Where To Buy Metal Wall Art Online

Posted on 04 April 2019

where to buy metal wall art online

Are you looking for some new home decor? A great way to update your home is with contemporary wall art of all different styles and materials. Abstract metal wall decor, outdoor metal wall art and metal tree wall art are all super popular wall art styles for metal wall art. If you’ve been wondering, where can I buy metal wall art, or, where’s the best place to buy metal wall art online, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. In this complete guide for where to buy metal wall art online, we’ve gathered some of the top online stores for contemporary metal wall art, large metal wall art and rustic metal wall art that you will be sure to love. If you’re thinking about designing a gallery wall and need some inspiration, consider mixing and matching the types of materials you choose for your wall decor. Metal is a great material to create a focal piece and to add texture and depth to your wall designs. Keep reading to discover all the best online stores for metal wall art!  

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#1 Bumblejax Dibond Prints

bumblejax metal wall art

When it comes to metal wall art, dibond artwork is a very popular brand name for aluminum metal wall art. Bumblejax dibond prints provide a sleek elegance to your own photos with their unique dibond process. They print your photo onto professional quality photo paper and then mount the photo to the dibond for high quality color accuracy, vibrancy and longevity. As fine art printers, Bumblejax specializes in gallery quality prints on dibond. If you’re looking for where to buy dibond online, you definitely can’t beat Bumblejax.


#2 The Clever Venue

metal wall art the clever venue

At The Clever Venue, the two owners have a passion for creating unique metal wall art items! They make custom metal signs and metal wall art, and can customize any piece for their customers. Some of their metal wall art items include the tree of life, skulls, lizards, the sun, flowers, butterflies, animals, trees and unicorns! If you’re not sure where to buy metal wall art online, check out The Clever Venue!!


#3 Metal World Map

metal world map metal wall art

Metal World Map is based in River Edge, New Jersey and offers a wide variety of metal wall art! If you’ve been wondering, where can I buy metal wall art decor, Metal World Map is the place to go! From metal maps of the world to metal wall art quotes, birds, quotes, arrows and unique geometric designs, Metal World Map is a great place to buy metal wall art online! This Etsy shop is the best place to buy metal wall art — you won’t be let down!

#4 Functional Sculpture

functional sculpture metal wall art

The Etsy shop, Functional Sculpture, focuses on indoor and outdoor metal wall art with meaning. All of the metal wall art you see on this shop is made suitable for indoor or outdoor use, whichever one suits your needs! The creator and designer of Functional Sculpture has a wide variety of large metal wall art to choose from. For instance, they offer dog wall art, letters and numbers, musical wall art, sports related wall decor, word wall art, animal wall art, fruits and veggies (perfect for kitchen decor!), US maps, nautical wall art and various other symbols. The large metal wall decor and rustic metal wall art you see on this Etsy shop is high quality and one-of-a-kind!


#5 DV8 Studio

dv8 metal wall art

If you’re looking for some truly unique metal wall art, DV8 Studio is the place to online shop! At this Etsy shop, their passion and their philosophy is to defy the ordinary. Why be ordinary when you can be and create something extraordinary? Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, DV8 is a metal art studio that meticulously handcrafts each piece of metal wall art and sculpture. Their focus is on cutting-edge, ground-breaking and downright cool metal creations! Their new work is based on innovation and quality, contributing to their unique LED light-infused metal artwork and other out-of-the-box ideas. In your hunt for high quality metal wall art, you absolutely must check out the work of American artist Brian Jones at DV8 Studio.


#6 Grumpy Uncle Metal Art

grumpy uncle metal wall art

If you’re looking for metal wall art that has class and sophistication, this is the online shop for you. Despite its hilarious name, Grumpy Uncle Metal Art features beautifully welded home decor products that will elevate your home from simple and outdated to elegant and peaceful. From cursive writing metal signs to custom decorative metal decor, you will definitely be pleasantly surprised when you shop at Grumpy Uncle Metal Art.


#7 Maggie Art 2009

maggie art metal wall art

For unique metal wall sculptures and art designs, Maggie Art 2009 is the place to go! This one-of-a-kind metal shop creates their dazzling pieces of artwork from a variety of materials and complex techniques to create a brand new type of contemporary art! For instance, the art you see on this shop explores the mediums of metal, sculpting, polishing, air brush, digital inking, acrylics and spray-painting. Then, each work of art uses premium aluminum plates as the foundation material, taking advantage of the reflective nature of aluminum to create a “fantasia-colored 3D texture.” With the masterful combination of vibrant colors, reflective metals and wild textures, Maggie Art 2009 transforms metal wall decor into a whole new style of impressionistic fantasia-colored metallic painting! Definitely don’t miss this shop.

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