Wedding Photo Ideas

Posted on 12 September 2019

You paid how much for that dress?? Post wedding ceremony, we've got to get as many photos of you and your new spouse as possible! You deserve to have the perfect photos and capture every moment! Plus, when all is said and done, one of these should be perfect for a personalized canvas with your vows on it! Let's get to it!

Wedding Photo Ideas


The Kiss

wedding photo ideaswedding photo ideas

That beautiful moment everyone is waiting for at your wedding ceremony. Nothing says perfect wedding photo shoot like a romantic kiss! Usually done with bouquet in hand and either from an up close angle or far away, this pose is the perfect center piece of your memorable wedding day.


The "It's Official!" Pose

wedding photo ideaswedding photo ideas

 Similar to the engagement photos ring flash, this pose tells the camera, "look at us, we're a real married couple! Here's the proof!" This pose can be sweet and subtle or silly. It's a great one because the couple has the opportunity to put their own spin on it. Plus, we get to see those gorgeous rings!


The Dip 2.0

wedding photo ideaswedding photo ideas

Nothing says romance like dipping your partner over and planting a smooch on them! Alternatively instead of a kiss, you can look dotingly into each others eyes. A little less spicy than the engagement photos dip, but still a great looking photo nonetheless!


The Staring Contest

wedding photo ideaswedding photo ideas

Look into each others eyes and try not to blink! Just kidding, but this pose is a great way to showcase how happy the two of you are now that you're married. Just stare dotingly into each others eyes and give a soft smile. Bonus points if you can score a super romantic sunset in the background!


The Mind Reader

wedding photo ideaswedding photo ideas

Or formerly known as The Care Stare. Couples have this weird tendency to sense each others feelings and maybe even their thoughts (just about as bizarre as finishing each others sentences). This look is achieved by holding each others hands or holding each other in a warm embrace while pressing your foreheads against each other. This can be done with soft smiles or straight faces, expressing that this is the happiest day of your life or that nothing needs to be said because your bond is strong and the love is real.


The Portrait

wedding photo ideaswedding photo ideas

Arguably one of the easiest poses to achieve for a wedding photo, just smile, look at the camera and create a memory! This kind of photo is perfect for a printed canvas or as a framed photo that you can place on your nightstand, above your mantle, on the wall, or maybe even in your office!


Baby Got Back

wedding photo ideaswedding photo ideas

If you've hired a very artsy photographer, there's a good chance they'll want to try some experimental shots. This pose for example, is a avant garde take on the ring flash while also showcasing the fine details on the brides dress. From far away you probably wouldn't have known that the bride had so much minute stitching on her gown, but here we really get to appreciate all the little details. This is arguably the biggest day of your life, why shouldn't every little thing be caught on film?


I've Got Your Back

wedding photo ideaswedding photo ideas

This pose can be done with either gender standing behind the other person. It doesn't always have to be done as shown above. This pose is very quirky and cute, and says, "I've got your back no matter what," or it can even suggest, "MINE!" now that everything is set in stone!


The Veil

wedding photo ideaswedding photo ideas

Use the bride's veil as an impromptu prop! Let the wind (or a well placed fan) blow the delicate fabric around you as a pseudo-blanket pose, or use it to frame your photo by hiding underneath it (I hope there's enough room for the photographer!). Using the veil in your wedding photos can add a touch of softness and playfulness to the picture!


The Blur

wedding photo ideaswedding photo ideas

Maybe this is less for you and more for your photographer to show off their skills. Either way, this does make for a very cool picture. The couple stands further back in a warm embrace while a significant item (like the bouquet) is center focus of the photo. This kind of picture would be perfect for the cover of your wedding album!


A Goof and a Gaff

wedding photo ideaswedding photo ideas

You can't have a wedding photo shoot without a few goofy pictures! Everything can't be so serious all the time! Loosen up, crack a few jokes, make some silly faces and show off your playful side with your partner! Everyone loves a good silly picture, especially in a romantic setting like a wedding!


 Why Are We Running??

wedding photo ideaswedding photo ideas

No, really? Why this is a popular pose, I couldn't tell you. Maybe it was inspired by Runaway Bride. Maybe it signifies the idea that the couple is now running off into the sunset together to start their lives as a married couple. It's a fun, quirky pose to do for a wedding shoot. Make sure you bring some water and your running shoes!


We Did It!

wedding photo ideaswedding photo ideas

The traditional post ceremony celebratory pose. The end zone victory dance of weddings if you will. Typically, the bride takes her bouquet and triumphantly pumps it into the air like a trophy, telling the world how excited she is to officially be wed. Weddings take a lot of time and effort. Not to mention it was a long journey of ups and downs to get to this point in the relationship. Why shouldn't the couple show their excitement? Now its time to switch into some flats, drink some champagne, and have fun!


The Twirl 2.0

wedding photo ideaswedding photo ideas

It's not a wedding if there's no dancing involved! There's at least got to be a few shots of a twirl or two. It's also a great way to show off that fabulous dress! This photo is kind of the brides moment to show off her look while her partner twirls her around. This can be a romantic looking photo or even a little playful and silly. Whatever comes natural!




Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life and deserves to be documented in the way that you've always dreamed of! Try out a little bit of everything and pick a photographer you trust to capture these moments! And when the wedding is over, call on your trusted Canvas Vows gang to make you a beautiful printed canvas of your favorite photo to display in your home for you to always cherish. Congratulations you two!

wedding photo ideas

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