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Metal Prints Vs. Canvas Prints (The Complete Guide)

Posted on 01 August 2019

metal prints vs canvas prints

Did you just move in to a new home and you’re looking to furnish your space? Or perhaps you have a picture in mind and can’t decide whether you should get it printed on a metal print or a canvas print? 

Metal prints and canvas prints are two very popular home decor wall art styles that have many advantages and disadvantages, just depending on what you’re looking for. To help you decide which wall art style makes the most sense for you and your home, we’ve written up the top advantages of metal prints and the top advantages of canvas prints! 

Metal prints vs. canvas prints doesn’t have to be a tough decision. For everything you need to know about metal prints vs. canvas prints, keep reading!!

Advantages of Metal Prints

metal prints

Can’t decide between metal prints vs. canvas prints? Do you have a wonderful image that needs a spot in your home but you’re not sure if you should get it printed on a metal print or on a canvas print? 

We can help! 

Either a metal print or a canvas print can really upgrade the look of your home, however there are certain advantages of metal prints that really elevate the look of your home. If you need help with metal prints vs. canvas prints, check out the top 4 advantages of metal prints below!

#1 Certain Photography Categories

certain photography categories

Deciding on metal prints vs. canvas prints can be tough, but it is helpful to keep in mind that, as a general rule, there are certain categories of photography that work really well with metal prints. If your image is more soft and subtle, you should opt for a canvas print. 

Why is this? 

Because metal prints help to showcase vibrant colors and deep contrast. Metal prints highlight images of high contrast, making the image look even bolder and sharper.

Seascapes - The detail in the waves is best seen on a metal print vs. canvas print.

Landscapes - Landscapes are rich in color and detail, making them great for metal prints.

Sunsets - The spectrum of colors in a sunset really pop on a metal print.

Black & White - Metal prints offer extreme contrast, contributing to a greater degree of “pop” for black & white images.

#2 Crisp Details

crisp details

If you’re stuck on metal prints vs. canvas prints, knowing that one of the advantages of metal prints are their crisp details might help you make up your mind. As mentioned above, the deep contrast afforded by metal prints helps to highlight all the little details in your images, contributing to rich, detailed images. 

#3 Glossy, Polished Finish

glossy finish

One of the primary advantages of metal prints is the glossy, polished finish and appearance. Since the image is printed on the sleek, metal material, the overall appearance is one of high-gloss. 

Not sure on metal prints vs. canvas prints?

If you’re looking for a sleek, modern, luminous design, metal prints make a lot of sense in your home decor. When displayed in the right space, photos with a glossy finish can look stunning and really elevate your environment to one of sophistication and class. 

#4 Fits Best in Industrial, Modern Home Decor

industrial home decor

In modern, industrial, and contemporary interiors, metal prints look natural. Common modern style locations include offices, hipster restaurants, and trendy bars. Due to their glossy, polished finish and sleek look, metal prints fit well with interiors that feature simple, clean furnishings.

Do you have a modern, industrial style home or apartment? 

Can’t decide metal prints vs. canvas prints? 

If your decor style is more modern and industrial, metal prints make a great addition.

Advantages of Canvas Prints

advantages of canvas prints

It’s hard to make a decision when comparing metal prints vs. canvas prints. However, something that really helps in this debate is knowing the advantages of canvas prints. Now that you know the advantages of metal prints, you might be leaning towards them for your home decor. 

While there are many advantages of metal prints, the advantages of canvas prints really put things into perspective, highlighting the disadvantages of metal prints. For all the best advantages of canvas prints and to help you determine metal prints vs. canvas prints, keep reading!

#1 More Sizing Options

more sizing options

If you’re stuck on metal prints vs. canvas prints, knowing the advantages of canvas prints can really help you to make the decision for your home decor. One of the biggest advantages of canvas prints is that they are available in a vast range of different sizes, more so than metal prints. 

Why is that so? 

Generally, there are a few tried-and-true sizes for metal prints that most sellers of metal prints tend to stick with. However, this is not as much the case with canvas prints. Sellers of canvas prints (like us here at Canvas Vows), tend to offer a wider variation of canvas sizing options. Therefore, if you’re designing a gallery wall or just have a somewhat awkward wall space you’d like to fill with wall decor, canvas prints are a better option than metal prints. 

For more information on the canvas sizes we offer here at Canvas Vows, check out out Canvas Sizing Guide!

#2 More Affordable

more affordable

Stuck on metal prints vs. canvas prints?

Due to the material of metal prints, as well as the printing process, metal prints tend to really sky-rocket when it comes to price. If you want your image to be large, both metal prints and canvas prints can be expensive. However, canvas prints tend to be less expensive and more reasonably priced than metal prints. 

So, if money is a concern, one of the advantages of canvas prints is the more affordable price. 

#3 Textured, Matte Finish

textured matte finish

While metal prints feature a glossy finish and look best with images of high contrast, an advantage of canvas prints is that they make any image look great. Whether your image features soft colors, bold colors, high contrast, low or high resolution, a canvas print will make your picture pop. Thus, if you can’t decide on metal prints vs. canvas prints, canvas prints make more sense for a wider variety of image and image styles.

The colors in an image when printed on canvas come out softer and flatter than on a metal print, but they do not lack in color vibrancy or fidelity. What makes canvas prints so unique, and one of the advantages of canvas prints, is the textured provided by the canvas material

The texture of the canvas material gives your image a soft, but artsy look. This is why so many people prefer canvas prints to metal prints when it comes to their wedding photos, family photos, or portraits.

In the right place, the glossy finish of a metal print can look stunning. However, in a sunny room or location, the glossy metal print will cause glare, which is a huge disadvantage of metal prints. Canvas prints, on the other hand, feature a satin-matte finish, which makes them the perfect medium to display images in bright, sunny rooms.

#4 More Versatile For Home Decor

more versatile for home decor

The great thing about canvas prints is that they are timeless and classic. Canvas prints do not look out of place anywhere. So, even if you have a modern, industrial style home or apartment, that doesn’t mean you have to go for metal prints. In fact, an industrial style home welcomes a blend of sleek, metal decor and more textured elements, such as canvas prints. 

Is your decor style contemporary? 






If your home style falls within any of the above categories, canvas prints are the obvious choice for you printed images. Metal prints vs. canvas prints can be tricky to figure out, but keep in mind that one of the advantages of canvas prints is that they look just as good in a museum gallery, as they do in your warm, cozy home. 

And there you have it!

Everything you need to know about metal prints, canvas prints, the advantages of metal prints, the advantages of canvas prints, and metal prints vs. canvas prints!

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