19 Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Posted on 23 August 2018

Wedding Guest Book

The wedding guest book is such an underrated aspect of wedding. When all is said and done, the wedding is over, and you’re back from your honeymoon, looking at your wedding guest book is such a great way to relive the moment and hear from all the people that attended your special day. Traditional wedding guest books are quite literally books in which the guests sign the pages and can leave little notes or messages for the couple. While there is nothing wrong with going the traditional route, there are also a variety of unique and alternative wedding guest book ideas to fit your taste or theme of your wedding. Make remembering that day even more special by having a creative and fun wedding guest book that you can look back on for years. No ideas for guest books coming to mind right away? Don’t worry, here are a few of some of the best alternative wedding guest books that I found. This should get you started and give you some ideas for your own!


Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

There are many directions you can go with your wedding guest book. It doesn't have to be a traditional physical book where people sign and leave messages on the pages. It can be custom to you, your taste, and the theme/style of your wedding. Creative wedding guest books make great keepsakes that you can look back on forever. Here are a few alternative styles you can go with for your wedding guest book!


Alternative Wedding Guest Book Idea- Personalized Jenga

Personalized Jenga

This personalized Jenga wedding guest book is such an awesome idea for countless reasons. Not only will you be able to look back on the messages that your guests left you on the pieces, but you'll actually be able to USE it, too! You'll get a nice little reminder of your loved ones every time you decide to play. 



Large Letter Wedding Guest Book Idea

Large Personalized Letter

This large personalized letter also makes for a great alternative wedding guest book. This could be hung in your house as a keepsake and decoration. You'll be able to display the messages that your guests left you and look back on it whenever you like! 



Words of Wisdom Wedding Guest Book Idea

Words of Wisdom Cards 

Everyone loves some good pieces of advise from our dearest friends, right? This is such a creative take on a wedding guest book. Everyone fills out one of these "Words of Wisdom" cards with their best pieces of advice. Now you can not only look back on who was at your wedding, but the meaningful and personalized messages and advice that they left you as well. 


Wedding Tree Guest Book

While browsing different ideas for wedding guest books, I came across a lot of different and creative tree designs for wedding guest books. This take on a wedding guest book is elegant and makes a beautiful keepsake.  


Wedding Tree Guest Book Idea

3D Tree Wedding Guest Book

Have your guests sign the 3D hearts that act as leaves on this beautiful tree design for your wedding guest book. This would be a beautiful piece to display around the house, and gives each guest their own little space to leave a message. 



Wedding Tree Guest Book Idea

Wedding Tree Guest Book

There are many different styles and tree designs for this type of wedding guest book. This particular piece is on a canvas. Again, this could be beautifully displayed around your house after the wedding as a reminder of that special day and the loved ones who attended. 



Wedding Tree Guest Book Idea

Wedding Tree Guest Book Idea

Didn't like either of those styles? Here's another take on the tree design for a wedding guest book. I love the idea of each guest getting to sign/write a message for the couple on their own leaf. The options don't end here, either. There are endless different styles, colors, and designs to choose from if the idea of a tree wedding guest book is on your mind!


 Rustic Wedding Guest Book

Rustic themed weddings are popular, so cute, and have a TON of options for guest books! Seriously-- if you're having a rustic wedding, you will definitely be able to find a cute and creative rustic wedding guest book that's perfect for you. Here are some super adorable and creative ones to get your ideas flowing! 


Drop Top Heart Wedding Guest Book

Drop Top Heart Frame 

With this super creative take on a rustic wedding guest book, each guest gets to sign and/or leave a message on their own little wooden heart that gets dropped into this painted wooden frame! The center of the frame is personalized with the couple's names and wedding date. This is such a fun way to look back on everyone that was there, and makes an adorable decoration in your home as well!



Personalized Rustic Canvas Wedding Guest Book Idea

Personalized Rustic Canvas 

Another take on a rustic wedding guest book is this personalized wrapped canvas with a woody theme. Your guests sign anywhere they'd like around your last name on the canvas, and you get to display this beautiful piece for years and years. This makes for an awesome way to look at your wedding guest book and remember your magical day. It can be customized just for you in different colors and fonts as well!



