Leather Anniversary Gifts For Her

Leather Anniversary Gifts For Her

Trying to find the perfect anniversary gift is difficult enough. If you are following the modern or traditional gifts, then it can be almost impossible!That is why we have gathered a list of the most unique and eye catching leather anniversary gifts for her. 

But first:

What is leather? 

Leather is most commonly thought of to be from cow hide, however leather can be made from other animals as well such as goats and buffaloes. Cow leather is the most widely produced and used however. In the past leather was used mostly for keeping warm and making softer, comfier bedding. In the early days, people had a more difficult time keeping leather from spoiling and breaking down. As time has gone on however, we have developed techniques to preserve leather so that it lasts for many many years. Our use for leather has changed as well. We not longer use it primarily for keeping warm but instead, it has become a material that we enjoy aesthetically. It is also still used widely for its comfort in couches and vehicles. 

Now that we got that out of the way, here is our list of beautifully made, unique leather anniversary gifts. 


#1 Personalized Leather Keychains - by Moccaberry 


These beautiful keychains by Moccaberry come in a natural leather color dipped in a bright and vibrant color on the ends. They can be personalized with a number, letter or symbol. Even if you don't purchase these as your primary anniversary gift, they make a great additional gift to make your anniversary that much more special. Price: $14


#2 Custom Leather Bracelet - By Craftive Leather

custom leather bracelet

Amazing - what is else is there to say? 

These are beautifully hand crafted bracelets made by Craftive Leather. Each bracelet is made from a dark European leather. The leather is put together with a strong and pretty silver clasp that is smooth to the touch. The bracelet is finished off with the personalization of your choice. You have the option to do an initial, date and/or name. Price: $49.99


#3 - Leather Watch - by Thirteen.02


Now this is classy - a light pink genuine leather watch with a rose gold plated case. This watch by Thirteen.02 is combines simplicity and elegance. This is a 3rd anniversary gift that will be sure to wow her. Head over to Thirteen.02 to find out more about their beautiful watches. Price $89.95


BONUS - Personalized  Leather Coordinate Coasters - from Craftive Leather


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