Sheet Music Art (How To Decorate Your House With Music Art)

Posted on 16 October 2018

sheet music art

Are you searching for new ways to enhance your home? Maybe looking for some awesome music art prints along with how to decorate your house?

We have some ideas!

Sheet music wall art is a unique way to personalize your home with beautiful custom canvas prints! Here at Canvas Vows, we specialize in custom canvas prints and can help you design and create any kind of wall art you are looking for. Specifically, if you are interested in sheet music decor, we have a lot of good ideas for you. It can be difficult to design a home so that it fits your needs as well as all your family members. Whether you are looking to make a dorm room homier or you are looking to decorate your first home, music wall art is a great way to incorporate a little more of yourself into your space.


How to decorate your house for Christmas

how to decorate your house for christmas

It’s that time of year again! You got your Christmas lights out and are ready to (finally!) beat your neighbor at the holiday lights neighborhood decorating contest this year. In addition, you have all your stockings and Christmas pillows, nutcrackers and nativity sets. And, of course, you could get out your 20-year-old plastic Christmas tree and your aging ornaments. But, maybe, this year you are looking for a really magical way to spruce up your home.

We got you covered!

Musical art, or music note art, is an outstanding way to add to your collection of Christmas decorations. Sheet music decor that is geared toward the holiday season can liven up your home and make it feel even more special than the average and expected tree and stocking decorations. Perhaps you know someone who loves Christmas music so much that they listen to it all throughout the year. You know the kind of people I’m talking about -- the ones who have it playing the second October hits or who even blast it in the heat of July! Maybe that person is you!

Well, we got some good news for you:

You can make those people feel extra special by getting them the gift of music canvas art of Christmas sheet music for them to hang all year round! Yup, it doesn’t matter to us -- whatever makes your home, dorm room, music studio, secret passageway, private attic bedroom, yoga studio, turtle dove concert hall, bathroom or office really feel like it’s yours is what we are here for.

Check out these holiday classics you could turn into music wall art:

    1. Jingle Bells
    2. Deck the Halls
    3. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)
    4. Feliz Navidad
    5. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
    6. I’ll Be Home for Christmas
    7. Little Saint Nick
    8. The Twelve Days of Christmas
    9. Silent Night
    10. Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer
    11. Wonderful Christmastime
    12. Happy Christmas (War is Over) -- John Lennon

    How to decorate your house for Halloween

    how to decorate your house for halloween

    So, you’re a Halloween fanatic and you just can’t stop decorating your home until you have ALL the Halloween parapheniala that exists. It’s alright, there’s no judgement here -- Halloween is, after all, the BEST holiday. Or, maybe you just really like a particular Halloween song. Yeah, we know when you think of Halloween you don’t necessarily think of a Halloween theme song. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great songs that characterize the best holiday ever. Either way, a sheet music art print of Halloween music makes for a great way to dress up your home and spookify it.

    Here are some ideas for Halloween music art:

    1. Theme from Halloween (Michael Myer’s Theme)
    2. The Nightmare Before Christmas
    3. “Everyday is Halloween” -- Ministry
    4. Addams Family Theme
    5. Theme from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    6. Casper the Friendly Ghost
    7. Frankenstein
    8. Ghostbusters
    9. Monster Mash
    10. The Munster’s Theme
    11. Thriller
    12. Don’t Fear the Reaper

    Not finding what you’re looking for?

    Figuring out how to decorate your house for the holidays can be a daunting task, in addition to decorating your house so that it holds meaning to you everyday! It can really be overwhelming to custom design your whole house. The choices, options and mind-boggling variety can stunt the progress you’ve made so far. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, a little more you, keep reading -- we have some music art for you! Custom sheet music wall art is the answer to the question of how to create a space that speaks to your emotions. Music wall art can make for a beautiful addition to your home since it showcases what is truly meaningful to you.


    Music Art

    music art

    Music is an art form and a common form of emotional expression. When we listen to music, it can encourage deep emotions and cognitive enhancement. The effect of music on the brain and body depends, in part, on the genre of the music and on whether or not we like the song. For instance, Frank A. Russo, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology at Ryerson University states that someone who is a ‘metalhead’ would be able to hear all kinds of emotions in metal music that people who aren’t metalheads will only hear as ‘aggressive’ or ‘angry.’

    Regardless of your taste in music, there are certain things that happen to all of us when we listen to music.

    When you listen to music:

    • You form and recall memories due to the release of dopamine.
    • Your mood is boosted due to the release of dopamine, the ‘feel-good’ neurochemical.
    • On spatial tasks and standardized tests, you perform better.
    • Depending on the speed and type of music you are listening to, your blood pressure can rise or fall.
    • Music affects your physical capacity. In workouts, you are able to push yourself longer and harder when listening to music.
    • In response to particularly moving music, you can experience physical physical sensations on your skin.
    • Pain is reduced. Researchers found that when people listened to their preferred music, tolerance and perceived control over a painful stimulus increased, and anxiety was decreased.

