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Posted on 06 March 2020

Decorating is undoubtedly one of the most fun parts of moving into a new place. We know you've got a Pinterest board full of ideas and inspiration for what your dream house or apartment should look like. Unfortunately, that mid century modern fantasy home or that rustic shabby chic barn theme you've been dreaming of can get expensive. You've probably spent hours going through the online catalogs of the Ceramic Barn's, Earth Market's, Great & Barrel's and so forth looking for the perfect sofa and love seat set or adorable wall planters. Even the clearance section can still be over a month's rent worth of products. But the fact of the matter is, you don't have to max out your credit card to get the home decor look you're dreaming of! It's possible to get the look for less and we're here to help! Let's dive into our list of cheap home decor that looks expensive but won't break the bank!


Home Decor Under $20


Throw Pillow Cover Cases


Decorative pillows can take your couch from drab to fab in an instant! These chic, gold accented throw pillow covers will add a splash of color to your living room, while the gold adds a touch of class and luxuriousness. Gold accents in your home decor are very on trend at the moment and your home should be no exception. These glam throw pillow cover cases come in this soft blush pink and fourteen other colors!

You Might Need:


Hypoallergenic Stuffer Pillow Insert




Small Gold Sphere with Inner Flower Petal Design


Abstract art sculptures scattered throughout the home makes your space look more unique and cultured. Certain colors can really make the theme of your decor pop and even bring the room together. Notice how when you visit an art museum you feel very calm and at peace? It's probably because of the minimalist open space being complimented by beautiful, eye catching art pieces. Your home too can be a minimalist decor dream! This small gold spherical piece is the perfect small accent to display on a coffee table, dining table, a book shelf, counter top or anywhere else it can be appreciated. It's not too gaudy, not too plain, and that gold color will really heighten the look of the room.


Mason Jar Flower Sconce Wall Art Home Decor


Wall sconces are kind of a thing of the past while wall planters seem to be the present. However, you can take the best of both worlds and have a cute, floral wall decor piece with these Mason Jar Flower Sconces! These small but pretty hanging mason jars are filled with small string lights and are adorned with sweet white flowers. The jars are attached to a shabby chic wooden plank that can be easily hung with a nail. Scatter throughout the home or layer in levels. The choice is yours!



Geometric Planter Vase


If you really want to liven up a room, you're gonna wanna bring in some green. Planters of any and all varieties are popping up in droves and for good reason. Plants can change the mood of a room and improve the mindset of the person spending time in the room. They also add a pop of color and coziness. It's like being in your own secret garden. Whether you bring in real or fake plants is up to you, but either way they'll make your space look more lively and welcoming.

You Might Need: 

Artificial Boxwood



Artificial Boston Fern



Artificial Succulent



Planter Rocks




Mirrored Glass Make up Tray/Geometric Jewelry Organizer Tray


 Add a pop of geometric goodness and glamour with this mirrored glass make up tray/jewelry organizer! Perfect to store your lotions and potions or your earrings, bracelets and necklaces! The vanity mirror tray hearkens back to 50's/60's Hollywood glam while the geometric gold brings this vintage look into the future! Instead of shoving all your little trinkets in a drawer leaving them tangled and disorganized, do yourself a favor and add this to your bathroom counter or vanity desk!


Brass Tassel Wall Art


We are over the moon for geometric shapes when it comes to interior decor! This brass wall decor with black tassels is the perfect little accent piece to take your walls from basic to breathtaking! It's the little things that count, and this little beauty is no exception. Easily hand with a nail or tack anywhere on your walls you think it will look smashing! Geometry paired with texture = GLAM!



Moon Phase Garland with Chains


It's NOT just a phase! Give your bedroom, living room, or any other space a celestial vibe with this adorable moon phase garland! We'd like to specify, this is not made out of paper. This wall decor consists of a metal chain and small metal moons, so you're getting a quality product. Hang above your bed, across your mirror, above a TV set, or anywhere else!


Artificial Ivy Fake Greenery Leaf Garland


Did we mention plants are great mood enhancers? Turn your living space into a gorgeous garden paradise with some artificial ivy strewn about the house! Drape down curtains, wrap around your balcony, add some string lights into the mix...get creative! With this pack you get 12 strands that are 7 feet long each, so double up if you need to!


Zen Garden with Buddha, Rake, Tea Light Candle and Incense Holder


Just looking at this is making us feel zen already! This small zen garden is the perfect centerpiece for a coffee table, a book shelf, a meditation studio, home office, or anywhere else it can be enjoyed. This zen garden comes with a statuette of Buddha, two lotus tea candle holders, a sand rake and an incense holder (candles, incense, sand and stones sold separately). Those who practice meditation and Reiki can benefit greatly from this calming zen garden being around them. It also brings a peaceful and calming vibe to whichever room you place it in!

