31 Quirky and Romantic Cotton Anniversary Gifts

Posted on 05 October 2018

quirky cotton anniversary gift

What is the Cotton Anniversary?


Wedding anniversaries are a special time for each couple. Every year is a new opportunity to remind your partner just how important he/she is to you. Sometimes, it can be hard to find that perfect gift that says exactly what you want to say, especially early on in your marriage. After 2 years of marriage, you want your partner to know how important this last year was for you and how happy they’ve made you.

But, where did the cotton anniversary tradition come from?

The tradition of giving specific anniversary gifts according to the number of years a couple has been together goes back to the Middle Ages. Though no one really knows when themed anniversary gifts started, most people agree it became popular during the Victorian Era (1800’s) in the United Kingdom.

Traditionally, the cotton anniversary is the 2nd year anniversary.

As a 2nd year anniversary gift, cotton can symbolize a number of things. For instance, since cotton fibers are known to be adaptable and strong when woven together, it is believed that cotton anniversary gifts represent the couple’s growing attachment and comfortability with one another. For a couple going through their second year of marriage, a few bumps in the road are not uncommon and can ultimately serve to tighten those budding bonds.

That is cotton’s significance:

As a couple embarks on the journey of marriage, they continuously learn of the other’s quirks and love the other all the more for it. Cotton anniversary gifts symbolize the growing interconnection of the romantic partners and the bonds we weave with the ones we love.

There are many comparisons we can make between cotton and a romantic relationship:

#1 Versatility

Cotton is versatile. Similarly, in romantic relationships we must be adaptable and allowing for change in order for growth.

#2 Durability

When woven together, individual cotton strands create a more durable fabric. This is equally true for romantic partners: as you grow over time with one another, your lives become increasingly intertwined and the bond can’t easily be broken.

#3 Absorption

Cotton absorbs water, “breathes” and can withstand heat. Your romantic relationship is just the same! The love that bonds you two together can outlive any challenges you may face.

cotton anniversary symbols 


Cotton anniversary gifts are especially important for that 2nd year in marriage because they convey a sense of home. Just think of being wrapped in a fluffy cotton blanket and gazing out of your bedroom window (framed by soft cotton drapes!) at night -- the desire to build a comfortable and lasting home together is naturally growing at this phase in your marriage.

Are you looking for something special for your 2nd year anniversary and not sure where to look? Want to make sure you celebrate your cotton anniversary with something unique and extraordinary? Keep reading, we’ve got some great ideas for you!


 (HINT: #s 13 & 26 are our faves!)


Quirky Cotton Anniversary Gifts

 quirky cotton anniversary gift

Your 2nd anniversary is fast approaching and you know you want to get your partner something unique. Nothing bland or standard -- no, it’s gotta be fun and quirky, just like you guys! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some cute and quirky cotton anniversary gifts for you and your partner:

#1 Cotton Canvases

Cotton Anniversary Gift

 His And Hers Anniversary Gift

I love you soundwave art

Cotton Canvases are super awesome and there are a lot of different things you can do with them. For instance, at our custom cotton canvas shop, we can create so many different quirky cotton gifts for you and your loved one. In addition to word art canvases and photo & words canvases, we can also create personalized his and hers vows on canvas, custom star maps and custom nursery decor!

While all of these cotton canvas ideas are pretty awesome, what’s even cooler and quirkier is when you can record your own voice saying “I love you,” and then print the sound wave to go on a canvas! Imagine your partner’s face when he/she sees the personalized touch of your voice as a sound wave, reminding them you love them. Check out our Sound Wave Canvas for the perfect quirky cotton anniversary gift!


#2 Single and Double Hammock by Ayamaya

Single and double hammock

It’s been a crazy year due to work or school or maybe even newborns (!!) and you and your boo just want to relax and enjoy each other’s company for a while. Hanging out in a cotton hammock and napping with your loved one is just the thing you two need. While there are lots of hammock options, this one in particular looks extra comfy. Sweet dreams, lovebirds.


