This is a personalized cotton canvas with a sound wave created by the choice of song you wish to use. You also can include the song title and artist. Personalized Cotton Sound Wave Second Anniversary Gift

Personalized Cotton Sound Wave Second Anniversary Gift



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For your second anniversary, give your spouse the gift of sound...waves! This cotton sound wave canvas is the perfect unique gift for your second anniversary together. Record a short message saying, "I love you" or "Happy Anniversary Y/N" or anything else you can think of and we'll print the unique soundwave onto this beautiful black and white canvas! You can also choose a snippet of a song to use for your sound wave print. Perhaps you'd like to use the song you danced to at your wedding? Maybe you want to use their favorite song or just something that reminds you of them. Choose any song you'd like and pick a small 30 to 40 second clip of that song and we can print it onto your second anniversary cotton canvas! Additionally, we can add the title of the song in the corner of the canvas. Or, if you'd like, we can print your names and anniversary date. If neither of those work for you, you can type out a short message for us to print on the canvas at check out. 

This cotton second anniversary soundwave canvas comes printed in sizes: 8x18, 10x20, 12x24, 10x30, 16x30, 12x36, 24x30, 20x40, 16x48, or 30x52. You can record a short message, or choose 30 to 40 seconds of your favorite song and our team will print the unique sound wave onto this split black and white canvas! Message us at if you have any questions!



Step 1: Choose your canvas size from the drop down menu. 

Step 2: Choose how many you would like to order.

Step 3: Place the order by pressing “Add To Cart”

Step 4: Check out by going to your cart

Step 5: Once the order is placed, you will receive a thank you email from In the email you can tell us which song you would like to use for your order. Please also provide the exact words (if any) you would like written on the design underneath the sound wave. 


Processing & Shipping Time

Please see our current processing and shipping times here.


What is included in your purchase?

1) A sound wave design.

2) Your design is printed onto a canvas at the size you select.


Canvas Materials

Only high end materials and strict quality controls are used in each and every canvas print.

Canvases are safe for the whole family as only HP Latex inks are used. These inks are water based, solvent-free and odorless.

Ready to hang: All canvases come with the needed hardware in order to hang it anywhere in the home.

Canvas thickness: Standard .75″ wood frame (1.5″ also available)

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