You Might Need:

Fine Colored Sand for Zen Garden



River Rocks



Tea Candles



White Sage Incense Sticks



Moon Lamp Night Light


Plug in night lights are fine in a pinch, but how cool is this moon lamp?? It doubles as an art piece and a useful light source! This lamp can change into 16 different colors and can stay lit for several hours with a full charge. Speaking of which, the charge is USB compatible so you can charge it with your phone adapter, computer, or anything else USB friendly! Such a cute addition to any room whether its your bedroom, living room, or your child's room!



Stone Coasters for Drinks with Modern Design

Coasters are important! No one wants to splurge on an exquisite dining table just to get coffee and water rings on it! But no one wants boring rubber or cork coasters on that absolutely amazing mid century modern coffee table. You're better than that, girl. Might we suggest this fabulous stone drink coasters with black and white marble print and gold geometric accents? It'll make every day feel like cocktail hour and your guests will definitely never forget to use them again!  



Mid Century Style Art Print


Let's start by saying this is just a print, and not a framed art piece. However, that's the beauty of it! Do you ever walk through the art section of the furniture store and think, "Do I really want to spend $60 bucks on this minimalist leaf painting?" Part of the problem is the fact that A.That painting is probably huge, and B. It's pre-framed. It's a giant, heavy, scary nightmare that's way too pricey for what its worth. Those overpriced art pieces are massed produced anyways so why cut a chunk out of your wallet over it? The solution? Unframed art prints! For example, this abstract mid century art print is only...$9.99! Buy a cheap but tasteful frame and voila! (8" x 10" measurement)

You Might Need:

8" x 10" Picture Frame



Abstract Circle Wall Print



Minimalist Hand-Drawn Line Leaves Wall Art



Original Abstract Modern Contemporary Art Print



Macrame Hexagon Mirror


This small but adorable hexagonal mirror comes wrapped in a gorgeous macrame frame that's easy to hang anywhere in your space! Perfect as a small accent mirror in your living room, bedroom, in a cubicle, dorm room, bathroom, or anywhere else! The actual mirror itself measures at 9.5" by 9.5". This boho chic accent mirror will add a touch of depth and coziness to any decor!


Small Modern Planters


These small modern planters will give your home that mid century modern vibe with almost no effort at all! These ceramic planters come in three colors and have been worked into an eye catching folded design. The set of two measures at 4.5(W) X 4"(H) X 4"(D) each. When purchased, you will only receive the planters and not the rocks or fake plant heads, so that gives you room to put real plants in these or get some aloe or succulent artificial plant heads to complete the look!

You Might Need:

Mini Artificial Succulents



Planter Rocks




Decorative Centerpiece Bowl in White


This artsy white decorative bowl is the perfect centerpiece for a dining room table, coffee table, end table or counter top! Fill with decorative balls, fake moss balls, plastic fruit, fake flowers, potpourri or leave empty! Add to your artsy mid century modern decor without taking up too much attention! The perfect minimalist decorative bowl to tie the room together! Measures at 10" in diameter and 1" in height.

You Might Need:

Plastic Lemons (20 Pcs)



Plastic Green Apples (14 Pcs)



Mosaic Decorative Balls (Set of 3)



Assorted Rattan Balls (15 Pcs)





Home Decor Under $30


Indoor Relaxation Fountain


Nothing is more calming than the sound of gentle water. With this indoor relaxation fountain, you can achieve the absolute most zen vibe in your bedroom, living room or home office! Easy to put together and use and comes with an automatic pump. Imagine laying on your couch or getting some work done at home and listening to the calming sound of water falling softly on repeat. Plus, it looks really great paired with your other home decor!



Crystal Table Lamp


Illuminate your lamp game with this posh and glam crystal table lamp! The perfect little accent for your bedside table, home office, or to place beside your couch! Super easy to put together and not only looks great, but will light up your room instantly! The combination of light reflecting off the crystals will give your decor a very Hollywood feel. Double up on your order for room symmetry!



Hand Bookends


Add a artsy touch to your home library! These helping hand bookends will keep your books from falling over on your desk, shelf, or bookcase and look really avant garde and modern all at once! We're past the days of basic bookends, it's all about finding pieces that are functional but also decorative!



Cube Intersecting Wall Mounted Floating Shelves


Big, boisterous bookshelves are out, floating shelves are in! Floating shelves are easier to carry into your home, easy to put together, and give your blank walls personality! Use these to carry your tiny planters, knick knacks, picture frames and whatever else you'd like to display on your walls! These come in dark brown, gray, and white (as seen above)!