#3 Personalized Family Pillow

personalized couples pillow


There are a lot of cool cotton anniversary gifts you could choose from, but personalized family pillows are so precious and really tell your partner you care about their comfort. While you’re sleeping in on the weekend in the arms of your partner, they will be reminded of the bond you share when they see a beautiful pillow, designed just for you two with your family name. Check it out here.

Though that’s sweet and all, maybe you’re looking for something even quirkier? You know you want to get a personalized pillow, and it definitely has to be one of those quirky cotton anniversary gifts. Well, we found a pillow that addresses the biggest problem in your relationship, in a cute way though. You know how she’s always over on your side of the bed? Yeah, we found a quirky cotton anniversary gift to show that. With this cotton anniversary gift, you can tell her you love her and care about her comfort while simultaneously hinting that maaaybe she should get on her side of the bed. In a cute way, though.


#4 Reusable Cotton Coffee Filter

reusable coffee filter


Is your spouse an avid coffee drinker and needs a jolt to start the day? Remind them you care about their caffeine addiction with this quirky cotton anniversary gift! Not only will you be celebrating two years together with this unique cotton gift, but you will also help them make superior coffee through the fine mesh of cotton. And, let’s face it, a better caffeinated and less grumpy partner = a happier you.


#5 Cotton State String Art Map

state string art


With our partners, we’re always home. We could be anywhere in the world and as long as we have them, we’re doing okay. But then, when we settle down and start to build a home with our partner, we plant roots in a state or a city, someplace to raise kids. Or cats. Whoever you’re raising, there’s a location that means a lot to you both. For your 2nd year anniversary, consider getting this unique cotton anniversary gift: this cotton string map. You can place a heart over your city, your home -- a simple reminder to hang on your wall that this is where your family began.


#6 Sole Mates Socks

sole mate socks


So, you met your husband in P.E. in the 7th grade and you knew, from the first second you saw him in his dorky gym clothes that he was the guy for you. You dated and went to college together and travelled the world together and eventually got married. Or, maybe, you met your husband a few years ago on a cruise ship and you’ve been inseparable ever since and got married after 2 months of dating. However you met him, you knew: “This is my soulmate,” you said to yourself.

What better way to celebrate your 2nd year anniversary and remind him you’re soulmates than getting him these super quirky sole mate socks?! He is your soulmate and, now, your cotton sole mate!


#7 Le Coton Facial Cotton

le coton facial cotton


Nothing says “I love you” like some toiletries. No really -- after a few years together, you know each other and you know what you need most is to have your basic needs met. With some Cottonelle and maybe some really fancy cotton balls, the two of you will be set to tackle another year of marriage free of any unnecessary messes! If you’re looking for a cheap (and quirky!) cotton anniversary gift, Cottonelle toilet paper and wipes is the way to go.


#8 Succulent Print Kitchen Apron

succulent print kitchen apron 


If you’re looking for quirky cotton anniversary gifts for her, then this darling succulent print kitchen apron is absolutely the way to go! The sophisticated take on spiky succulents printed on a cotton-bistro apron adds some fun and flare to the kitchen. If your woman loves succulents and cooking, this cute apron is a no-brainer. This kitchen apron is detailed, realistic, uses muted colors, and its 100% natural cotton fabric is uber comfy. If you’re struggling for cotton anniversary gift ideas, then go for this gift idea: it makes for a stylish gift for gardeners, cooks, and hostesses. She will love it!


#9 Cotton 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts T-Shirt Couples Him Her

married 2 years shirt

Ok, so you guys have been married for 2 years — congrats! What matters most with cotton anniversary gifts is that they serve to remind you of the home you are attempting to build with your partner, and will continue to build for days, months and years to come. Whether you’re looking for quirky cotton anniversary gifts for him or for her, this cute t-shirt works for both! Though your marriage is young, what really matters is your faith and devotion in your partner, as well as your continued commitment. If you’re going for 2nd anniversary cotton gifts that remind each other that it’s the long haul that matters, go for this cute and simple t-shirt!


