Custom Star Map Canvas

Posted on 27 September 2018

Do you ever look back on a special time and just think, “I wish I could remember that night forever”? A night that was so special and meaningful, you never want to forget it? What if you could capture the exact night sky of that important night, and keep it forever? With a custom star map canvas you can! You can have a beautiful canvas print of exactly what the night sky looked like on that date and in that specific location.


Personalized Star Map

These amazing custom star map canvas prints are created personally for you. All you have to do is provide your specific location using coordinates, and the date of that specific night. Using that information, we can create a sky map print of the exact night sky on that date and in that location. You literally get a recreation of the night sky to help you remember that amazing moment and keep it with you forever. To go with this, you can also include words around your beautiful sky map print. Maybe you want to include your vows, the lyrics to your first dance song, the lyrics to another meaningful song, or any other meaningful quote/message that you want to include in this special piece. To make sure you remember the moment exactly, you could also include a date, an address, the coordinates to the location, or anything else you would like to make this the perfect keepsake.


Memorable Moments

There are a number of special moments that you could capture on your personalized star map canvas. Maybe it’s the night you met your soulmate. Wouldn’t it be special to recreate the night sky of the night you met the person you would go on to spend the rest of your night with? Or maybe you want to remember the night sky of the night you two got married. That is such a special day, and definitely a night you would never want to forget. It could also be for the birth of a child. Hold the night sky of the night your first child was born with you always! The possibilities for this special piece of wall art go on and on, and it is the perfect way to commemorate a meaningful night.


The Perfect Gift

Not only is a personalized star map canvas a beautiful piece of wall art, but it also makes the perfect personalized gift. There are so many special and personal aspects to this gift, it is sure to be one that will be incredibly meaningful to whoever receives it. Not only is it meaningful and beautiful, but it also works as a gift for essentially any occasion, and for almost any person! Who wouldn’t love to receive a gift that is personalized, and allows them to remember a special moment or night? Whether you are looking for a mother’s day gift, a birthday gift, an anniversary gift, or even a wedding gift, and more, a custom star map canvas would make for the perfect sentimental and beautiful gift!


 Custom Star Map Canvas


The simplicity of the look of the canvas really allows it to go with any existing decor in a home, and it can also be customized exactly to your liking or to match your home as well. It hangs beautifully on the wall in your living room, bedroom, or wherever you prefer to keep this special piece.


Custom Star Map Canvas

Celebrate your family, the ones you love, and special moments you share together through this unique custom star map. You can even make new memories hanging it up together and seeing it add a meaningful touch to your home. No matter who you’re gifting this to, or what the occasion is, there are few gifts more meaningful than this completely personalized canvas print. The design is so unique, but holds so much meaning and so many memories at the same time.


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  • Canvas Vows: July 11, 2019

    Hi Heather,

    Thanks so much for your comment and we would love to help you with this! Check out this page (, find the design that you want, and add it to your cart! Then, we will contact you regarding the personalization details to make it the way you want.

    Alternatively, email us at and we will work with you on your custom design.


  • Heather Rivera: July 11, 2019

    Hi. I would like a custom canvas star map of the night we met with our songs lyrics. Just like the picture above. With the map in the middle, lyrics surrounding and names underneath with coordinates. How much will that come to and can I have it by the weekend?? Thank you!

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