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How To Decorate My Office Walls (6 Best Ways!)

Posted on 06 June 2019

how to decorate my office walls

Not sure how to decorate my office walls? If you have a home office, this space is a great place to show off you — your likes, passions, inspirations, desires, hopes, dreams and loves. Personalize your office walls with wall decor that makes you enjoy the space and promote your work. For example, envision your office walls as a mood board to inspire you. Include artists, politicians or business executives who inspire you; places that you love, like your family cabin or a favorite vacation spot; or events from around the world that represent your work. The most important thing about your office wall decor is to focus on you and on what motivates you on a daily basis.

Don’t overthink your office wall decor — you’ll know it when you see it!!

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#1 Office Wall Decals

office wall decor

If you work from home, you know the significance of office wall decor. Wherever you spend the majority of your waking hours, you want that space to be complimentary to your personality, encouraging, inviting and reflective of your goals, aspirations or passions.

That’s where office wall decals come in.

If you’re not sure how to decorate your office walls, opt for a wall decal that showcases your personal mission statement, motivational words or words of wisdom from someone you look up to. Motivational wall art for office serves to keep you on track and remind you of the purpose of this space.

Having a home office and working from home can be a great gig, but the boundaries between home and work can blur. That’s why it’s best to incorporate inspirational wall art for office: inspirational office wall decals will help you to separate your space from the rest of the house and help to keep you on track.

#2 Office Canvas Prints

office canvas prints

Still wondering, how to decorate my office walls??

Home office canvas prints is one of the best ways to decorate your office walls! As mentioned above, your home office is all about you. One of the best things about your home office is that you do not have to adhere to any communal office decoration limitations  — you can decorate your home office in any way you like with artwork that really and truly showcases who you are as an individual.

But, how do I do this?

Knowing how to decorate office walls at home is all about knowing what makes you tick: is there a special location, memory or person who would motivate you above all else? What about a song that makes you happy, inspires you to create or acts as your personal anthem? One of the best home office wall art ideas, and a great way to incorporate office canvas prints in your office wall decor is with sheet music on canvas.

#3 Chalk Calendar

office chalk calendar

Need some home office wall art ideas? A chalk calendar is one of the absolute best ways to keep you organized, while also decorating your home office walls. It can be tough to answer the question, how to decorate my office walls?, but with organizing wall decor like this chalk calendar, you can keep track of your daily duties, while also encouraging a work-like environment.

What’s more —

The German vinyl material of this chalk calendar is made to last, the decal is waterproof and you can write on it with chalk or chalk markers, and it can stick onto any smooth surface! Whether you have concrete, wood, wallpapered or glass walls, you can be sure your chalk calendar will be right there with you, keeping you organized in your home office.

#4 Bulletin Boards

bulletin boards

Like the chalk calendar above, bulletin boards really complete your home office space. Your home office is meant to be a space to encourage your creativity and aspirations — office wall art to reflect this include any sort of wall decor that allows you to customize its surface.

When you add bulletin boards to your home office, you allow your mind to think in a more productive way. Your home office bulletin board is the perfect motivational wall art for office since it allows you to customize it to include your daily activities, motivational quotes or even family photos.

Additionally, there are so many things you can do with your home office bulletin boards! For instance, you could add ribbon, chicken wire or clipboards to your old bulletin board to revamp your home office into a motivational and organizational masterpiece!

If you’re struggling to successfully answer the question, how to decorate my office walls?, you can bet that bulletin boards is the office wall decor you need to organize, motivate and revamp your home office.

#5 Motivational Printables

office motivational poster

Need some inspirational wall art for office?

Motivational printables are definitely one of the all-time top home office wall decor options out there! With motivational printables like the one shown above, you can simply purchase it and then instant download it! With a unique frame, your motivational printable is good to go: you’ll have an inspiring home office in no time.

#6 3D Wall Art/Sculptures

office wall sculpture

While organizational office wall decor (e.g. chalk calendars and bulletin boards) and inspirational wall art for office (e.g. office wall decals and motivational printables) make for great home office wall art, sometimes you need to break from the regular, the everyday and the ordinary.

That’s where 3D wall art sculptures come in.

When you decorate your office walls with sculptures or 3D wall art that pops out from the wall, you are not only creating a visually-stunning focal point for your office, but you are stimulating your brain in a new and unique way. Take, for example, the 3D wall art sculpture you see above.

What does it make you feel?

Wall art sculptures and office wall decor like this one serve to motivate us in an abstract and less direct way: while motivational words on paper can act as a mantra we repeat to ourselves to keep on track, 3D wall art can motivate our subconscious mind. People climbing up a wall as a miniature wall art sculpture can motivate you to conquer that mountainous problem you’re working on in your home office.

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