Top 18 Engagement Gifts For Couples (Gifts They'll Love!)

Posted on 15 July 2019

engagement gifts for couples

Did your best friends just get engaged? It’s a wonderful time for your friends, but how do you help them celebrate? It’s much easier to get gifts for just one of them at a time: you know what she likes or what he likes, but how do you get gifts for both of them?! 

If you’re looking for gift ideas for couples who’ve just gotten engaged, you’re in luck! Though there are a lot of great gift ideas for couples out there, there are really only a couple gifts for couples that you really need to consider. With your friends just engaged, they will be thinking about their future life together as husband and wife. That’s why you should be focusing on engagement gifts for couples that are useful, practical, and that celebrate their unique relationship. 

For all the best gift ideas for couples and the top 18 engagement gifts for couples, keep reading!!!

(HINT: #8 & #17 are our faves!!!)

#1 His and Hers Robes

his and hers robes

Now that your friends are engaged, they’ll want some much-needed alone time. These his and hers robes are one of the all-time best gifts for couples! Not only are they super useful and practical, but they encourage your friends to focus on their relationship and spend some time relaxing, just them. They will love it. 

#2 Custom Last Name Doormat

custom last name doormat

This custom last name doormat is definitely one of the best engagement gifts for couples, no doubt. Now that your friends are engaged, they are going to start building a family, house and life together. Thus, they’re going to need some items for their home. What better way to welcome your friends home than with a personalized last name doormat?!

#3 Buffy Comforter

buffy comforter

Now that your friends are engaged, they’re going to need as much sleep as possible: with a baby on the way, your friends are going to need high quality home goods to prepare them. That’s why a Buffy comforter is one of the best gift ideas for couples!

#4 The Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer

wedding planner and organizer

For couples who have just gotten engaged, marriage is in their near-future, no doubt. As their friend, you can help them with the chaos of wedding planning with this ultimate wedding planner and organizer!

#5 Stainless Steel Fondue Pot Set

stainless steel fondue set

Looking for gift ideas for couples or the best engagement gifts for couples? Don’t worry, we can help! This stainless steel fondue pot set is such a great idea because it adds to their kitchen collection. Additionally, it encourages your friends to make dinner together and maybe even invite you over!

#6 Custom Star Map

custom star map

This custom star map is absolutely, without a doubt, one of the best engagement gifts for couples you will find! We love this idea because it functions as home decor wall art for your friends’ future home, and additionally serves to highlight the beauty of their relationship. 

#7 Wedding Keepsake Library

wedding keepsake library

Now that your friends are engaged, they’re going to start planning their wedding soon. If you’re looking for the best engagement gifts for couples, consider this wedding keepsake library to help them organize all their ideas and plans for their wedding!

#8 Personalized Engagement Ornament

personalized engagement ornament

This is one of our all-time favorite gift ideas for couples who’ve just gotten engaged! We think this personalized engagement ornament is just gorgeous and super unique. Congratulate your friends on their wonderful engagement with a decorative ornament to hang on their Christmas tree!

#9 Winc Subscription

winc subscription

This Winc subscription is such a great idea for a couple who have just gotten engaged. Now that they’re engaged, they will be spending money on a lot of big-ticket items (e.g. house, wedding, honeymoon, etc.), and they will have less time and money to spend on other items. With their budget restricted, you can help them relax and celebrate with this Winc subscription. 

#10 Personalized Wooden Keepsake Box

personalized wooden keepsake box

If you’re looking for engagement gifts for couples, this personalized wooden keepsake box makes for the perfect gift! In all the chaos of planning a wedding, it can be easy to misplace meaningful knick-knacks or photos. Help them keep track of all their important memories with this personalized wooden keepsake box. 

#11 16 Piece Dinnerware Set

dinnerware set

With an engagement comes fun and excitement, yes, but also the need for practical items. Though this might not seem like a glamorous gift idea, your friends will definitely appreciate a new dinnerware set. Instead of having to combine their separate sets, they can start over fresh with all new dinnerware.

#12 Indoor Herb Growing Kit

indoor herb garden

Part of building a life together is converting a space into a livable home. Sure, you could get your friends flowers, but if you’re looking for more practical and useful engagement gifts for couples, then you should definitely consider an indoor herb kit to encourage them to cook meals together! 

#13 A Journal For Two

journal for two

We love this gift idea because it encourages couples to create a time capsule of their relationship. By responding to different prompts and questions, your friends can track how their relationship develops over time. This is definitely one of the best and most unique engagement gifts for couples. 

#14 Non-Stick Cookware Set

cookware set

Similar to gift idea #11, the dinnerware set, this is a great gift idea for a couple who is recently engaged. Help your friends to get settled into married life with a new cookware set, so they can throw out all their old and gross pots and pans. 

#15 Wireless Speaker

wireless speaker

Initially, you might not think of this as one of the best engagement gifts for couples, but it definitely is and here’s why: this is one of those gifts that no one ever thinks to buy for themselves, but everyone always wishes they had! Help your engaged friends to set the mood or be the life of the party with a new, fancy wireless speaker. 

#16 Menus: A Book For Your Meals and Memories


We love this and think this is one of the best gift ideas for couples. Now that your friends are engaged, they’re going to be living together and cooking a lot of meals together. A great way to encourage their relationship and bond is with this menu book: you can help them keep track of all their favorites, simultaneously reminding them of important moments in their relationship. 

#17 AirBnB Gift Card


You’ve made it to our second favorite gift idea! Whether your friends have just gotten engaged or they’re just a really close couple, they will definitely appreciate an AirBnB gift card. This is one of the best engagement gifts for couples because it can help them pay for the cost of their honeymoon!

#18 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

robotic vacuum

Okay, so this might not be the most luxurious or fun gift idea, but seriously, your friends will really appreciate it. If you’re looking for gift ideas for couples who are moving in together, a robotic vacuum cleaner is an excellent idea to help them cut down on all their chores. 

And there you have it!

All the best engagement gifts for couples! We hope you got some great ideas for you friends who’ve just gotten engaged. Feel free to let us know what your favorite gift idea was in the comments. 

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