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Whether you’re looking to spice up your home decor or are in search of a meaningful gift for a loved one, look no further! Custom canvas prints make for stunning decor pieces and unique gifts for special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Additionally, canvas prints are a beautiful way to commemorate special memories in your home, so you never forget them even as time goes on. Canvas art can also add a layer of depth and dynamicity to otherwise boring wall decor. Another positive is that they don’t come up with that pesky glare like that of regular printed photos, resulting in a more sophisticated appearance.

When you order from Canvas Vows, you can have full satisfaction in the quality of your purchase because our canvases are created with durable and reliable materials. We only use the highest quality inks that are water-based, solvent-free, and odorless to ensure the colors of your canvas are vibrant and won’t dull over time. As a bonus, all orders come complete with the equipment necessary to hang upon arrival.

In addition, we offer a wide selection of canvas sizes and depths, as well as unlimited designs—like song lyric prints, quote prints, and word art canvases. With customizations available from image, text, color, and more, there’s something for everyone.

Our canvases vary in size from 8x8” to 36x48” and our thickness options are .75” and 1.5”. An excellent choice thanks to its versatility is the medium-sized 16x20” print, so read on to discover what makes this specific print so desirable!

16x20” Canvas Print

The 16x20” canvas print is in the middle of our spectrum of sizes and offers many advantages, including being one of the more affordable choices. 

The 16x20” print is also well-suited to smaller spaces in need of a splash of color as a centerpiece—to make a statement and capture the eyes of all who enter.

Alternatively, this option can be a great addition to larger areas, such as living rooms or bedrooms as an accent piece that doesn’t draw too much attention or crowd the space. A few other popular options include propping the print on a bookshelf or adding it to a gallery wall.

To sum up, this size print is ideal because of its usefulness in fitting in different types of spaces and its accessibility.

How Do I Order a Canvas Print?

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of the 16x20” canvas print, the next logical question is… how do I order my own canvas print?

Our ordering process is quick and simple. Find the memorable photo you would like printed. Then upload it with the upload button above (right hand side). Once you’ve added your order to the cart, you can check out. It’s that easy!


Custom canvas prints add depth and beauty to any wall display, whether they’re enjoyed as personal decor or as a special gift for friends or family. 

Canvas Vows offers a variety of customization options, including the versatile 16x20” size print—which is one of the best choices affordability-wise and for fitting in many types of spaces.

Please reach out if you have any questions!



Step 1: Upload your image

Step 2: Place the order by pressing “Add To Cart”

Step 3: Check out by going to your cart

Step 4: Once the order is placed, you will receive a thank you email from Support@CanvasVows.com

Step 5: We will process your order and have it shipped out to you!


Optional: You may add words, names, or dates onto your print if desired. We have a team of professional graphic designers who will digitally add your requested text to your image. If you give us text to add then we will send you an email with a preview of it so that you can approve it first before it ships. 


Processing & Shipping Time

Please see our current processing and shipping times here.


What is included in your purchase?

1) A professionally made gallery wrapped canvas. It comes ready to hang straight out of the box.


Canvas Materials

Only high end materials and strict quality controls are used in each and every canvas print.

Canvases are safe for the whole family as only HP Latex inks are used. These inks are water based, solvent-free and odorless.

Ready to hang: All canvases come with the needed hardware in order to hang it anywhere in the home.

Canvas thickness: Standard .75″ wood frame (1.5″ also available)

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