Where To Buy Wall Sculptures Online

Posted on 11 April 2019

where to buy wall sculptures online

Looking for some wall sculptures? A modern wall sculpture really makes a statement in your home decor like no other kind of wall art. Whether you’re looking to design a gallery wall, or you just want one awesome piece of 3 dimensional art, there are a lot of great stores online with all the best wall sculpture decor. If traditional framed art is just too vanilla for your style, then you need something that’s going to pop and make a statement. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of all the best online stores for 3D wall art to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for! For all the best dimensional wall art, keep reading! From 3D miniature cities and metal galaxies to nail point art and faux taxidermy, this list is rich with all the best 3D wall art online shops. Check it out: below, we have the best places for where to buy wall art sculptures online.

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#1 Rosemary Pierce Art

wall sculptures rosemary pierce art

If you’re looking for an internationally-renowned modern artist, Rosemary Pierce Art is the place to go. Though she never had a formal art class and she spent years working in high-stress business, her wild, experimental art speaks for itself. Her custom abstract artwork, original wall sculptures, 3D wall sculptures and painted wood wall art and commercial art installations make a statement that attracts buyers from all over the world.


#2 Drifting Concepts

wall sculptures drifting concepts

Made with natural materials and clean lines, Drifting Concepts features beautifully modern driftwood designs for your home, wedding or cottage! They focus on clean, modern designs that can be enjoyed in any type or style of home. Their pieces are designed and handcrafted from all natural materials because they want to add a touch of nature to interior design. If you’re wondering where to buy wall sculptures, check out Drifting Concepts!!


#3 Rose For Me

wall sculptures rose for me

At Rose For Me, the designer has been experimenting with metals to create different kinds of wall sculptures. Since 1996, Grace Park created inspiring works of art to capture the beauty of nature and lifeforms. From butterflies to flower bouquets to the universe and the galaxy, Rose For Me is definitely a go-to online store to buy 3D wall art.

#4 The Campbell Co Shop

wall sculptures campbell shop

Not sure where to buy wall sculptures? The Campbell Collection offers incredibly unique dimensional art you will be sure to love! Focusing on architectural design, The Campbell Shop designs wall sculpture decor with a 3D printer. The owner and creator, John Campbell, is an architect living in Chicago, and has found joy in crafting miniature 3D wall art pieces of Chicago’s city. Passionate about the urban context, Mr. Campbell works to capture the liveliness and vitality of the city life through his modern art sculpture creations. For the city lover and dimensional art lover, you absolutely can’t pass up The Campbell Collection.


#5 Diva Art 69 Studios

wall sculptures diva art

Looking for unique and custom 3D wall art? Diva Art 69 Studios offers a variety of handmade and hand painted dimensional wall art to really get your imagination going. The self-taught artist behind Diva Art 69 Studios creates her art full-time for personal collectors, businesses and manufacturers. For materials, Diva Studios focuses on MDF wood and metal, as well as mirrors to create a modern flair. If you’re not sure where to buy wall sculptures, the wall sculpture decor at Diva Studios is top-notch and should definitely be checked out.


#6 Nail Point Art

wall sculptures nail point art

The 3D wall art you see at this online shop is absolutely spectacular. Each wall art sculpture is made with thousands of nails and only takes hours to complete! With Nail Point Art, you can upload your own images and convert them into nail artwork. The digital images are converted into a black-and-white dot pattern image to create a pointillistic effect. Then, digital technology and robotics are used to hammer in the nails in a 3D version of pointillism art. This modern technology astonishingly reduces production time from what would be weeks to complete (if each nail were hammered in individually by an artist), to just hours! This is truly one of the most unique dimensional art styles out there right now. If you’re not sure where to buy wall sculptures, check out this online shop real quick — you won’t be disappointed.


#7 White Faux Taxidermy

wall sculptures white faux taxidermy

Love the style of taxidermy but not the dead animal part? White Faux Taxidermy has just the solution: artistic faux animals made of bright colors and unique styles! If you’re still uncertain as to where to buy wall sculptures, White Faux Taxidermy combines a love of animals with a love for dimensional art. This super creative and fashionable online shop for wall sculptures encourages the animal-lover in each and every one of us, as well as the dimensional wall art lover. White Faux Taxidermy has proven to us that faux animal taxidermy is the home decor element we are missing from our interior design.

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