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Posted on 10 February 2020

Valentines Day is THIS WEEK! If you haven't already gotten your significant other a special gift then we need to have a chat. Lucky, for you, our team of specialized gifters have been on the prowl for the most romantic, sentimental, and memorable Valentine's Day gifts for that special someone in your life! Obviously, its the thought that counts, but who DOESN'T want to receive a small token of affection on the most romantic day of the year?? Without further ado, here's our list of the best Valentine's Day gifts for the love in your life!


Top 20 Valentine's Day Gifts


Paper Flowers Bouquet

 This year, buy her flowers that will truly last! These paper flowers come with the message, "I love you," scrawled all over and can be customized with a specific color and even your choice of a button, gemstone, or a pearl in the center!


2nd anniversary gifts for him

Fun Cotton Underwear

Maybe it's cheesy, but underwear is underwear. Who doesn’t appreciate a comfortable pair of undies?? It's a fun and flirty present that can get a good laugh and inspire a night of romance! For Valentine's Day, you can’t just get him any average pair of skivvies. The cheesier the better. Get him a personalized pair of knickers that say something along the lines of “Property of YOUR NAME HERE” or “Belongs to YOUR NAME HERE.” If you’re brave, take it up several notches and get your face printed all over them. Guaranteed laughs and cool points.


1st anniversary gifts for him camera

Instant Print Camera

Think a Polaroid or a Fuji-film camera. These instant print cameras are so fun and a reminder of simpler times. Go out on an adventure with your love and take some great photos together! Make some memories! Then when you get back home, take a look at your prints and try putting them together in a scrapbook or hang them up on light strings in your bedroom or wherever you wish to display them. There’s just something magical and more fun about taking photos with a camera that prints out photos instantly rather than just on your phone. Bonus points if you can find him an old school camera that’ll add a vintage touch to every photo you take!



Forever Rose- 24k Gold Dipped Rose

 Speaking of flowers that will last forever, blow her away with this 24k gold dipped rose that she can put on display anywhere she'd like! It's a real rose dipped in gold, not just a statue! This is a unique, romantic gift that will last forever, just like your love! 




2nd anniversary gifts for him

Personalized Cotton Robe

Picture this: Your husband wakes up and is greeted by you with a kiss and a beautifully packaged gift. He opens the box and is surprised with a plush and stylish cotton robe. And what’s this? His initials are on it too? Aw, honey you shouldn’t have! Bonus, there’s a hot bubble bath and a mimosa waiting for him in the bathroom! No one can resist a relaxing bath with a snazzy drink! Men deserve a spa day too! And think about how adorable your hubby is going to look in this. It’ll probably be his favorite thing to lounge around the house in...who knows, maybe he’ll get you a matching one so you can make a set! 




4th anniversary gifts for her

Preserved Music Box Rose

Similar to the Forever Rose, this is a super cute alternative with some extra bells and whistles. A REAL preserved rose blossom encased in a beautiful specially crafted music box that plays a sweet song when you open it. Anytime she misses you, she can wind up the box and open it to appreciate this unique romantic gesture and think of you. There are also some versions where you can insert a photo on the inside of the lid. Perhaps your favorite picture together or something from your wedding! This is definitely something that will surprise her and be something she cherishes always. 



photo gift ideas

Vows on Photo Canvas

For your spouse, whether you're newly weds or have been together fifty years, a photo canvas from your wedding day is sure to make them smile! Take it up a notch and include your sacred vows from your wedding ceremony! Remind your spouse of all the promises you made on that special day with a beautiful wedding canvas with your promises of love and commitment! This makes for great decor in the bedroom or living room!



christmas gifts for men

Old Fashioned Shaving Kit

If your man has a likeness to a Sea Captain, Wizard, or Santa Claus, then an old fashioned shaving kit may just do the trick! This kit comes with a safety razor and ten blades, a shaving badger hair brush, sandalwood shaving soap, a shaving stand, a stainless steel bowl, and a canvas dopp kit. Now your boyfriend or husband can upkeep his facial hair like they did in the olden days!



valentines day gifts for her

Heart Lariat Necklace

 Heart jewelry is truly a classic staple for Valentines Day gifts. Maybe its been done quite a bit, but that doesn't mean she won't love it! This heart lariat necklace for example, is a gorgeous accessory that makes for a romantic Valentines Day gift for her!


christmas gifts for men

Men's Leather Bracelet

If your SO is a bracelet guy, then these leather bracelets are the perfect everyday accessory! Stylish, masculine, modern, unique...these are the words that describe the guy you have in mind, so why not give him something that will match his trendy style? Choose between black or brown to match his wardrobe and see as this sleek leather bracelet becomes his new everyday accessory!



Diamond Pendant Necklace

 Diamonds are forever, just like your love. Strong, beautiful, resilient to anything that tries to break it. Give her a symbol of your unbreakable feelings with this stunning diamond pendant necklace! Perfect for everyday wear or to be dressed up for date night!


7th anniversary gifts for him and her

Copper Art - Personalized Sound Wave Print

Sound Wave art is making waves...literally. Written lyrics are one thing, but imagine having a picture of the sound of his favorite song, or your first dance song if applicable. If not a song, then send us a recording of a sweet message like, "I love you," or "Happy Valentine's Day!" and have its sound wave printed on a stunning copper canvas! It makes for great modern/contemporary wall art and is a unique statement of love that your husband or boyfriend will be blown away by!


valentines day gifts for her

Personalized Necklace with Initials and Date

 Initial necklaces are adorable, romantic, and precious keepsakes. Simply customize with your initials and anniversary date at check out and our friends at Gracefully Made Jewelry will engrave these onto a gorgeous heart pendant necklace with a pearl attached! This is a sweet accessory she can wear over her heart every day!



custom sky map

Night Sky Map

 Give her romantic wall decor this year! This night sky map is more than just a fab decoration!  Our friends at Canvas vows will take the coordinates and date of a night that was particularly special to you and your love and print the constellations of that exact spot onto this beautiful night sky map sign! Customize with a message like, "Where we first met," or "Where we said I Do," and include your names and even a date!



Engraved Pocket Watch

For Valentine's Day this year, give him something beautiful and classic! An engraved pocket watch! Personalize it with his name, or your shared last name, or even his initials! You could even add your anniversary date! This black and chrome colored pocket watch is a classic and sophisticated accessory that he can wear on him or keep at home in a keepsake box!



valentines day gifts for her

Custom Couples Initial Disc Necklace

 A simple and sweet initial disc necklace with a heart pendant attached! Simply customized with each of your first initials and see how excited she gets when she sees it! Valentines Day is in the bag!



12th anniversary gifts for him

Men's Silk Pajama Set

 A silk pajama set is such a sweet gift for the Prince Charming in your life. He'll feel so spoiled in this royal blue silk pajama set and so comfortable too! These pajamas are perfect for bedtime, or lounging around the house in his slippers on a Saturday morning with his coffee in hand. Plus, you can't help but notice how adorable he's gonna look in this!



valentines day gifts for her

Words of Love Necklace

 Tell her how special she is or have her favorite song engraved into this precious circle disc necklace with a heart pendant attached! This can be personalized however you'd like, with a sweet message, poem, or song!



15th anniversary gifts for him

Wallet Insert For Him

 A small token of affection, but an effective one nonetheless! Give him this sweet message engraved onto a wallet insert that he can carry with him always! This will remind him of your love and can be a comfort during times you are apart or if an argument ever ensues. A simple I love you can truly make all the difference!





Happy Valentine's Day!



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