3 White Ceramic Honeycomb Vases


Liven your living space with these white ceramic honeycomb texture vases! Each comes in a differing size and can be placed together, or separately! Fill with real or fake plants such as palm leaves or bamboo sticks or leave empty for an artsy look! These subtle ceramic vases are simplistic but leave a big impression on the vibe of a room! Contemporary vases are a must have for any living room!

You Might Need:

Decorative Bamboo Sticks



Artificial Twigs



Artificial Palm Tree Leaves





Gold Hammered Decorative Bowl


Who doesn't love a good decorative bowl? This can be displayed on your coffee table, kitchen counter, or dining table for peak display. Leave empty and let it shine on its own, or fill with real/plastic fruit, potpourri, or small decorative balls! The choice is yours! The hammered look gives this decorative bowl a rustic look while the gold gives it a modern shine! This bowl also comes in copper!

You Might Need:

Plastic Pears



Artificial Hydrangea Heads


Decorative Moss Balls



Assorted Decorative Spherical Natural Woven Twig Rattan




Ceramic Pineapple White/Gold


Ceramic fruit can be the perfect statement piece in any room. This ceramic white and gold pineapple is the perfect little accent to your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or anywhere else you'd like to display it! Simply an art/conversation piece, but it dazzles the room it is placed in instantly! Plus, if your decor is strewn with gold accents, this will blend right in!



Marble & Wood Coasters


These hexagonal marble and wood coasters are just the upgrade your coffee table or dining room table needs! These coasters come in a set of 4 and are the perfect protection from dreaded water rings. The subtlety of the white marble and polished wood will blend in nicely with any combination of flatware, plates, cups and place mats. 




Macrame Wall Decor


Talk about Boho chic! Every cozy abode needs a little macrame to bring the room together! This trendy wall decor will make your walls go from drab to fab! It's the perfect accent to pair with all your wicker furniture, chunky throw blankets, and ceramic planters! These set comes with 2 different macrame wall hangings that you can display next to each other or in separate rooms!



Gold Abstract Wall Art


This set of three abstract canvas wall art is measured at 12“x16 per piece and have a color scheme of gold, black, silver and off white. These canvases will add a pop of glitz, glam and art into any room! The gold accents will pair well with the rest of your decor and make your space look cultured and more sophisticated! Easy to hang on your walls and can be placed right beside each other, separated or at a descending angle!


Art Deco Door Mat


Give us a minute to compose ourselves...we had no idea a doormat could be so fabulous! You don't have to settle for a cheesy welcome mat after all! From the moment guests approach your door they know they're in for a treat...after all, you put effort into finding a tasteful doormat that is functional and fabulous! Maybe its a little higher on the price point than most doormats but...c'mon, when have you ever seen something this fab at your local department store?



Home Decor Under $40

Tufted Cotton Area Rug 2 Pieces


If you're trying to make your home or apartment that perfect boho chic paradise, then we've got the perfect decor accent for you. These tufted cotton area rugs are exactly what every Bohemian Goddess needs to give her space that cozy, down to earth vibe. This set comes with two rugs, measured at 60cm x 90cm and 60cm x 130cm respectively. These work perfectly in your bedroom, living room, and even bathroom if you so choose! The creamy off white color and the black styling make this a very versatile piece that your home decor will compliment beautifully.



Hanging Wall Mirror Geometric Hexagon


Mirrors are more than a place to make sure your makeup is still looking fresh. They add depth to your space and even a Art Deco or Mid Century vibe. They're also super handy to have hanging about the house. This 16" x 13.5" hexagonal hanging mirror adds a touch of geometry and style to your wall. The gold trim will pair divinely with your other gold accents or simply just spice up the room! The mirror is held up by a chain so it can easily be hung up with a nail or hook!


Faux Fur Rug


Add a pop of posh glamour to your boudoir with this faux fur rug! Texture adds comfort and a lively touch to your home decor, making it all the more cozy for you and any guests you have over. This faux fur rug comes in 11 colors and measures at 3 ft x 5 ft. It's perfect to place in front of your couch, beside your bed, or anywhere else it would elevate your home. Feel like the Hollywood Diva you are inside with this expensive looking (but not expensively priced) faux fur rug!



Geometric Gold Table Lamp


Take your table lamps into the modern age with this gorgeous gold geometric table lamp with white lamp shade! Double your order to accent each side of your couch or bed or order one for your home office or anywhere else you'd like to place it! This geometric take on the table lamp will make any space look chic and polished! Not to mention we are LOVING the gold accents! This lamp measures about 18 inches in height and comes with everything but the bulb.



Small Round Patio Metal Side Table


If you're looking for a simplistic side table for your indoor or outdoor decor, you've found it here! This small but effective side table is perfect for placing a table lamp, a small decorative bowl, candles, a vase of flowers, or just a place to set your drink down while you binge watch your favorite show! Measuring at (H) 17.55" x(D) 15.60", this rust proof end table comes in seven colors! So you can keep it simple with black or white, or give your space a pop of color with yellow or blue and so on!