Rustic Wedding Guest Book

Rustic Wedding Guest Book

Do you like the idea of an actual book for your wedding guest book? Nothing wrong with that! There are a ton of designs for actual wedding guest books that are sure to be perfect for your wedding as well. I love the rustic design on the cover of this guest book, and the personalized touch makes it all the more meaningful.


Wooden Wedding Guest Book

Wedding guest books made out of wood, or with a woody style, are some of the most common alternative designs that I have seen. There are a number of different looks and creative ideas out there that would be beautiful for a rustic, country, or other similar style wedding!


Wood Stump Wedding Guest Book

Framed Tree Stumps

In this take of a wooden wedding guest book, each guest actually gets to write on their own tree stump! All of the stumps are set in a frame, which gives this piece an elegant and creative look. The variety of wood and personalization really make this a meaningful and fun wedding guest book. 



Engraved Wood Stump Wooden Wedding Guest Book

Personalized Wood Slab

Staying with the wooden theme, this personalized wood slab is a super creative take on a wooden wedding guest book! The wood plaque is sanded down and coated so that it is easy for your guests to sign! This makes for a very unique piece that doubles as a beautiful piece of wall art as well as a keepsake after the wedding!



Wooden Wedding Guest Book Note Box

Wooden Note Box

Another very cute and unique take on a wooden guest book is this wooden note box, with individual slots for your guests to write and insert notes! You and your hubby can have fun reading all of these little notes from your loved ones after the wedding. This can be personalized with your last name and wedding date on the box, and any stationary you choose for the notes!


 Wedding Puzzle Guest Book 

Out of all the creative ideas for wedding guest books out there, this puzzle version was one that really stood out to me and I found super cute! For these guest books, your guests get their own puzzle piece to sign and write on, and it is all centered around your customized puzzle piece! Puzzle guest books come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, etc. This guest book could be the missing piece to the puzzle in your wedding! 


Wedding Puzzle Guest Bok

 Personalized Puzzle Guest Book 

Personalize your puzzle wedding guest book with your last name and wedding date in the center! You will be surrounded by messages and kind words from the important people that attended your wedding. And you can have fun taking it apart and putting it back together too! 


Heart Puzzle Wedding Guest Book

Heart Shaped Personalized Puzzle

Another take on a puzzle wedding guest book is this heart shaped puzzle. Make the guest book even more romantic with these puzzle pieces separated by little hearts, and all part of a larger heart with your personalization in the center. 



State Puzzle Wedding Guest Book

Personalized State Puzzle

Did you two meet in a special place, or is there a place you both hold dear to your hearts? Have your puzzle customized to be a specific state shape! This is such a great and creative twist on the idea of a puzzle wedding guest book, and truly makes it extra special. 


 Unique Wedding Guest Book

If you've gotten this far and still none of the guest book ideas have caught your eye, we still have a few super unique ideas to throw your way! Wedding guest books can truly be anything you want them to be. If you have a vision for what you want, you can make it happen!


Unique Wedding Guest Book Map

 Watercolor Map

 Are you and your husband avid travelers? This canvas watercolor map is the perfect wedding guest book for the adventurous couple. Your guests can sign all around the map leaving notes, travel suggestions, sharing memories, and more! 



Unique Bucket List Wedding Guest Book

Bucket List 

A super fun and creative wedding guest book is this personalized bucket list! Each guest writes a note and suggestion for something the two of you need to do together, and throws it in the bucket! This would be super cute at a rustic wedding, and would be tons of fun to read through and live out later on!



Unique Mountain Wedding Guest Book

Personalized Framed Mountain Range

The adventurous and nature loving couple will also love this take on a wedding guest book! The center of the mountains are customized with your names and wedding date, with plenty of space for the guests at a wedding of all sizes to sign and write messages on and around the mountains. This would also look beautiful hung up in your home after the wedding is over.  



Watercolor State Wedding Guest Book Alternative

Watercolor States Canvas

If you're from two different states, this watercolor states canvas is such a cute idea to represent the both of you and create a unique and meaningful wedding guest book. Your guests have more than enough space to sign and leave personal messages around the states. This makes for a beautiful piece to hang on your wall after the wedding as a way for you to remember your wedding and those who attended. 

 I hope this list of alternative and creative wedding guest books helped spark some ideas for your own wedding! Just remember that the possibilities are endless, and there are a ton of ways to make a cute and meaningful wedding guest book that you will love to look back on for years and years. 


























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