#10 Navy Chevron Pinstripe Couples Apron Set

pinstripe couples apron set

If the succulent kitchen apron (#8) didn’t strike your fancy, this pinstripe couples apron set just might! You can’t get quirkier than this: truly quirky cotton anniversary gifts are hard to come by, but this cute couples apron set reminds you both that you’re a quirky team. These husband and wife aprons are made from medium-weight cotton fabric in navy with a white chevron zigzag pinstripe, and can be personalized with your last name!


#11 Duplicate Checkbook Cover Register with Pen Holder

checkbook with pen holder

This cotton checkbook with pen holder makes for one of the most unique cotton wedding anniversary gifts for her you could find! If your girl is super organized and simultaneously loves cute designs, then you can bet she’ll love this cotton checkbook with pen holder! Remind her that you care about what she cares about (e.g. staying organized) when you get her unique cotton anniversary gifts for her.


#12 Cotton Mug

cotton mug

Does your guy love drinking hot tea or hot cocoa? Is she obsessed with coffee? This is one of the most unique cotton anniversary gifts for her you could get! Not only can you does this cute cotton mug have a darling design that works perfectly with your 2nd anniversary theme, but it also provides function that you can use on a daily basis. Just wait, you’ll be using this darling mug in your 50th year of marriage and you’ll look back on this 2nd year with such joy.


#13 Funny Socks Box For Men

funny socks box for men

Ok, this darling pack of funny socks for men is just too cute! If you’re looking for quirky cotton anniversary gifts for him, you’ve stumbled across one of our absolute faves! It can be just so hard to find the right cotton anniversary gift ideas, but this funny socks box is just the thing you need! You get math socks, rainy day socks, music socks, pizza socks, crazy banana socks, and sheeps in the meadow socks! There’s so much variation of silliness here that you will feel proud to have found them! These colorful socks are perfect for all men and can be worn as novelty pieces within his normal, everyday wardrobe.


#14 Couples' Foodie Gift, Cotton Kitchen Towel Set

Couples Kitchen Towel Set

Are you and your hubby foodies? Do you frequently binge-watch Chopped; Top Chef; Iron Chef; Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives; or Worst Cooks In America? Do you know all the cooking styles and techniques, can you recommend a local restaurant and give several options on its menu, and can you identify the flavor chords of a meal and recommend a wine to pair? If so, then you’re probably a foodie. And if that’s the case, then this couples foodie kitchen towel set is an absolute must. For your 2nd anniversary, there is no better quirky cotton anniversary gifts for foodies than a practical, easy-to-use cotton towel set. With each wash, these cotton towels actually get softer and more absorbent!


#15 Cotton Cloth Wipes

cotton cloth wipes

If you’re looking for unique cotton anniversary gifts for her, this is a great option. Most women are constantly looking to update their beauty routine, making sure that the products they are using are healthy and safe for their skin. With these cotton cloth wipes, you get 20 washable and reusable makeup remover pads! These eco-friendly washable pads are excellent for skin care and can be used with her favorite cleanser or toner. Because they are made of cotton, these makeup remover pads are super soft and great for sensitive skin. Therefore, this is one of the best cotton anniversary gift ideas for her because you’re sticking within the 2nd anniversary theme and you’re letting her know you care about what she cares about!


#16 Adorable Chicken Little Hot Pad

chicken little hot pads


These adorable chicken little hot pads makes for one of the best quirky quirky cotton anniversary gifts! If your spouse loves to cook, then cotton hot pads for the kitchen are a no-brainer. The wonderful thing about 2nd anniversary cotton gifts is that they are often practical elements you can use around the home. This is also the point of cotton as the 2nd anniversary gift: to remind you that these first couple years of marriage are about building a home together. For quirky cotton anniversary gifts for him or for her, you can’t go wrong with these adorable chicken little hot pads.



