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Highland Cow Canvas

This stunning Highland Cow Canvas is exactly what you need to bring a little farmhouse, cozy culture into your home decor! This Highland Cow Canvas will look great in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, home office, or anywhere else you would like to admire it. It comes in sizes 12x16, 16x20, 24x30, and 36x46. This stunning, high quality canvas features a Highland Cow facing head on while grazing in a grassy field against a backdrop of misty mountains. If you love farmhouse decor, or southwestern inspired home decor, then this Highland Cow Canvas is going to be an amazing addition to your home’s walls! Purchase as a gift for yourself, for a loved one, and for any occasion! As usual, we can always make adjustments to your canvas print such as names, a small message, or a special date if this is a gift to someone. Simply let us know in your notes at check out, or email us at support@canvasvows.com

Scottish Highland Cow

Highland Cows are a very interesting animal found only in the Scottish Highlands and some parts of Europe as well as Australia and sometimes in North/South America. Commonly mistaken for bulls, Highland Cows have distinctive features that set them apart from the more regularly seen cattle. Highland Cows can be recognized by their uniquely shaped horns, long wooly coats in varying colors. Their long hair is doubly thick, with the outside hiding the inner more oily hair. Highland Cows have the longest hair of their cattle counterparts, making them easily recognizable. Although Highland cows are usually depicted as ginger, they can also be seen in a variety of other shades such as: yellow, red, brindle patterned (a brown/beige combination), dun (a light yellowish brown), white, black, and sometimes a silvery gray! 

Highland cows are usually brought up for their meat, which has a lower cholesterol count than other forms of beef. Highland cow meat is what keeps them so popular with farmers. The meat is very lean, and recognized as premium grade beef. The purest Highland Cow meat is rather expensive, due to its luxurious texture, juicy taste and high protein count. Compared to other cow meat and chicken, Highland beef is much lower in cholesterol and calories, as well as being high in iron. 

Sometimes, Highland Cows are put on display for either competitions or selling purposes. Farmers will groom their cows with special oil and conditioners that give these shaggy cows a “fluffy” appearance, hence their beloved nickname of “Fluffy Cows”.

How Big Is A Highland Cow

Fully grown male Highland Cows can weigh up to 800 kilo or 1,800 pounds and female Highland Cows can weigh up to 500 kilo or 1,100 pounds. The female cows usually have a height of 90–106 centimetres or 3–3.5 feet, and the males are usually 106–120 centimetres or 3.5–4 feet. Surprisingly, this is relatively light-weight for cattle. The average dairy cow clocks in at about 1,390 pounds. Due to their light weight, Highland Cows are great for grazing, and in turn, create great habitats for smaller animals. As they graze, they trample more coarse areas, resulting in more flowers, and their dung provides perfect fertilizer. Their long hair attracts airborne wildflower seeds which results in a convenient spread across fields.

Baby Highland Cow

Who doesn’t love an adorable, fluffy, baby Highland Cow? These adorable little fluffy balls are genuinely coveted by Farmers and exotic pet owners alike. Baby Highland Cows can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $4,000 depending on the color, sex, age, and health condition of the calf. During a Highland Calf’s childhood, they have naturally fluffy hair, but as they get older, it becomes more thick and wooly with oily layers underneath. Mother Highland Cows are very protective of their young, and it is generally a good rule of thumb to not approach a Mother Highland Cow when she is with her calf. In fact, Highland Cow mama’s are so independent, that they will birth their young with no help at all. Baby Highland Cows usually clock in at 50-75 pounds, but don’t stay that way for long. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and this is no different for Highland Cows. The entire “Fold” aka the Mother’s fellow heifers, help with raising the calves.

How Much Does A Highland Cow Cost

Adult Highland Cows (Heifers and Bulls) can range between $2,500 to $5,000 depending on the breeder, color of the cow, sex, health condition, and age. A Calf can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $4,000 depending on the color, sex, age, and health conditions. Sometimes Highland Cows are sold at a fixed price, but commonly you can find breeders selling their Heifers and Bulls via auction. An adult Highland Cow can start at $2,500 asking price and be sold for $4,000 at auction. This is typically why reputable Highland Cow breeders will only sell their stock via auction to make more than their Heifer or Bull’s actual worth.  

Can You Adopt A Highland Cow

The short answer is yes, the long answer is a little more complicated. If by adopting you mean purchasing, then yes! You could purchase a Highland Cow or Calf and keep it as a pet. Granted, this would require you to own farmland and have the funds to take care of a Highland Cow during its lifetime. You would also need to be based in Scotland, certain parts of the UK, Canada, Finland, or certain parts of Australia. As for the United States, you can legally purchase a Highland Cow IF it was born in the United States and IF your state allows the ownership of Highland Cows (which can be considered an exotic animal, and ownership of exotic animals varies state to state). According to the American Highland Cattle Association: 

Animals must meet the following requirements to be eligible for entry into the AHCA Herdbook...Animals born in the US which are the progeny of animals registered in the Herdbook...Animals born in the US to a dam registered in the AHCA Herdbook but served naturally or artificially in a foreign country, if proof is provided that the sire is eligible for entry into the AHCA Herdbook...”

Translation: If purchasing a Highland Cow outside of the United States, it must meet the eligible requirements according to the American Highland Cattle Association Herdbook and be registered. This also applies to Highland Calves born in the United States. Like any exotic pet, it can’t be purchased under the table and must be registered with the AHCA.

Not to mention there is a laundry list of protocols and rules that MUST be followed once you are a registered owner of a Highland Cow. It is not the same as adopting a dog from a breeder or a pet rescue, and is not a simple process. If you are looking to own a Highland Cow, you must have proof that you can provide the approved land, funds, and knowledge of a Farm owner or Cow breeder. Now of course you don’t have to breed more Highland Cows or use them for their meat, however, if you’ve never owned a farm animal before, there’s a good chance a breeder will not sell to you. Especially such a exotic breed.

Alternatively, you can “adopt” a Highland Cow through your local zoo or an online conservatory by supporting a specific cow’s needs financially. Depending on who you “adopt” your Highland Cow through, you may receive regular photos of the cow or a small gift in appreciation for your financial support.

Can You Milk A Highland Cow

Highland cows can be milked, however, they aren’t dairy cows, and can’t produce nearly as much milk as a traditional dairy cow. To be exact, a female Highland Cow can produce an average of 2 gallons per day. Basically, two jugs of milk like you’d see at the grocery store. As for taste, a Highland Cow’s milk has a very high butterfat level as much as 10%. Those who have tasted Highland Cow milk say that it is definitely an acquired taste and prefer their meat over their milk. Highland Cow heifer’s also have much smaller teats than dairy cows, making it a little harder to milk them. 

Highland Cows will always be known for their meat, but on a small scale, they can double as a milk cow if you wish. 

Are Highland Cows Friendly

Yes! Highland Cows are actually very friendly and docile! They are known for being very easy going, and while aggression is rare, they are very capable of quick movements if they feel threatened. Supposedly Highland Cows have a good understanding of hierarchy and due to positive interaction with visiting tourists, have come to love humans. If you get the opportunity to visit a Highland Cow farm, don’t be surprised if you get a Highland Cow approaching you while you take a selfie! They’re big photo bombers! That’s probably why it's so easy to get photos of them like the one in our Highland Cow Canvas!


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