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Posted on 14 March 2019

With canvas printing, you can have your favorite images printed on canvas and displayed in your home as wall art. Regarding home decor, there is nothing better than having items displayed that hold a lot of meaning to the homeowner. However, there are a few things to consider before you can hang your canvas print. High quality art prints come in a variety of sizes and utilize various kinds of materials in order to create that gorgeous museum-quality appearance. Before you can display your canvas prints, it is important to understand the different types of canvas prints you could purchase and display to ensure your home decor is top-notch. If you’re wondering what are the different types of canvas prints, keep reading to determine which style is right for you! (Check out our post, How Canvas Prints Are Made, to learn more!)



personalized canvas wall art

#1 Personalized Canvas Wall Art

Essentially, personalized canvas wall art are canvas prints that are made from your own personal photo collection. Did you recently go on a vacation, honeymoon or adventure with friends or family and want to commemorate that lovely experience? There are a lot of ways to keep your favorite moments with you, but one of the best ways is with personalized canvas wall art. With a custom canvas print, you can display images for your trip around your home so you can be reminded of joy each and every day.

Here at Canvas Vows, we offer a variety of personalization options. For instance, if you’re recently married and want to commemorate your wedding with a personalized canvas print, we offer photo word art, which feature an image of you and your spouse with sentimental words printed on canvas (such as your vows or the lyrics to your first dance song). Additionally, for your favorite song transformed into personalized canvas wall art, check out our sheet music on canvas collection or our song lyrics on canvas collection. Two other popular collections of personalized canvas wall art that we offer here at Canvas Vows are the custom star map collection of a special night and custom soundwave art.



non-personalized wall art

#2 Non-personalized Canvas Wall Art (Stock Images)

For home decor, non-personalized canvas wall art makes for a great option. These canvas prints are typically standard stock images without a custom design. This means that no feature on the canvas print will be unique to you or your family. However, there are a variety of reasons why these canvas prints are valuable and sought after. First, they tend to be more affordable than personalized wall art. Thus, you can decorate your home without breaking the bank. Second, they can cover blank spaces in your home where you would otherwise not hang any sort of decoration. For instance, kitchens and bathrooms tend to be spaces in the home where people do not hang personalized wall decor: since personalized wall decor is usually reserved for the bedroom or living room, the kitchen and bathrooms have a tendency to feel somewhat bare. With our bathroom decor and kitchen decor, you can utilize these spaces to display non-personalized canvas wall art that is just as meaningful as your personalized canvas wall art.



single panel wall art

#3 Single panel wall art

The different types of canvas prints can be further subdivided into single panel wall art and multi panel wall art. These additional distinctions are utilized for different reasons. For instance, a single panel wall art piece is primarily used when you have just one image that holds a lot of meaning and you want to display. Alternatively, you could opt for a single panel wall art piece utilizing multiple images in a collage. Single panel wall art can be both personalized or non-personalized, depending on the space you are looking to display the piece in and the overall aesthetic design you are going for.



multi panel wall art

#4 Multi panel wall art

Multi panel wall art is a great option for when you want to display an image in a fancier way. The method of splitting up an image over multiple panels can be tricky for the graphic designers who design the wall art, which tends to encourage a higher price for this type of canvas wall art. Depending on the particular images you have in mind, multi panel wall art can be used to split up one image into multiple sections, or can be used to separate out multiple ideas across multiple canvases with a cohesive theme uniting all panels. Typically, 3 piece and 5 piece panels are the most common multi panel wall art used.

3 piece wall art

3 piece wall art is great for 3 related, but distinct, images or words. For example, “Eat, Drink & Be Merry,” “Live, Laugh, Love,” and “Relax, Soak & Unwind” are all great examples of how you can utilize 3 pieces to create a unique canvas design in your home.

5 piece wall art

5 piece wall art is a slightly fancier method of displaying a single image. This involves splitting up the image across 5 different sections. After this, the canvas is printed in 5 parts, corresponding to the 5 canvases. It is important to note that in order to make 5 piece wall art look good, there should be enough space between the 5 desired sections on the original single image, so that it positions correctly across the 5 panels.

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