Romantic Cotton Anniversary Gifts


romantic cotton anniversary gift

Your first 2 years are up and you want to find that perfect romantic cotton anniversary gift to convey just how much you love your bae. If you’re looking for something a little more serious, something that says you want to rekindle some of that newlywed romance, we’ve gathered together a few luxurious items to help you surprise your partner.

Check out these romantic cotton anniversary gifts:


#17 Egyptian Cotton

egyptian cotton bedspread


After 2 years of marriage, you are probably due for some new sheets. Creating a comfortable and relaxing home environment is crucial for a happy marriage, and what the cotton anniversary is all about! What better way to celebrate your 2nd year anniversary than with a luxurious egyptian cotton bedspread?! If you’re looking for a great way to spruce up the bedroom and relax with your partner, the high thread count and closely woven fabric of egyptian cotton sheets makes for an experience of grandeur and a hotel-like retreat.


#18 Cotton-Scented Candles 

cotton scented candles


While cotton sheets or pillows are nice, these products alone can’t create that homey feel you’re looking for. To create a continuous flow of comfort throughout your home, cotton-scented candles fill your home with the fresh scent of cotton and contribute to an environment of love and relaxation for you and your partner.


#19 Cotton Dressing Gowns

wifey kimono


are a great couples gift for your cotton anniversary. After a long day at work, imagine cuddling up with your partner in some comfy cotton dressing gowns on the couch. The soft and luxurious feel will have you feeling relaxed instantly. If you want to make it extra special, you can get your names embroidered as a simple reminder of your connection to each other.

Maybe you don’t want to get one for yourself and just want one for the wifey! Check out this personalized wifey kimono. She will appreciate the gesture and will feel like royalty in this luxurious cotton gown.


#20 Our Story So Far Timeline Print 

cotton timelines print


Sometimes, we want to remind our partners of the bond we share not with pillows and blankets and candles, but with a visual representation of our journey together. A timeline print of important dates in your relationship acts as a simple, but effective method for expressing the love in your marriage.

What’s most important in your marriage is the journey you have embarked on together and the life you have begun to build. While cotton household items convey a sense of comfort and home, a timeline print of meaningful events tells the beginning of your story. After all, the cotton anniversary is about the increasing interconnectedness of you and your partner, and a print such as this visually represents how meaningful your bond really is.


#21 Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktails

cotton candy cocktails


 So, you’ve been married for 2 years now. What better way to celebrate than with some bubbly? Take a load off and sip on a delectable drink with your partner.

Romantic cotton anniversary gifts are only as good as the environment they create for you and your boo. If you’re envisioning a romantic afternoon with your partner, cotton candy champagne cocktails paired with some extravagant appetizers will definitely create the mood you’re looking for.


#22 Cotton Necktie 

cotton necktie


A gift just for him might just be the simple gesture you need for your cotton anniversary. There are a lot of romantic cotton anniversary gifts you could choose from, but sometimes, the most thoughtful gifts are ones of everyday value. A cotton necktie not only lets him know you care about your special day together, but also that you care about every day with him. Give him the gift of daily comfort and he will feel your love consistently grow.


 #23 The Original Button Boot Socks with Lace Trim Boutique Socks by Modern Boho

boot socks

If you’re looking for romantic cotton anniversary gifts, you can’t get better than these trendy button boot socks for her. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find unique cotton anniversary gifts that are both cute and romantic, but cotton boot socks like these perfectly fit the bill! Not only are boot socks practical for her, but they’re also quite romantic!


