Choosing Wall Decor by Room (Office)

Posted on 06 June 2019

Whether you’re a CEO, an entrepreneur, a blogger, or a work-from-home employee, your office space is a place you spend a lot of time in. You spend hours hard at work crunching numbers or telling the world about the benefits of a Keto Diet. Your work space is your sanctuary. It’s a place that shouldn’t feel like a prison, but rather a zen garden where all your great ideas flow. Being enclosed by blank walls can make your office space feel like you’re trapped in a box. Especially when you’re already fighting a deadline. It can be tricky deciding how to decorate an office. Your office space should reflect on your personality and be a place that is easy on the eyes and keeps you at peace. Cute desk plants are a start for office decor, but let's dive into the accessories that will really spruce up your office. Choosing office wall decor doesn’t have to be a hassle. Here I’ve compiled a list of office decor ideas for you to explore. Whether it’s a home office or your space at the corporate headquarters, there’s a way to make your place of business a place you’ll love to be in!


Office Wall Decor Ideas

office wall decor

  1. Canvas Painting


A near instant touch of class to any room is a lovely painting, filled with colors that make you happy and set your mind at ease. Choosing a statement art piece for your office can really set the tone for the vibe the room brings and really tie it all together. It’s a good place to start because this can inspire you to think of other pieces to add to your office decor or colors for the overall theme. The trend right now is abstract art. Paintings that evoke deep thought and emotion without being blatantly obvious what the art is supposed to mean. If a piece brings you calm or joy or you simply just love the color scheme, proudly display it on your wall and watch as everything else simply falls into place. 


office wall decor

  1. Motivational Wood Wall Art


You’ve probably seen it just about everywhere now. Cute, funny, or motivational words printed onto a block of wood. There are so many variations of these. Everything from “My Dog is my Heart” to “Is it Wine O’ Clock Yet?” These are usually very cheap in price and can say a lot about your personality and ideals. For the work space you’re putting together, think motivational phrases. Think of things that will remind you that you’re a hard working “Boss Lady” or to “Be Awesome Today.” Save the “Margarita Mermaid” wood sign for your kitchen and put it out to the universe that you are out here to “Work Hard, Rinse, Repeat.”


Office Wall decor

  1. Hanging Wall Plants


Nothing like a touch of greenery to really liven a place up! Be a plant mom to some succulents or small cacti, or if you aren’t ready for that commitment, simply go for some fake ones. In order for this to be wall decor, you’ll need some small pots that you can hang on the wall. Something geometric and artsy to add to the modern look, while teaming up nicely with the look of your Aloe or English Ivy.  There are many variations of wall planters, such as glass ones so you can see the soil from which your plant is sprouting (if you go with plastic plants, try jazzing up a glass planter by filling it with small stones, a white or gray pairs nicely). Or you could try different geometric shapes with muted colors to add a sense of geometry and color blocking to the room. I personally favor the look of a geometric white planter with gold accents, it really adds a touch of life while keeping a clean and minimalist look. Fun fact, studies have shown that having plants in your room/office space can increase productivity, reduce stress and improve your mood! So don’t just do it for the aesthetic, add some positive energy into your workflow!


Office Wall Decor

  1. Wire Wall Grid Panel


For your chic boss lady cave you want more than an old fashioned cork board. You need something neutral so that it blends in together nicely with the rest of your office look. This Wire Wall Grid Panel is the perfect substitute for a cork board. Clean lines, neutral color, and it's perfect for hanging up photos or small notes for yourself. Hang up photos of your family, significant other, kids, pets, best friends, whatever makes you happy to look at! Compliment those photos with some positive notes like “Hello Beautiful” or “Today is going to be a great day.” To make this display even more attractive to the eye, attach some plastic plant leaves or fake flowers as a border to add some color! This is the wall decoration that keeps on giving, because in addition to hanging photos and notes (with some cute clothes pins or clips) you could hang matching wire baskets to it to store office supplies or anything you need on hand in your office! For the finishing touch, hang a strand of sweet and simple white lights across the top to make your organizational wall decor go from clean and contemporary to super cute! Your office space isn’t complete without one of these!


