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Posted on 11 October 2018

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Designing a home can be an overwhelming task, especially when designing for two. Regarding home decor, couples frequently have different likes and dislikes, which can make home design a challenging venture. As a couple, each of you wants to make sure the other feels comfortable and at home in their living space. However, what makes her feel comfortable can sometimes make him feel uncomfortable, and vice versa.

Creating a home environment for him and her is a process of give and take, just like any good relationship. When you begin to design your dream home with you and your spouse in mind, consider a minimalist/interior design in which you only display functional items that are used by him and her. Designing your dream home and crafting the perfect house plan design or home floor plan is a task we will leave up to these guys for now. However, designing home and wall decor for him and her doesn’t have to be a burden and we’re here to help.

In fact, we specialize in his and hers wall art!

If you are invested in finding the perfect home decor wall art for him and for her, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve gathered together a few dos and don’ts of how to design bedrooms and bathrooms for him and her to help make your life easier.


Ideas for his and hers wall decor


#1 Personalized His and Hers Canvases

king and queen canvas wall art

Here at Canvas Vows, we offer a unique way to celebrate your anniversary with your loved one. Whether you are looking to surprise your partner or just spruce up your home, our custom his and hers canvases can be geared to suit your unique relationship.


#2 Key Holders

his and hers key holder

Always forgetting your keys? Do you misplace your keys and end up 10 minutes late to work -- even though you would have been 10 minutes early -- because you had to overturn all the couch cushions and redecorate your bedroom with last week’s laundry in search of your lost keys? Don’t worry! His and hers key holders are perfect for a forgetful couple -- or a regular couple. This nifty home wall decor doesn’t discriminate. The key holders are easy to use and designed with him and her in mind.


#3 Wine & Beer Kitchen Plaque

his and hers wine and beer plaque

For the thirsty couple, this cute wine and beer plaque is a must! Having a glass of wine or a beer with your spouse at the end of a long day is a great way to unwind. Creating an environment that mirrors your values and your likes can be time-consuming, but home decor wall art such as this simplifies your task significantly. We all need to let loose every now and then and a little reminder, such as this plaque, might be the difference between just anybody’s kitchen and your kitchen.


#4 Wall-Mounted His and Hers Hooks

his and hers hooks

Organization is key to a happy and comfortable home environment. Do you have items that need to be hung but you just haven’t gotten around to it yet? Sometimes, the perfect home and wall decor for your home is a simple his and hers wall hook to serve a variety of purposes. Some ideas for this his and hers wall decor include: towels, keys, purses, belts, scarves, and ties. Whatever you need it for, these hooks might just be the addition you and your spouse need in your entryway, mudroom, bathroom, laundry room, or closet.


#5 Calligraphy Quotes

calligraphy quotes

This one is just one option, but let’s face it: calligraphy quotes are pretty much required if you’re looking for his and hers wall decor. Calligraphy wall art creates a feel of sophistication and high-end design that you just can’t resist when you are looking for home decor wall art. Designing a home just got 1,000% easier with this fancy wall decor!


#6 Personalized Planks

personalized planks

This personalized basswood tree plank brings a unique feel to any home! With one-of-a-kind wall decor like this, you can create a his and hers theme throughout your home geared specifically to you and your partner. Personalized products contribute to creating the perfect balance between too masculine and too feminine. They also serve to remind you and your partner of your unique bond.


His and Hers Bedroom Decor

his and hers bedroom decor

Creating a master retreat that invites both him and her can be much easier than you think. You want to create a haven for yourself and your partner and the trick is to strike a balance between too feminine and too masculine. Now that you have some general ideas about what kinds of home and wall decor you can get, consider how to design a bedroom for him and her. We’ve searched the web and found some simple dos and don’ts of crafting a his and hers bedroom theme.

Here’s some ideas for a his and hers bedroom theme:

The DOs of His and Hers Bedroom Decor

  • Look through Pinterest, catalogs, magazines, and model homes to get a sense of what style and color palette you like. Have your partner do the same! This way, you both can individually determine your likes and dislikes and then decide on a style that suits both of you!
  • Once you have both done some research, a color palette will begin to emerge. For instance, calming blues and soft grays is a common color palette for the bedroom, since they create a serene environment.
  • Select a bedding set that appeals to you both. Sheets and coverlets are a great way to compliment your his and hers wall decor and build in color and texture into the overall his and hers bedroom theme.
  • Tour local used furniture stores, Salvation Army, and Goodwill to see how you might repurpose furniture pieces for a bedroom makeover.
  • Focus on each other. Create photo collages of you and your spouse or frame sentimental items.
  • Keep in mind how your style choice can affect practical use. For instance, if you like to read in bed, consider how an iron headboard might affect your favorite pastime.

