Wedding Decoration Ideas

Posted on 17 October 2019


wedding decoration ideas

Wedding Decoration Ideas

Your wedding ceremony and your reception should feel nothing less than magical. This is such a special day and should reflect the uniqueness of you and your spouse to be! Your favorite colors, favorite flowers, your culture, things that you love, things that will make you and your guests feel as though they've been whisked away to another world full of love and enchantment.
Your ceremony should feel elegant and majestic, while your reception can too be elegant but also have a whimsical spin on it. The two events are a little different in tone, one being a ceremonious and borderline sacred event, with the other being anything from a chic cocktail party, to a night of unabashed fun with dance offs, drinking, and reception games. If you're not sure what kind of wedding decorations you'll need for your ceremony and wedding reception, we've come up with the perfect list to help you create an evening you and your guests will never forget!


Wedding Welcome Sign

wedding welcome sign

The first thing you'll definitely want at your wedding ceremony is a beautiful wedding welcome sign! The design of the sign can vary based on what kind of theme you've chosen for your wedding and can include your engagement photo or your favorite photo of each other. If not a photo, it can be as simplistic as a rustic wood background or even a marble or watercolor pattern! Whatever style will fit best with the location of your ceremony and your ceremonies personal vibe.

wedding welcome signs

Get your sign personalized to say, "Welcome to the Wedding of X and Y" with your wedding anniversary date or any other variation of that to let your guests know this is where the ceremony is being held. It's a new trend to include a wedding hashtag so that your guests that take photos of the event can know what to add to their descriptions on social media. This way, any great photos taken by your family or friends can be accessible to you and anyone with the hashtag!


Wedding Guest Book

wedding decoration ideas

Wedding guest books are the perfect way to include everyone that came to your wedding in on a famous tradition. In the past, guest books were literal books where wedding guests would sign their names and even add a sweet message for the bride and groom to look at later and hang onto as a keepsake. Nowadays, the tradition has several variations. The most popular of these is a guest book that is actually a canvas print! You can include your names and wedding date as well as a photo if you so choose and allow your guests to sign their names inside blank lines, hearts, or any other shapes you come up with. Another popular design is using a tree and filling in the guests names within the leaves (seen below)

wedding guest book

These canvases make for the perfect wedding keepsake and a sentimental and beautiful home decor piece! Whenever your friends or family come over to visit they can excitedly find their name on your guest book canvas and gush over how amazing your wedding was!


In Memoriam Photos

wedding decoration ideas

A trend on the rise is including those loved ones or family members that have passed on into the wedding ceremony/reception. This can be done is various ways. Some couples will make a collage of those who have passed away and display it at a table with candles and flowers to honor the people who couldn't be at this joyous event. Other times, the couple will frame photos of the deceased and prop them up on chairs with either flowers or even a name card so that they can attend the wedding in spirit. It's a very nice, sentimental way to honor our loved ones that have passed on and consider how proud they would be if they were in attendance. It's good to remember that even though they are not physically here, there are still in the hearts of those who loved them and would be honored to attend.


Wooden Wedding Signs

wooden wedding signs

To add a touch of whimsy or even clarification, wooden wedding signs are a nice, rustic touch to any wedding decor. For your reception, consider something like the sign shown above indicating that this is the place of the wedding reception, and all you enter can eat, drink, and for some, be married. 

wedding signs

For your wedding ceremony, either in addition to, or in lieu of, consider posting a rustic wooden sign like the one shown above that says something like, "Happily Ever After," or "The Journey Begins". Include sweet hearts or floral designs and an arrow indicating where the ceremony will be, so that when your guests arrive they can be led to their seats with ease.


String Lights/Streamers

wedding decoration ideas

 For an instant touch of magic and contemporary chic, look no further than simple bulb string lights. A must have for any outdoor wedding reception! String lights add a feeling of romance and enchantment in addition to just illuminating your space. If not string lights, then ribbons and streamers are also a nice touch to your wedding decor!


 Wedding Chair Decor

wedding chair decor

For either wedding ceremony seating or your chair at the reception, uncomfortable folded chairs won't do the trick. Everything has got to be memorable, even the chairs you put your guests in. Rent some standard chairs and cover them with seat covers followed by ribbons and flowers that match your weddings theme! Foldable chairs may be acceptable if they're tasteful for the ceremony, as your guests won't be in them very long. But for your reception, make sure your loved ones are comfortable after all that dancing!

wedding decoration decor


Seating Chart Signs

wedding decoration ideas

Seating charts for weddings may seem like a lot of work and unnecessary but actually going through all that effort is definitely worth it. The last thing you want is renting all these tables only for your guests to pull up chairs and squeeze together all at one table leaving the others empty and having your attendees awkwardly scattered. Table cliques early in the evening looks less like a proper reception and more like lunch time at school. To prevent this, take the time to plan out a seating chart with your fiancee and make cute little seating chart signs to place on each table! Get creative! Incorporate your favorite colors and wedding theme. Put them in cute rustic frames or display them on a card stand. It's your wedding, make it uniquely you, even the seating chart signs!


Wedding Table Settings

wedding table settings

You've probably seen it all on Pinterest...the long table runners, tea candles in jars, floral arrangements, leaf garlands, small cocktails glasses full of mints... These are all great ideas for wedding table settings, but a common problem is that the couple gets so swept up in making it look beautiful that in turn they end up putting too many things on the table making it hard to find extra space for plates, glasses, napkins and flatware. Odds are each guest will have one water glass and a bottle of beer or glass of wine/champagne. This can cause clutter and chaos and your guests will probably go rogue on you and move everything around. This is how we get spilled water glasses and forks on the floor. 

wedding place setting

Rather than overdo it with every little thing you can think of to place on a table, keep it neat and narrow it down to just a few things. For example, If you plan on doing a table runner, you don't need to do a long garland of leaves AND multiple floral arrangements. Candles are always a nice touch. Try to take up the least amount of space by choosing smaller candles or even doing fake electric ones (this way you won't need to worry about anyone knocking over a real flame and setting fire to their tablecloth). Stick to just a few items you know will add a nice touch and you've got the perfect wedding table setting!


What kind of creative wedding decor did you have at your wedding ceremony/reception? Any suggestions? Let us know in the comments!


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 wedding decoration ideas


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