    So, when you fill your home with custom sheet music wall art of your favorite tunes, you are giving yourself little reminders of powerful and emotional memories that hold a lot of value to you.


    Other Ideas For Music Artwork

    Perhaps you aren’t that big into Christmas or Halloween, or you are just looking for sheet music wall art for year-round viewing? It can be a hassle to lug out the Christmas decorations or Halloween decorations every year, and maybe you’re the kind of person who would just rather have home decor up the entire year that really speaks to who you are. We get it. Plus, there are always some meaningful moments in everyone’s life that you would rather commemorate as music wall art and have hanging the entire year. A lot of life’s meaningful moments are paired with powerful songs. The combination of song and event create lasting memories that become significant to us. What better way to memorialize these times than with a music canvas?

    Here are some ideas for sheet music art:




    Regardless of the season, hymns speak to us on deep levels, connecting us to something greater than ourselves. Specifically, How Great Thou Art is a timeless song that can liven up your living room and inspire you to write the next masterpiece. How Great Thou Art sheet music makes for beautiful music artwork to hang anywhere in your home throughout the year!


    Ode To Joy

    ode to joy

    The song “Ode to Joy,” was written in 1785 by German poet, playwright, and historian Friedrich Schiller. However, it is best known for its use by Ludwig van Beethoven in the 4th movement of his Ninth Symphony. Ode to Joy is not only a beautiful song, but would also make for great custom sheet music wall art.


    Old Sheet Music

    old sheet music

    Do you have a bunch of old sheet music from your younger years and are looking for some creative way to repurpose it? Perhaps your parent, spouse, or good friend used to be a master at the piano or guitar and you want to help them rekindle their love of sheet music. Old sheet music is great because it reminds us of the way we felt when we first mastered those difficult rhythms, or when we conquered a song for the first time. Take that sheet music and turn it into a masterpiece again.


    Music Wall

    music wall

    Are you looking to design an entire music wall? Perhaps you are looking for a cool accent wall with memorable music art prints? If music is your passion, then you need a music wall. It’s become a new trend to do something like this, and while that’s cool, consider filling up a whole wall custom sheet music wall art that speaks to your inner musician, gets your heart pumping and your emotions flowing.


    First Dance

    first dance sheet music wall art

    The first dance that we have with our partner on our wedding day is a song we will always remember. The moment, event, and song are all wrapped up in emotion that we never want to forget! When you hear the song of your first dance, can’t you just see your loved one’s smiling face? Whether you are looking for an anniversary gift to remind your partner of that incredible moment or you just want to randomly surprise him/her with a beautiful gift, first dance lyrics on canvas is the way to go.


    Classical Sheet Music Art

    classical sheet music

    Fill your home with the soothing (or chaotic) tones of your favorite classical song. For the classical music lover, a custom canvas sheet music print will be sure to relax you and put you at ease. Here are some ideas for the most famous classical music songs.


    Modern Sheet Music Art

    modern sheet music

    What is your favorite modern song? If you’re like most people, you probably listen to a wide variety of music from multiple different genres but you probably have a favorite genre or maybe even a favorite song! For those timeless songs that you will probably always consider your favorite song, imagine how happy you will feel everytime you pass it in your hallway or see it above your bed! Here are some popular modern songs to consider for your music art.


    Romantic Sheet Music

    romantic sheet music

    Want to remind your loved one of a meaningful song for you both? Romantic sheet music wall art is a great way to remind your partner of those magical moments only between the two of you. Consider song lyrics on canvas for a sweet and romantic gift.


    Cotton Anniversary Gift

    cotton canvas print

    Is your 2 year anniversary coming up? Check out all these other ideas for that! Specifically, a cotton custom canvas of your favorite song will truly wow your partner. Any of our custom canvas prints can work for your cotton anniversary gift since all of our canvases are made with cotton!


    Star Wars

    star wars sheet music

    Who doesn’t like Star Wars? And what epic music! For that Star Wars and music nerd in your life, consider getting them the unique gift of musical art, such as sheet music art. It doesn’t have to be Star Wars, though! Think of your favorite movie that has epic music. Movie music is a great idea to turn into sheet music art since you will be reminded of the movie as well as the song. They will love the grand gesture of sheet music wall art.


    We hope you got some great ideas for sheet music wall art to hang up in your home! Music art and, specifically, music canvas art is a wonderful way to decorate your home. If you liked any of the ideas listed in this post, then feel free to talk to us about them! If you have other ideas for what to do with your sheet music art, let us know. As a custom canvas shop, we can personalize any ideas you have, so no matter how whacky, we got you covered. Now go rock out to your favorite song and, when you’re ready, contact us to get started making your own custom sheet music art!


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