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Maps are the story of human history. They detail everywhere there is to go in the world and really paint a picture of how small we are in the grand scheme of things. It's a big world out there, with approximately 7.8 billion people on earth as of now. Amidst all the chaos and random coincidences and thoughtless choices we make, somehow fate led us to the one we love. It's as easy as deciding to go to that party or deciding to get coffee that particular morning. In all the places in all the world, somehow the universe brought you and your spouse together and the rest is history. Commemorate that incredible event with a beautiful custom map wall art canvas from Canvas Vows! 


We have a stunning collection of personalized custom canvases of map wall art that celebrates the love between you and your partner! We have everything from night sky maps to push pin maps, and custom state maps! With these personalized map canvases you can tell your love story through art! You can display the locations of where you met, where you said yes, and where you got married all in one canvas with the Our Story Custom Star Map or mark all the places you'd adventured together with the Push Pin World Travel Map! As ongoing adventurers, you'll be making your way to all kinds of unique places and creating all sorts of memories. Why not keep track of all your adventures in this interactive map canvas? If the two of you have just wed and just purchased your first home as a married couple, the Night Sky Map will be a perfect addition to your home. You can send in the coordinates of your house and our Canvas designers will print out a map of the constellations above your home! You could also make this a map of the constellations of the place you met or the place you got married!


Push Pin Maps

Push pin maps are a great way to commemorate the adventures around the world you've had. With push pin map canvases you can put a pin into every place you've visited, showing off your travels. This can also been see as a to do list for future trips with your partner! Once you've seen where you've been, you'll know where you'll want to go next! You may just be impressed by how many places you've seen already, or be inspired to see more! Push pin maps look great on living room walls, bedroom walls or home office walls. They make you look well traveled and scholarly. Plus, the vibrant colors and detailing we use add a pop of color to any decor! You can personalize our push pin maps with an anniversary date, names, and even a short message like, "Adventure is Out There," or "Not all Those Who Wander are Lost." Push pin maps make a great anniversary gift, a wedding present, a house warming gift, a graduation gift, going away present, and much more! You'' love our selection of push pin maps such as our PUSH PIN TRAVEL MAP - BLUE OCEAN or our PUSH PIN WORLD TRAVEL MAP. Our push pin maps come with a set of push pins for you and can be purchased in sizes 16x24, 24x36, 24x48, and 30x60.

Constellation Maps

Constellation maps have grown in popularity over the years due to their uniqueness and romantic personalization. You can freeze a moment in time even after it has already passed and immortalize it always with a beautiful commemorative canvas. People have had constellation maps made of their wedding day, their first date, the night they got engaged, the night their child was born, the day they moved into their first home, a partner's birthday and so many other occasions! It's truly amazing how you can tell the story of one magic night with constellations! It's a beautiful, unique and romantic gesture. It's truly a gift that no one else will have which makes it so special. You can send us the coordinates, date, and location of the constellations you want used in your very own Custom Star Map or Night Sky Map and we'll create a canvas so pretty it belongs among the stars!


 Canvas Customization

There are a lot of choices when it comes to Map Wall Art! Whether its a world map, a map of a particular state, a constellation map or otherwise, the team at Canvas Vows will create a stunning canvas that you and your spouse will love. If you're looking for a custom map canvas as a gift for someone else, we've got you covered too! These Map Wall Art canvases make great wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, engagement gifts, house warming presents, or just because presents! Map wall art looks great in any home with any furnishing style. You can appear world traveled and romantic! Everyone that visits will be in awe of your beautiful personalized map wall art when they see it. These canvases can be personalized with photos, short messages, anniversary dates, names, song lyrics, or anything else you'd like to add. Just reach out to our team for questions at !

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