Wedding Jewelry For Brides

Posted on 04 November 2019

wedding jewelry for brides


Wedding Jewelry For Brides

When it comes to that special day, you're going to want to look your best. Despite all the beauty you already have, it doesn't hurt to add some accessories to the mix! But we're not just talking about gaudy jewels and drop earrings. On your big day, you'll want to wear something new and something meaningful! Just a subtle touch can make all the difference, and here we've compiled a list of the perfect jewelry to accessorize your wedding day look! Let's get started!


open heart necklace

Open Heart Necklace

Simple, elegant, and sweet. An open heart necklace shows the world you're open to giving and receiving love in many different ways. This necklace can mean you wear your heart on your sleeve, you're a true romantic, or you love the person that gifted it to you. For an occasion of giving and receiving love with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, this necklace is perfect for a bride!



love vertical necklace

Love Vertical Necklace

This simple and sleek vertical necklace says all there is to say about your wedding day. It is the reason we're gathered here, the feeling between you and your partner to be, the feeling your friends and family have for you in this beautiful moment...that feeling is love. On your wedding day, this love vertical necklace is all you need to show everyone what today is all about!



gold disc coordinates necklace

Gold Disc Coordinates Necklace

Keep the place you wed in your heart forever with this lovely gold disc coordinates necklace! Whether it's on an island far away, in a forest, a Vineyard, a Barn, a Chapel, or even your own backyard, this necklace will memorialize the coordinates of your wedding venue forever! 



couples initial lariat necklace

Couple's Initial Lariat Necklace

Lariat necklaces have such a contemporary beautiful style and this initial lariat necklace is no exception! What makes this perfect wedding jewelry for the bride is its personalized couple's initials! Now the bride can proudly wear her and her spouse-to-be's initials around her neck on their wedding day! Today is the day to say I do forever and now you can set it in stone (or rather sterling silver) with this couple's initial lariat necklace!



anniversary dates necklace

Roman Numeral Copper Anniversary Necklace

Set a reminder about one of the biggest days of your life with this roman numeral copper anniversary necklace. This beautiful rustic copper color will fit with any look, and its simplicity will blend in beautifully with your wedding dress! Personalize this necklace with your wedding date and a short message to accompany it! It's a romantic and memorable piece of jewelry that's perfect for the bride to be!



actual handwriting necklace

Actual Handwriting Necklace

Prior to your wedding day, have your parents, siblings, best friends or whomever write you a short sweet message in their own hand to have engraved onto this sweet handwriting necklace. If you've got a letter from a deceased loved one, you could also use a bit of that to put onto your necklace to bring their love with you as you celebrate this special day. The person's message could be well wishes on your wedding day, a simple I love you, or even an inside joke or thing only you two share!



knot handwriting bracelet

Knot Handwriting Bracelet - Gold

For a subtle but lovely accessory, look no further than this beautiful gold knot handwriting bracelet! This lovely trinket will match any wedding dress style and can be worn on its own or layered with other bracelets! Personalize it with a sweet note from your partner-to-be, your parents, your sibling, best friend, or choose your own personal mantra! You can even write your wedding date on maybe even your new married name (Example: Mrs. Ashley Harrington). 



marine wife necklace

Marine Wife Necklace

Perhaps you want to acknowledge your faith, while also stating to the world that you're the proud wife of a Marine! This Marine wife necklace does exactly that! It's a great way to showcase the cross symbol while also honoring your partner-to-be for their service! This is something you can wear beyond just your wedding day! It makes a perfect everyday necklace too! Taking on the task of being a military wife is a brave one and something you can really be proud of!



generations gold necklace

Generations Gold Necklace

For the bride who holds her family in high esteem, this gold generations necklace is a perfect way to honor your mother and grandmother before you. You are now three generations of women all celebrating one momentous occasion, and to honor the women that made you who you are today, what better way then to say it with jewelry? Layer all three or give one to your mother and grandmother to wear along with you on your wedding day! You can even personalize these with initials or maybe even the year each of you were born!



infinity necklace with date

Infinity Necklace with Date

Marriage means I'll love you forever, so make a statement of forever with this infinity necklace personalized with your wedding date! This is the perfect symbol of your eternal love and endless happiness you've found with the person you're marrying today! Plus you can get your wedding date engraved onto the symbol so that you'll never forget this special day you two have shared! 


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wedding jewelry for brides

Which of our picks is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!!


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