Photo Display Ideas

Posted on 06 January 2020

Social Media and the invention of the camera phone has really changed the way we take pictures, share them, and even has influenced photography as an art form. We can hold thousands of photos on our cell phones, digital cameras, and social media profiles for all to see...but, these pictures are only available as long as we have a wifi connection, a full battery charge, or a computer plugged in. As convenient as having all your photos from the last decade in your back pocket may be, its also a little limiting. Creating scrapbooks, piecing together photo albums, or framing photos on the wall has become less common place, but it makes our beloved memories more tangible, more cherished. You can admire a framed photo or canvas print from a short distance or take down the scrap book whenever you want to look back. Displaying your photos in person gives them a touch of sentimental value and can liven up a room! Today, we're going to go over fun and creative photo display ideas to give you some inspiration of what to do with those Polaroids, disposable camera photos, or your gallery on your phone!


Photo Display Ideas 

photo display ideas

Hanging Photos on a Clothesline

Step 1: Collect all your favorite photos you want to display. If they need to be printed, adjust the size according to your needs and print them out on photo paper or whatever resource you have.

Step 2: If you don't have them already, purchase clothespins from your local craft store. Depending on how large your photos are, you can buy mini clothespins or average sized. 

Step 3: Find a clothesline, some yarn, a wire, or any other string like item and measure it according to where you wish to hang your photos.

Step 4: Depending on what you are using to hang your photos, you can take thumbtacks, nails, or any other kind of materials and hang your line accordingly either against a wall, high across the room, above a window or a doorway.

Step 5: Now, take your choice photos and hang them along the line using your clothespins! Get creative and add ribbons, fake flowers or anything else you would like to customize it!



photo display ideas

Photo Canvas Print

Another way to display a favorite photo is by getting it transferred into a canvas print! Here at Canvas Vows, we're the go to source for high quality canvas prints and are more than happy to take your favorite photos and turn them into a colorful, beautiful photo canvas for you to display! 

To do so, place an order with us at Canvas Vows, OR check out how to make your own canvas print in our blog post here!



photo display ideas

Photos on String Lights

An increasingly popular way to display printed photos in bedrooms, dorm rooms, or anywhere else! 

Step 1: Choose the photos you wish to display. Size and print them out if needed on photo paper or whatever resource you have.

Step 2: Buy strands of white or colored Christmas lights (or if you have extras in the closet, use those!)

Step 3: Attach the string lights on the wall somewhere near to an outlet where you can also strewn them according to your decor and attach them by using thumbtacks and strategically placing the wire around the tacks so they may hang from them (definitely do not pierce through!)


Attach the photos to your string lights user binder clips or mini clothespins!

Step 4: Buy or use already owned clothespins, binder clips, or other materials you have to attach the photos to your string lights.

Step 5: Plug the string lights in and voila!



photo display ideas

Photos on a Cork board

Cork boards are a really easy way to display notes, important reminders, artwork, and anything else that's worth hanging up. This is no different for the favorite photos!

Step 1: Purchase a cork board with a size works well for your space. Cork board sizes vary from small enough to hang in a locker, to big enough to cover half a wall.

Step 2: Size and print out any photos you want to display on your cork board.

Step 3: Use thumbtacks and pushpins to attach your pictures, OR incorporate the clothesline or string light method!

Step 4: Attach your photos how you like and add other things such as a small calendar, art work, inspirational posters etc...

Step 5: Get creative and decorate your cork board with string lights, fake plants, fake leafy vines, or anything else that will make it go from drab to fab!

Step 6: Admire your work!



 Photo Album

Go classic with your favorite photos! Put them together in a beautiful photo album or scrap book! Fit them into the pages neatly or get creative and add stickers, writing, ticket stubs, ribbon, glitter, fake flower petals, whatever you want!

A photo album is the story of you! So there's no right or wrong way to go about putting it together! That's what makes it so fun!




photo display ideas

Have any creative projects you've done with your photos?

Tell us about it in the comments below!!!

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