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Posted on 23 August 2018

What Are Sound Waves?

The sounds we hear come from waves made of particles that are vibrating in the air. The waves that are created have different properties, such as different wavelengths, frequencies, intensities, speed, etc., that make them specific to a particular sound. Every sound that we hear is composed of a wave that has its own combination of what are called compressions and rarefactions as well. The combination of all of these different factors and characteristics is what makes each sound wave specific to a particular sound. When we “see” sound waves for a particular sound, we are actually just seeing all of the properties of the wave that the sound produced. So when you look at a sound wave for a song, you are looking at the properties of the wave that produces the sound for that song. These sound waves can then be taken and turned into art, tattoos, jewelry, and more!


Sound Wave Generator

There are a number of programs that can be used to turn audio files or text into sound wave waveform images. Many websites and apps support this process simply by having you upload an audio file. Their software then works to turn your audio file into a waveform image that is specific to that sound file. This waveform image can then be used to create a variety of different sound wave art pieces. It can be engraved onto jewelry, printed onto a canvas, made into a tattoo, and more!


Sound Wave Art

There are so many ways that sound waves (specifically the waveform image of a sound wave) can be turned into art! It has become increasingly popular, and has expanded into a variety of categories. There is home decor, such as canvas prints, that come in a variety of shapes, designs, etc. with personalized sound wave images on them. These make super unique pieces for your home that are also incredibly meaningful. There are other wall art pieces as well, such as wooden pieces that have a sound wave carved out of them. Basically, no matter your style or preference, there is wall art or piece of home decor that you’re bound to love.

Aside from home decor, there is also a wide variety of sound wave jewelry. Sound waves from voice recordings, songs, etc. can be engraved o to bracelets, necklaces, rings, dog tags, keychains, tie clips, and many other pieces. The possibilities are virtually endless for what you can do with sound wave jewelry. Between being able to use any phrase/recording you would like and having a wide variety of pieces and styles to choose from, sound wave jewelry makes a great and unique gift for basically anyone.

One of the coolest ideas for sound wave art (in my opinion) is sound wave tattoos. Sound wave tattoos look super unique and make a very meaningful piece of art to put on your body. It’s a great way to keep a special message or song with you forever. There are many different designs and (obviously) locations for sound wave tattoos. There are also a variety of reasons for them. It could be a way to memorialize someone, a way to hold loved ones close to you, something to inspire you, and more. One of the coolest aspects of them is that there are apps you can use to actually hear the audio of the sound wave that you have tattooed on you!


Sound Wave Tattoo App

There are a few different apps out there that accommodate sound wave tattoos, the most popular being the app Skin Motion. These apps allow you to design a sound wave tattoo that you can then hear when you hold your phone/electronic over it. The app recognizes the sound wave and plays the audio that matches that sound wave! This technology is so incredibly cool because it allows you to listen to the special sound wave tattoo that you got whenever you want. This is especially meaningful in instances where the tattoo is being used to memorialize someone, either through a song or a recording of their voice. It would be so amazing to be able to play that recording back and hear it whenever you want! It would also be special to have your wedding song, or recording of your husband/wife’s voice tattooed, and be able to play that back using these apps! Having these sound wave tattoo apps adds and extra and extremely meaningful component to sound wave art like sound wave tattoos.


Sound Wave Gifts

So I’ve talked a lot about how many great things can be done with sound wave I’m gonna show you! Here’s a few of the awesome sound wave art pieces that are out there. Remember, these are just some of MY favorites. There are so many more styles and varieties out there. The next time you need a unique and meaningful gift for someone, consider some of these ideas!


I Love You Sound Wave Canvas

Custom Sound Wave Canvas

Sound wave canvas prints are so great because they are completely custom and you have SO many options. There are tons of ways to make this made completely personal for you, or for you to give to someone. You can choose any phrase, song, recording, etc., you can customize the size, colors, words that go with it, design that goes on it, and more! It is definitely a gift that anyone would love, and is also very meaningful. This design is beautiful for a couple’s home, with the sound wave for “I Love You” printed onto the canvas. Overall, sound wave canvas prints make great custom and sentimental gifts, as well as beautiful home decor!



Custom Sound Wave Necklace

Sound Wave Jewelry

Sound wave jewelry, like the canvas prints, have a ton of options in terms of personalization. Personally, I love the simple and beautiful look of sound wave necklaces, like the one pictured above. However, there are also options for bracelets, rings, other necklace styles, keychains, and more. Each piece can be customized with any sound wave and text, making them extremely personal and custom pieces. The necklace above has the sound wave for a couple’s first dance song. This is a great idea for an anniversary (or other occasion) gift for your wife. Any personal message or song on a piece of jewelry makes a great gift for someone special.   



Sound Wave Wood Wall Art

Sound Wave Wood Wall Art

There is a wide variety of home decor pieces that are centered around sound wave designs. One that really caught my attention was this wood sound wave wall art. With it’s creative and unique look, it makes a great gift for the rustic type. Even within the realm of wood sound wave art, there are many ways to customize and personalize these pieces to make them fit your style. This takes sound wave art to a whole new, 3 dimensional level.









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