#24 Personalized Wedding Portrait

personalized wedding portrait

What could be more romantic than a personalized wedding portrait hand-stitched in a creative design?! This darling gift will remind your spouse of the best day of their life and will rekindle some love and passion. This is one of the best cotton wedding anniversary gifts you will find because it goes above and beyond the standard wedding photo. This hand-stitched design adds flare and creativity to your home, while also serving as a reminder of true romance between you two.


#25 Black Teardrop Pendant, Cotton Anniversary Gift

black teardrop pendant

She will absolutely love this black teardrop cotton pendant. If you’ve been searching endlessly for romantic cotton anniversary gifts and just haven’t been able to find something that will suit her taste, try out this black teardrop pendant necklace. Not only is this cotton pendant necklace super unique, but it also works well as one of the most unique cotton anniversary gifts for her. She will wear this gorgeous pendant every day, and be reminded of your love each and every time she puts it on.


#26 Romantic Farmhouse Front Door Wreath with Lavender

front door wreath

Here it is — you’ve made it to our 2nd favorite of the cotton anniversary gift ideas!! With muted colors and elegant simplicity, this front door wreath made in farmhouse design is a truly gorgeous way to celebrate your 2nd anniversary. Additionally, as one of the most romantic cotton anniversary gifts out there, you’ll remind everyone who enters your house of the love and joy you and your spouse share. This beautifully hand-crafted wreath will serve as a symbol of your love and devotion, and everyone who encounters it will be in awe of the deep connection you’ve cultivated so early on in your marriage.


#27 Ecru Cotton and Lace Lingerie Set

cotton and lace lingerie set

This gift idea is truly one of the most romantic ones you could find for your 2nd anniversary! Rekindle some passion this 2nd year anniversary with a lingerie set for her. The wonderful thing about this gift is that it’s not just for her or for him, but it is about celebrating the love and passion within the relationship, by encouraging quality time spent with one another.


#28 Soundwave Art

custom soundwave art

Custom soundwave art is one of the most romantic cotton anniversary gifts for him or for her! In the early years of marriage, couples are often moving around and still trying to figure out where to settle down. If that’s the case, don’t worry! You’re right on track.

Once you’ve found a new home to settle in with your young spouse, you might be thinking about home decor to put on your walls that will simultaneously make the space feel lived in and represent your passions and values as a married couple. With custom soundwave art, there are so many options and ways you can personalize this canvas print for you and your spouse. Soundwave art featuring your spouse’s voice saying, “I love you,” your first dance song from your wedding, or recordings of your wedding vows are all extremely popular options for cotton anniversary gifts.  


#29 Handmade Cotton Boll Tuxedo Shirt Studs

cotton tuxedo shirt studs

These handmade cotton boll tuxedo shirt studs are one of the most unique and romantic cotton anniversary gift ideas out there! This set of four cotton boll tuxedo shirt studs will be a gift he will never forget and will continue to use and wear throughout your marriage. What makes this cotton jewelry so unique is that the hand-carved stone looks like actual cotton! Stone carving is a lost art, but this striking piece is keeping the art alive in a way he will definitely appreciate.


#30 Romantic Birthday Gift Sheet Music Art

romantic sheet music

Is your spouse a musician? Or perhaps they just love a particular song. Regardless, music has the ability to bring us back to certain moments and memories. This is one of the most romantic cotton anniversary gifts you will be able to find: consider her face when she sees your first dance song from your wedding printed on 100% cotton paper fiber paper for your 2nd anniversary. She will absolutely love it.


#31 His and Hers Hand Towels

his and hers hand towels

The cotton anniversary is all about practicality and building a home together. There really isn’t any other way to build a home together without some decent towels. What better way to amp up the everyday, necessary items than with some personalization details to make them truly your own? Monogrammed his and hers hand towels for your 2nd anniversary is a sweet and romantic way to say, “I love you, and I am looking forward to building a life with you, despite any and all of life’s messes.”


If you would like more cotton anniversary gift ideas please check out our friends at Forever Anniversary. They create personalized anniversary gifts for every year!

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