How To Decorate Bathroom Walls (4 Bathroom Wall Art Ideas!)

Posted on 06 June 2019

bathroom decor

The bathroom is the room in the house that we often spend a lot more time than we think, getting ready for the day or unwinding from all of its events. Though it is not frequently thought of as a location for great, big pieces of wall art, the bathroom is an important location for soothing, relaxing and calming wall art. Do not neglect your bathroom in terms of wall art — despite its limited space, your bathroom is still a great space to feature your creative side.

For instance —

Are you looking for a soothing retreat? Draw inspiration from water by choosing art with a blue theme or reclining figures. Choose art with a nature or botanical theme to remind you of fresh air and peace. For powder rooms, consider fun, bright and whimsical pieces. For the master bathroom, consider serene and calming images. For any bathroom, smaller pieces of wall art in sets of 2 or 3 work best as they can be set side by side and fill up the space, but still appearing as though they are not too large in the small space. Knowing how to decorate bathroom walls isn’t too difficult — just keep in mind the space of the bathroom and its location in your home. For the best 4 bathroom wall art ideas, keep reading!!

(For more information on choosing wall decor by room, check out our Complete Guide: Choosing Wall Decor By Room (6 Most Important Rooms In Your Home!))

#1 Funny Bathroom Signs

funny bathroom signs

The bathroom can be a humorous space, you have to admit! There’s no harm in some immature toilet humor every once in a while — and especially for kids! When you make light of toilet humor with funny bathroom signs, you’re reminding yourself, your kids and your guests that we’re all just human.

Experts have shown that humor is linked to intellect, and that “there’s a time and place for everything.” What better and more appropriate way to encourage your child’s intelligence and curiosity than with funny bathroom signs?!  

Whether you have children or not, you must admit that funny bathroom signs is one of the best ways for how to decorate bathroom walls. Funny bathroom art lightens the mood and encourages a chuckle. If you’re not sure how to decorate bathroom walls with bathroom wall art and decor, opt for humor — you’ll be glad you did!

#2 Bathroom Canvas Art

bathroom canvas prints

Your bathroom is a haven — so why not decorate it like one? One of the absolute best ways to spruce up your bathroom space is with bathroom canvas prints that create a space of ultimate luxury. Whether you want a triptych canvas that reminds you to relax, soak and unwind, or you want a canvas print of a scenic location, bathroom canvas prints can help to transform your space into one of refuge.

Bathroom canvas prints is one of the most popular options for how to decorate walls, transforming your functional space into an aesthetically-pleasing retreat. Treat yourself to bathroom art or canvas prints for bathrooms that make you feel like a mini vacation is only a few steps away.

#3 Live Laugh Love Bathroom Art

live laugh love wall decor

Who says you can't have a triad of Live Laugh and Love as your Bathroom Wall decor? Most people hang this style of wall art in their living room or kitchen, but we think this marble pattern background design of the live laugh love triad art would look lovely in your personal bathroom or guest bathroom! This triad canvas art comes in a lovely marble background design, or in a rustic woodsy design! So depending on the look of your home, either of these designs should work! This wall art is perfect for someone with family values, a positive outlook on life, and is otherwise the ray of sunshine in the family! You can purchase this three piece set of Live Laugh Love canvas art on our site at!


#4 Art Deco Bathroom Art

art deco bathroom art

Art Deco is a super unique interior design style incorporating visual arts and architecture. First appearing in France just before WWI, Art Deco combines a modernist style with the bold geometric patterns and forms of Cubism.

Not sure how to decorate bathroom walls?

Art Deco bathrooms and art deco bathroom wall art is a great way to liven up your bathroom space and transform it into a space like never before! If you’re tired of your bathroom as a bland, dull space that you frequently rush into and out of, spruce it up with art deco art prints!

In addition to art deco art prints, you can transform your bathroom space into an art deco bathroom using art deco tiles, art deco wallpaper, art deco furniture pieces (e.g. mirrors, tubs and vanities), art deco accessories (e.g. rugs, chandeliers or window drapes) and art deco bathroom fixtures.

And voilà!

The top 4 ways to transform your bathroom into a space you can enjoy.


You can view our full collection of bathroom wall art here!

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