The DON'Ts of His and Hers Bedroom Decor

  • Go through his bachelor stuff or her private apartment stuff and demand that certain items must go.
  • Default to a plain color for the wall color or bedding set that neither of you really like.
  • Choose a bedding set, headboard, color palette, and style that clash.
  • Overdo it. If it takes too long to make the bed in the morning -- due to the excessive amount of comfy throw pillows you purchased to build up your unique style -- then you maybe went a little too far.
  • Sacrifice comfort. This space is your sanctuary -- both of yours. Stay true to the goal of designing a space that speaks to both you and your partner so that you can retreat to your suite at the end of the day.
  • Leave your walls bare! We got some ideas for his and hers wall decor below!


#1 His and Hers Hanging Wall Decor

his and hers bedroom

Hanging his and hers wall decor is a great accent piece to show off your style and give your bedroom a unique flare that is different from the average mounted picture.


#2 Romantic Prints

romantic art prints

Reminders of our love for our partners are crucial to keep the relationship alive. The right romantic print hung in the bedroom can showcase your love for your partner and help you design a bedroom theme unique to you and your spouse.


#3 Decorative Wall Decal

decorative wall decal

A quote that captures your special relationship can set a relaxing mood each night and contribute to your distinctive his and hers bedroom theme.

(Want more ideas for wall art decals? Check out our post, Where To Buy Wall Art Decals Online!)


#4 Canvas Print: First Dance Song

custom canvas print

You can’t go wrong with a classic print! What better way to celebrate you and your spouse than with a custom canvas print of your first dance?


His and Hers Bathroom Decor

his and hers bathroom decor

Designing bathrooms for him and for her can be particularly tricky. You want a sanctuary -- someplace you can be yourself without pretense. Listed below, we have some simple dos and don’ts for designing a bathroom with both him and her in mind.

Create the perfect his and hers bathroom:

The DOs of His and Hers Bathroom Decor

  • Create a theme with your bathroom wall art that both you and your spouse like. For instance, the nautical theme is a common theme used for both him and her.
  • Maximize sunlight by utilizing shiny hardware and windowed doors.
  • Create a cohesive style that mirrors design elements throughout the rest of your house. For instance, consider using accents of your bathroom tile in your kitchen or patio to create a truly unified style.
  • Incorporate traditional materials, such as chrome, marble, and cool whites to create a timeless design.

The DON'Ts of His and Hers Bathroom Decor

  • Design asymmetrical sinks with more space and storage under one than the other.
  • Insist on a feminine color palette or masculine color palette. For instance, don’t demand to paint your bathroom walls either all pink or all dark brown. This will alienate your partner.
  • Let awkward corners keep you from utilizing space. If there is not enough storage in your bathroom, this will add to frustrations. Instead, add extra shelving or storage where the space cannot be used for anything else.
  • Leave your walls entirely bare! We have some ideas for his and hers bathroom wall art below!

#1 His and Hers Towel Hooks

his and hers towel hooks

Whether you need to hang your towels, robes, or underwear, we found some great his and hers bathroom hooks for you.


#2 Unique “Ladies” and “Gentlemen” Signs

his and hers bathroom

Have you ever wanted some vintage-looking public restroom signs? We found some cool ones so you can let your partner know where it’s okay to relieve themselves.


#3 His and Hers Mirrors

his and hers mirror

These his and hers mirrors are a great simple reminder to your spouse to keep them on their side!


#4 Powder Room Etiquette Posters

powder room etiquette

Sometimes you need a straightforward description of appropriate bathroom etiquette for him and for her. With this fashionable his and hers bathroom decor, the walls of your bathroom will be fancy and informative!



Wall Decor Stores

Now that you got some ideas for his and hers bedroom and bathroom decor and have a better understanding of how to design his and hers wall decor, you might want to check out some stores with home wall decor products. Whether you’re going for fancy wall decor or romantic wall decor, we’ve found some stores for you!

Here’s a few home and wall decor store suggestions:

Canvas Vows -- Here at Canvas Vows, we design custom canvases for any occasion!

At Home -- Has a variety of fabric and textile wall art, signs and decals, wall clocks, and memo boards for your home and wall decor needs.

Kirkland’s -- Offers stylish options, including metal, glass, and wood art.

Pier 1 -- Provides wall frames, wallpaper, and mirrors.

The Company Store -- Has a variety of holiday wall decor, as well as unique animal towel hooks and ornately designed mirrors.

Pottery Barn -- Specializes in dimensional art, or succulent wall art, cotton fringed wall tapestries, and wine bottle riddling racks.

Bed, Bath & Beyond -- Offers shelf sets, wall decals with 3D embellishments, and wall-mounted shelving units.

Now that you got some ideas for his and hers wall decor and know of some possible home decor stores to help you out, go create the ideal home environment you’ve been envisioning.

(For more information on where to buy home decor, check out our Complete Guide: Where To Buy Wall Art Online!!)

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