Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

#1 How long does it take to make a canvas print?

There are two parts to making a canvas print: the design processing time and the shipping time. The design processing segment involves one of our graphic designers designing and creating a preview that will then be sent to the customer to approve. The design preview portion takes 1-2 business day to complete. Then, it takes 1-2 business days to assemble and ship your order. If your order is non-personalized, then there is no design processing time and your order will ship in 1-2 days.


#2 How long does it take to ship?  

Once the canvas print is designed, assembled and shipped, it will take a given amount of time to ship the canvas depending on what you chose during checkout. The time between the order date and the date the order ships is typically 2-5 business days. Once the order has shipped, the shipping time is dependant on the method chosen. You can choose Ground shipping, Priority Shipping or Express Shipping:

  • Ground: 2-5 business days
  • Priority: 1-3 business days
  • Express: 1-2 business days

#3 Will I receive tracking information when my item ships?

Yes! You will get an email notification when the shipping label is created with tracking information.


#4 Can I have a mock-up or preview of the item before I purchase to get an idea of what it will look like?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a preview before an order is placed. However, we can and will provide a preview of a canvas print that will be personalized with your details after you have placed the order.


#5 Will I receive a preview before my item is shipped?

Yes! We want to make sure you approve of your canvas design before anything is finalized. After you place the order and before the item is shipped, we will send you a preview for you to approve. Once you approve it, it will be assembled by our professional team and shipped to you!


#6 Can I change the font/color?

Of course! You can send in a screenshot or color swatch of the color you would like to use. For fonts, we use a certain set of fonts for different designs but if you would like to request a custom font, we would be happy to use a font that you would like.  


#7 Is the sheet music on the canvas the correct song being displayed?

Of course! Whatever song you want to display on your canvas print, we can get the actual sheet music for the song selected.


#8 Why isn’t there any punctuation in my lyrics?

Lyrics typically do not come punctuated. However, we can make it exactly the way you would like it. If you would like it punctuated, please send us the lyrics written out with the punctuation you would like (via our contact form or email,


#9 When will my item ship?

Our professional team works hard to get these out in 2-5 business days. Your canvas print will be shipped at the speed you selected at checkout.


#10 Where do I add the song/vows/picture/personalized information?

At check-out, there will be a notes section where you can provide the personalized information. If that section is missed, you can email us at


#11 Will this picture work for this size? 

When you open the photo it is best to make sure you can zoom in on the picture without losing any quality. If you can’t, it may be too small. However it also depends on how large you would like it printed. If you are looking for a smaller print then the photo may still work. We are always happy to take a look at your photo for you and let you know.


#12 Can I rush a 40 x 60 print?

Unfortunately, due to how large these canvas are, we do not have the option to rush these orders. The simple reason for is that they just take a longer time to make and we want your order to look as good as possible.


#13 Is there a word count limit?

No! There is no word count limit since we can make any amount fit. However, keep in mind that the more text there is, the smaller the text will appear on your canvas print.


#14 Does the canvas print come with a frame?

We do not offer framing at this time.


#15 Does the canvas print come matted?

We do not offer matted prints at this time.


#16 What does “design only” mean?

“Design only” means that the file can be downloaded by the customer, who can then print it wherever they want. Our professional team will personalize the design to your liking, send you a file in order to download the design (the file will usually be a JPEG but we can provide any of the other popular file types if desired), and then you can use our design to be printed where you please.

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