Canvas Sizing Guide (Standard Canvas Sizes Here at Canvas Vows)

Posted on 28 February 2019

canvas sizes

Here are ten of the most popular canvas sizes that we create here at Canvas Vows. Whether you’re seeking the right frame for a canvas print or photo print, trying to design a feature wall composed of canvas prints (read our guide on Designing a Gallery Wall!), or just picking a canvas size for your next DIY canvas creation (read our Different Types of Printing Methods guide), the size of your canvas print can make or break your next project. Just depending on what you’re looking for, there is a lot to consider when it comes to canvas print sizes. Buying a canvas print that is too large or too small can ruin the balance of your room or your next designing project. Before you start shopping for canvas prints, take some time to determine the size of canvas print would be best for the space you plan to display it. If you’re not sure if canvas prints are right for you, check out our Complete Guide to Canvas Prints. For more information on canvas print sizing options or to understand how to create a custom canvas for any home decor craft project, keep reading!


36” X 48”

 36 x 48

Large canvas prints, like a 36” X 48” are exactly what you need to make an impact on a room. If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your wedding photo and vows, for instance, this size is the way to go. Another great idea for this canvas size is a custom star map of a special night. The great thing about large canvas prints in this size, or a similar size, is that an entire wall can feel complete with just one print. You don’t need to fill it up with other prints, and, if you do, it might feel too cluttered! When in doubt, opt for a large canvas print of a photo you really love.


Picture To Canvas


30” X 36”


30” X 36” (or 36” X 30”) is one of the most common canvas sizes. This canvas size works great as a stand alone piece of art, or can be accompanied by a variety of other canvas sizes in a gallery wall. This canvas size looks best in the living room or bedroom. Anywhere where you have a lot of wall space would be best for a canvas print in a 30” X 36” size.


Last Name Monogram Sign


24” X 36”


24” X 36” is a great size to set the stage in any room, while still allowing for other smaller images around it. If you have one image you just love, but also want some space for smaller framed photos, then you can’t beat this size. Specifically, this size canvas print is great for offices, bedrooms and living rooms. If you’re wondering what are the standard canvas sizes, this is one of them!


24” X 30”

24 X 30

A 24” X 30” canvas size is just slightly shorter than a 24” X 36” canvas and can serve similar purposes, but for images that are originally slighter smaller. This is one of the most popular canvas sizes and can accomodate most types of images.


16” X 20”


This size makes for a great family portrait, school photo or single image of an individual. Depending on the size of the space you are decorating, a medium-sized canvas print, such as a 16” X 20” could make a statement alone or be used with other sized canvas prints.


12” X 36”

12 X 36

A 12” X 36” canvas print makes for a great growth chart for kids! Alternatively, 36” X 12” is similar to the 24” X 10” canvas size in that they both work well in longer hallways or over your entertainment center. A 36” X 12” canvas print works great with inspirational quotes!  


16” X 24”


A 16” X 24” canvas size is about the length of microwave, and makes the most impact when grouped together with prints of the same size.


16” X 30”


A 16” X 30” canvas print size allows you to display longer photos, like weddings, tall buildings or expansive landscapes (displayed 30” X 16”). This size works best hanging behind a desk or above a doorway. This canvas print size is good for offices, game rooms and living rooms. Though slightly odd in shape, a 16” X 30” canvas print opens up way more possibilities than limitations and, when flipped (30” X 16”), looks great as a panoramic cityscape or large family photo. A canvas print of 30” X 16” looks best above a fireplace, in the kitchen or in long hallways.


10” X 20”


A tall canvas leaves a lasting impression on any room. A 10” X 20” canvas print is a great size to hang over a sofa, but it is also tall enough to prop up against a wall as a stand alone image. This canvas print size is best for studies or offices, bedrooms and living rooms. Alternatively, 20” X 10” is a great canvas size for a landscape image.


16” X 16”


16” x 16” creates a “wow factor” in your gallery wall amongst a collection of different sized canvas prints. Though rectangular canvases are by far the most popular sizing option for canvas prints, square canvases are also fantastic for displaying side-by-side groupings. For instance, Andy Warhol supposedly made his series of square paintings all in the same size so they would look great together on museum walls. Other common square canvas sizes are: 8” X 8” inches, 10” X 10” inches, 12” X 12” inches and 20” X 20” inches. A square canvas looks best in the bathroom.



Finding Your Perfect Canvas Size

finding your perfect canvas size

All canvases follow an aspect ratio, which is determined by the relationship of each side of the canvas to the others. For example, a square canvas has a ratio of 1:1 since all sides are equal. If the aspect ratio if 1:2, that means that one side of the canvas print is twice the size of the other.

Ratios Canvas Sizes
1:1 All squares
1:2 10” X 20” or 12” X 24”
2:3 20” X 30” or 24” X 36”
3:4 9” X 12” or 12” X 16”
4:5 8” X 10” or 16” X 20”
5:6 20” X 24”

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