Nesting Coffee End Tables


Speaking of end tables, if you like that mid century modern look and also want something more versatile, then these nesting tables are perfect for you. Not only are you getting TWO tables at once, but these end tables have a lot of potential. They can be placed beside each other as seen above, stacked on top of each other to create more of a display shelf, or placed completely separately. Placing these tables beside each other creates a layered look while also giving you the amount of space of an average coffee table. The guitar pick shape gives your space that 60's vibe without being too kitsch. Not to mention they're easy to store and put together!


Metal Hairpin End Table


Okay, we couldn't get through this article without mentioning one more end table you can snag for under $40. This metal hairpin style end table is the perfect minimalist accent to set beside your couch or bed! Perfect for housing a small plant, decorative bowl, a few books or whatever else you'd like to place here. It measures at 12.75" x 17.4" x 23.4" in from top to bottom when fully assembled, and the mid section measures at 12.75" x 17.4" x 6.6". This end table comes in 9 colors including "Satin" as seen above. Simplistic, yet effective!



Faux Marble and Gold Decorative Tray


While its not real marble or gold, that doesn't mean you can't fool someone into thinking it is! This gorgeous decorative tray measures at (L)16.5" (W)11.8" (H)2.9 inches and weighs 1.2 kg. While you could use this as a serving tray for tiny appetizers or hors d'oeuvres, it's more so advertised to be used as a vanity tray for your trinkets as well as makeup and perfume bottles etc... The combo of the faux marble and gold adds elegance to your vanity desk or bathroom counter without breaking the bank!




Mid Century Open Vases


Is it kitsch? Or just the right amount of retro to bring your room together? These open vases come in a tall or wide variety, so take your pick or get both to compliment each other! Open vases double as art pieces AND functioning...well...vases! Insert some artificial palm leaves, reed sticks, or cherry blossoms if you'd like something more floral looking. Or, leave them empty, as they can pull off being a great living room accent all on their own!


Hemp Rope Round Disc Wall Decor


Speaking of Boho chic, if you want an instant earthy and cozy stylized look to your dining room, kitchen, living room, or bedroom, these hemp rope discs will really enhance the vibe. The rope discs measure at 8" X 8" X 3/8", 10" X 10" X 3/8", and 12" X 12" X 3/8" respectively. The back of each disc has a flat smooth surface with a display mount that can easily hook onto a nail, screw or possibly a tack. These rustic decor pieces could also double as place mats!



Home Decor Under $50


Macrame Swing Chair


Add comfort to your modern Boho paradise with this beautiful macrame swing chair! Perfect to be hung out on a patio or balcony if possible. It could also be installed inside a sun room or even your living room or bedroom! Add some throw pillows and maybe even a small blanket and use it for show or as a seat for guests or yourself! You'll just need a suspension hook and a sturdy ceiling mount to properly hang this chair up. Just be sure its secured nice and tight!

You Might Need:

Swing Chair Suspension Kit



Decorative Square Pillow Cases (16" x 16")



Decorative Pillow Inserts (16" x 16")



Knitted Throw Blanket (50" x 60")




Palm Trees Framed Canvas Wall Art


Bring a little tropical flavor to your indoor decor! Whether you live near the beach or are tucked away in the mountains, the inside of your home can be a testament to West Coast culture, the Tropics, or you can simply just turn your home into a Island getaway that you never have to get away from! This framed wall art measures at (24" x 36") and comes in your choice of a black, white or natural looking frame!


Sunburst Mirror


Leeet the sun shiiine, leeet the sun shiiine! Sunburst mirrors became wildly popular in home decor in the late 60's-early 70's and have made a resurgence in the last couple of years. They've found their way into Mid Century Modern spaces, Boho Chic decor, and even in the occasional Atomic Ranch. Let this sunburst mirror light up your life on its own, or paired with other decorative mirrors! This sunburst mirror measures at 24" in diameter with the sun frame and 8. 7" in diameter for just the mirror. Attached is a keyhole mounting bracket that can easily be hung to the wall with a nail or screw!



Tripod Floor Lamp


Say goodbye to basic boring floor lamps and HELLO to this amazing tripod modern floor lamp! The lamp shade will give any room an artsy feel while also operating as a functioning light source! You may have to put it together yourself, but the look of this lamp will be super worth it!


Modern Gold Candle Holders

Even your candles get to look glam! Peep these gold atomic ranch style candle holders we found! These come in 3 varying sizes to give the presentation a little duality. Perfect for your dining table, your living room, bedroom, or anywhere else they can be displayed nicely! Don't forget to top them off with some classic white candle sticks!

You Might Need:

Tapered Candlesticks (4 pack)

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