for a stressful day you both didn’t even know you needed.

    #3 Movie Night & Order In →

    movie night

    Take a load off, order in and watch your favorite movie together. Don’t worry about cooking -- save that for another day! Check out Grubhub for all the tastiest restaurants in your area, serf Netflix for his favorite movie, and settle down with your babe for a relaxing evening.

    #4 A Framed Photo →

    framed photo

    You know you have all your favorite moments with your boyfriend saved on Instagram and Facebook, but consider bringing them back to life with a framed photo. You could make your own picture frame, or purchase a super fancy one. Either way, sort through all those digital photos on your drive and choose one that will remind him of a particularly fun day the two of you had together.

    #5 Duty-Free Day →

    duty free day

    Do NOTHING today! Give yourselves a break and put all the chores and the to-do lists and the constant cycle of work aside just for today. The both of you can afford a mini-break and if you both take the day off, you can choose to spend the time together or have some much-needed alone time. Either way, you will start again tomorrow feeling rejuvenated.

    #6 An Outside Adventure →

    outside adventure

    Whether it be a Christmas picnic in your favorite neighborhood park or a day-hike through a nearby state park, take a couple hours to get out of the house and away from your everyday routine of work-eat-sleep-repeat. Explore the outdoors and go on a mini adventure to a new place with your favorite adventure buddy.

    #7 Breakfast in Bed →

    breakfast in bed

    What is his favorite breakfast food? Bacon, sausage and potatoes? Maybe he has a sweet tooth and just can’t say no to pancakes with syrup? Surprise him this morning with a well-balanced meal to start his day off on happy note.

    #8 Wash His Car →

    wash his car

    You’ll have to get your hands dirty for this one, but he will absolutely appreciate a polished ride!

    #9 Give Him Your Undivided Attention →

    undivided attention

    Listen to him fully and completely for as long as it takes for him to feel as though he has unloaded all his stress from the day. Don’t look at your phone, scroll through Instagram, or let your eyes wander to the TV on in the background. Turn the TV off, put your phone away, and just let him rant. Today, be the kind-hearted, listening ear he needs.

    #10 Reasons You Love Him →

    reasons you love him

    This gift idea doesn’t have to involve too much effort from the gift-giver: it can be a simple list you hand him as he leaves for work in the morning. Or, if you want to put more effort into it, consider drawing him a comic or crafting this diy 10 things I love about you jar.

    #11 Apologize & Commit →


    One of the hardest things to do sometimes is apologize, admit fault, and really truly move on from a fight. If there is a lingering issue or an under-the-surface problem, find the right moment to talk about it with your guy. Let him know you are committing to letting the issue go, so the two of you can take a breath and start afresh in the new year.

    #12 Coupon Book →  

    love coupon book

    On the last day of the 12 days of Christmas, give your boyfriend a coupon book he can use to get out of doing things he hates to do. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving; if you worry you don’t know what he wants for Christmas, you really do know him best because you know what he doesn’t like, and that speaks volumes. Let him off the hook every once in awhile with a love coupon he can use later on in the new year.

      gifts for 12 days of christmas for boyfriend 


      And there you have it! We hope you got some great ideas for your guy and you now know what to get your boyfriend for Christmas! Feel free to comment your thoughts, likes and dislikes in the comments section below!

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