Wedding Registry Ideas

Posted on 09 October 2019

wedding registry ideas

One of the joys of putting together a wedding is creating that all too wonderful wedding registry. This is a list of items you'll want or need to start your lives as a newly married couple. Think of practical items such as kitchenware or electrical appliances. Obviously you can throw in a few fun items here and there, but this is a list for your family and friends to sift through for your wedding gift, and they'll want to put their money towards something that will get a lot of use like a toaster or flatware. Coming up with a registry list can be fun and sometimes a little exhausting since there's endless possibilities of what items you could choose! We've done the hard work for you by putting together a list of the best wedding registry ideas! Let's jump in!


China Tea Set

wedding registry ideas

If you or your partner to be are big tea drinkers, then a fine china set is a perfect item to add to your wedding registry! It's a beautiful, classic gift that can be used for a party of 1, 2, or more! While you're at it, why not add some of your favorite teas to the list so whoever gives this to you will know what to pair your gift with!


Personalized His and Hers Cotton Robes

wedding registry ideaswedding registry ideas

What better gift than a luxurious cotton bath robe? Two personalized cotton bathrobes! One for him and her! Imagine starting your mornings with your new spouse making coffee, tea, and breakfast all cozy in your soft cotton bathrobes! Plus, you'll both look adorable with that personalized initial or your first name stitched in! Nothing says newlyweds like his and hers presents!


Decanter Set

wedding registry ideas

Wine is something that will more than likely make various appearances in your life. Date nights, anniversaries, birthdays, game nights, holidays etc... Add a touch of class to your wine tastings with this beautiful decanter set that's personalized to say "Yours, Mine and Ours". Surprise your guests with this beautiful set when they come over to see the new house and show them how much attention to detail you've put into your love nest!


Geode Crystal Drink Coasters

wedding registry ideas

For a couple as unique as you and your partner are, you'll want your home to be filled with unique statement pieces! Add a splash of color and creativity to your decor with this beautiful blue crystal geode drink coasters! No one likes drink rings, so eliminate the problem in style! Your friends and loved ones will ooh and ahh at this lovely addition to your dinner presentation, guaranteed!


Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

wedding registry ideas

Whether its for spontaneous dance parties, dinner gatherings, a work out, or for any other reason, you'll definitely want a top of the line wireless Bluetooth speaker. If you're a music lover and you need your tunes at the drop of a hat, this little beauty is the perfect solution to a quiet drab evening. Keep it in the living room, the kitchen, or take it with you while you're getting ready for a night out! This is one of our absolute favorites and a must have for your wedding registry!


French Press Coffee Maker

wedding registry ideas

You could make a Starbucks run...OR you could enjoy a hot, fresh cup of coffee from the comfort of your own home! French press style! Enjoy the homemade flavor of french press coffee in the wee hours of the morning before work or on a lazy weekend! We know you need your java juice to get you going, so don't skip out on asking for this fabulous french press!


Personalized Wood Cutting Board

wood cutting board personalized

Everyone loves a good cheese plate! How about a fancy cutting board personalized with your shared last name and your anniversary date! This beautifully crafted cutting board will be a staple piece in your kitchen and make your new home feel more official. Think of how good it'll feel to see your married name printed onto various items in your home solidifying that your dreams of wedded bliss have come true? Besides, we all need a good cutting board!


Wood Salad Bowl Kit

wedding registry ideas

Be kind to the environment and use this sustainable wooden salad bowl kit! Perfect for dinner, a picnic, or to bring with you to work! You'll have everything you need for the perfect salad presentation: one large bowl, tossing tools, and four small bowls for smaller portions for for things like dressing or other toppings to mix in like carrots, olives or tomatoes! Best part is that its easy to store away and won't take up a lot of room in your cabinet!


Grilling Tool Set

wedding registry ideas

If your partner to be is big on BBQ and grilling, then you'll definitely want to add these high quality grilling tools to your list! Perfect for a big party like the fourth of July, a birthday, or any other occasion! Imagine the amazing meals you'll make with this essential grilling set!


Steel Wine Set in a Personalized Case

wedding registry ideas

For all wine lovers out there, you'll need the right tools to make sure your wine tasting nights go off without a hitch! For your wedding registry list, ask for this beautiful set of steel wine tools so that you'll have everything you need for date night, game night, a party, or any other occasion! Bonus, it comes in a beautiful personalized wooden box so that your arsenal of wine tools doesn't get lost or scratched amongst your other possessions.


Weighted Blanket

wedding registry ideas


All the rage right now are weighted blankets. These blankets are plush and extra heavy to keep you and your spouse extra cozy and warm. Users of weighted blankets claim that the extra weight helps them fall asleep and stay asleep easier and can also help with anxiety that may come at night. Perfect for those with insomnia, anxiety, or someone who likes to keep extra warm at night! Good luck resisting the urge to sleep in with this! 



wedding registry ideas

Need we say more? Everyone needs a set of high quality flatware to get on day to day. On your wedding registry list, be sure to mention what styles you're attracted to so that your Aunt Mildred doesn't end up buying you a set that doesn't quite blend in with your decor... You'll probably eat with these for the rest of your life, so make sure you get a set you love!


Blender with To-Go Cup

wedding registry ideas

For the on the go man or boss lady with a healthy diet, a blender is a great addition to your home that will save you time and money in the morning. Rather than hit up your local juice bar in the morning waiting in line with 10 other people, simply make your own smoothies with all the fixings you love and bonus! This set comes with a to-go cup! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!


What's your favorite item on our list? Do you have other ideas we missed? Let us know down in the comments!


wedding registry ideas

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