office wall decor

  1. Metal Wall Art


Metal wall art, when chosen correctly, can be a really bold touch to an otherwise plain looking office. For those who want an office with a very clean appearance but want to make a statement, metal wall decor might be for you! Choose something that reflects on you, your business, or something that you think just looks nice in your space! Perhaps an abstract art piece or a map of the world. For a more feminine touch, choose some metal flowers to hang on your wall! If not an image, get a positive statement to display in metal, something like, “Today is a Good day to have a Good Day!” or “Always Be Humble and Kind.” I personally really liked these birds (seen above). Metal art is bold and confident, just like you!


office wall decoroffice wall decor retro

  1. Retro Kitsch


Haven’t you heard that vintage is the new modern? Think 1960’s interior design: Bold colors (red, burnt orange and mustard yellow with a splash of pea green or a sky blue was very popular at the time), geometric shapes, over the top art pieces, an old-fashioned record player, fuzzy carpets, white circular swivel chairs with red interior… Save the mini bar and you’ve got yourself a swinging 60’s office! Take your modern day office and give it an old school spin by taking inspiration from the year MOD was born! As for wall decor, go for art with rounded geometric shapes and combinations, (usually primary colors that have been muted).Sunburst wall accents will definitely add a retro vibe. Pair that with a kitschy clock to really take you back in time (ha)! 


office wall decor

  1. Modern Shelves


This might be an obvious one, but here, less is more. Attaching shelves to your walls opens up your office space for a whole world of possibilities! Depending on the size and style you’re going for, there is a shelf perfect for your interior! Anything from standard boards to geometric shapes with shelf space within for a fab art deco look. What will you do with all this shelf space? Why not take some of your desk plants and display them proudly on your shelf? Add a few books of business (so everyone knows you’re a smart cookie) or decorative books to add a cozy feeling. Tiny candles are always a fan favorite (with caution). If you don’t want to worry about burning the house down, opt for some fake electronic candles instead! Speaking of things that can be lit, add some zen to your office by putting some incense on your shelf! Lastly, of course, by all means toss in a fun or memorable framed photo here and there and your display is complete! Wall shelves are meant for your tiny trinkets and collectibles, choose a style that fits your interior and get creative!


office wall decor

  1. Neon Wall Art


This one may be a bit on the bolder side, but so are you! Your future is bright and you need everyone to know! Brighten up your office (literally) with an awesome neon lit message across your wall. Compliment the the lights with some bright pop colored wall art (think hot pinks, bright blues, lime green). This look boasts a modern workplace. Neon lights are on trend right now, pick something fun and uplifting!  Illuminate the possibilities! I can almost guarantee that this will be the first thing people notice about your office when the walk in. Bonus: Makes for a great night light.


office wall decor

  1. Desert Prints


In recent years, the desert aesthetic has leaked its way into modern interior design. Combining fake animal (usually a deer or a bull) heads with gold accents, saguaro cactus art prints, succulents and white furnishings. Together it makes for a very chic decor choice inspired by the nature elements of Arizona or New Mexico. This look is minimalist and easy to achieve. Even just adding one cactus to your office aesthetic can make all the difference. Compliment with a FAUX animal skull, adorn it with flowers, hang some desert prints on your wall and compliment these with some gold and white accents like white plant hangers, and perhaps our next item on the list...


office wall decoroffice wall decor

  1. Macrame Wall Hanging


Boho. A style that has evolved over time. Think tapestries, tea candles, wicker, banana leaves, earthy tones and throw blankets. The aesthetic is comfortable, tranquil, and very zen. If your overall style is more along the lines of bohemian, might I recommend adding a very boho macrame wall hanging to your office space. Imagine dozens of indoor plants, wooden furnishings, white walls to accent the natural light coming through the window, wicker wall art, circular mirrors, abstract paintings, more wicker and your very own macrame wall decoration to put the cherry on top. For those of you that have never heard of macrame, its a form textile using knotting techniques that creates a unique pattern. It's been around for centuries and is a skill you can learn to do yourself! Crochet and knitting has never been my strong suit, so I’ll stick to ordering this one.

office wall decor

11. Chalk Calendar

A chalk calendar is a great way to keep you organized, you can keep track of your daily duties, while also encouraging a work-like environment. Whether you have concrete, wood, wallpapered or glass walls, you can be sure your chalk calendar will be right there with you, keeping you organized in your home office.



Choosing Wall Decor by Room (office)

Look at you boss lady! You’re on your way to creating an office space that really reflects your personal style and attitude! Whether you go for the clean traditional office look with metal wall art or really spice it up with a neon sign, your works pace is going to be the place to be. Take inspiration from these ideas or even combine them! Own your office space and lets get decorating!


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