Photo Gift Ideas (For Christmas!)

Posted on 02 December 2019

Photo Gift Ideas

Right about now, you're probably plotting out your holiday gift list. You're probably checking out the Black Friday deals, asking your family and friends what they want, trying to get them to drop hints...and maybe you have absolutely no clue what to do! Christmas gifts don't always have to be knick-knacks and clutter. Perhaps you're looking for something that holds a lot of meaning, something that won't get tossed aside to collect dust in the attic. Whether its for a significant other, spouse, parent, best friend, or grown up kid, a photo canvas or other photo gift can always make for a sentimental Christmas present! Here we've listed for you the best in photo gifts that will be perfect for any of your loved ones this year.




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Photo Gift Ideas for Christmas


 photo gift ideas

Photo Canvas Print

Whether its your favorite shot from your wedding day, a picture of your newborn, a family portrait, a snapshot of the dog or anything else, transferring it from file to a gorgeous canvas print will really bring it to life! Standard photo canvas prints make great home decor and can be displayed in your living room, bedroom, home office, kitchen, even your bathroom! Canvas prints make a moment magical, and stand out much more than an average framed photo. Any loved one of your choice will love this gift!




photo gift ideas

Vows on Photo Canvas

For your spouse, whether you're newly weds or have been together fifty years, a photo canvas from your wedding day is sure to make them smile! Take it up a notch and include your sacred vows from your wedding ceremony! Remind your spouse of all the promises you made on that special day with a beautiful wedding canvas with your promises of love and commitment! This makes for great decor in the bedroom or living room!




photo to pencil sketch

Photo to Pencil Sketch

Now a photo canvas is nice, but why not get a little more creative with a photo to pencil sketch canvas! Take any favorite photo (you and your spouse, your kids, your pet, your family, a deceased loved one etc...) and have it transferred over to a lovely photo sketch canvas! Hang this anywhere in your home that it can be admired. Photo canvases are all the rage, but this photo sketch canvas will definitely stand out and all your friends will want one too!






photo gift ideas 

Rock Slate Photo Plaque

For those who dare to be different, the perfect photo gift is this super unique rock slate photo plaque! Take any photo and have it printed onto a beautiful rock slate in the shape of a heart! Perfect to display on a desk, on a a book shelf, night stand, or anywhere else the recipient can enjoy it! This is perfect for a spouse, grandparents, or anyone else that will appreciate seeing a memorable photo on this heart shaped rock slate!





photo gift ideas

Photo Sequin Pillowcase

If the person you're looking to buy a gift for loves home decor and decorative pillows especially...this photo sequin pillowcase is a perfect Christmas present! Simply take a photo that is meaningful to the person you are buying for and get it printed onto a sequin pillowcase (pillow insert not included). When the sequins are facing one way, the decorative pillow will sparkle. When facing the opposite way, a beautiful, treasured image appears! This makes for lovely home decor and a happy surprise to the person opening this gift! Be sure to buy a fitting pillow insert as well!





photo gift ideas

Personalized Colorful Photo Necklace

 For your wife, girlfriend, mother, grandmother, best friend, sister, or even daughter, a beautiful photo necklace is a perfect Christmas present! Choose a photo that holds meaning to them and have it printed onto a beautiful heart pendant that they can keep close to them always! Take it a step further and have a sweet message engraved onto the back! Something like "Merry Christmas" or "I love you" or if its for a spouse, try your anniversary date!





Photo gift ideas

Photo Bracelet with Birthstones

Perfect for Mom, Grandma, a Sister with kids, a Best friend, or any Mama Bear you know! This beautiful bangle bracelet comes with a photo charm and your choice of birthstones to include. Perfect for a mother of one, or a mother of three or more! But this bracelet doesn't have to just be for photos of children! Mix it up and choose a photo of your pet, your partner, or anything else you think someone would like to wear as a photo bracelet. If not birthstones, just choose the recipients favorite colors!

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photo gift ideas

Wooden Photo Pallet Sign

For those with a rustic taste, farmhouse decor, or an appreciation for wooden photo art, this wooden photo pallet sign is a perfect Christmas present! Simply customize with the photo you think they'll love and watch it come to life on a beautiful, shabby chic wood pallet sign perfect for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, home office, or anywhere else it will stand out! Wood pallet art is subtle but takes a photo from simple, to vintage and chic! 


photo gift ideas

Mini Photo Block

For a simple, but heartfelt photo gift, you can't go wrong with photo blocks! They're perfect for a desk, a bookshelf, on a nightstand, or anywhere else they can be appreciated! Since these are small, feel free to get a few! If it's for a partner or spouse, perhaps choose your wedding photo, a photo of you, your spouse and your child, and a photo from when you were dating! If this is for your parents or grandparents, maybe choose photos of their grandchildren or photos of their beloved pets! The sky is the limit with photo blocks! 





photo gift ideas

Steel Photo Tumbler

For those who need their coffee or hot tea on the go, this amazing stainless steel photo tumbler is a perfect Christmas gift! Now they can take a photo of their pet, their child, their spouse, or anything else with them wherever they go! Simply choose the perfect photo and see it take on a whole new perspective as a stainless steel print! Customize it further with names, dates, or a sweet message!





photo gift ideas

Photo Coasters

Both practical and sentimental! Choose the recipient of this gift's favorite photos and have them printed onto four lovely drink coasters! Choose between sandstone for a matte finish, travertine for a rustic look, or ceramic for a glossy finish! Choose from memorable photos like your best friends beloved pets, your wedding photos for your spouse, pictures of your kids for their grandparents, or pictures from a memorable vacation! Photo coasters are a wonderful keepsake and are great for preventing those rings on your coffee table!





photo gift ideas

Stemless Wine Glass with Laser Etched Photo

For the person in your life that's a wine aficionado, gift them this beautiful stemless wine glass with a laser etched photo on it! This style of photo print is subtle and sophisticated, making it perfect for drinkware! This will be the recipients new favorite wine glass with a photo of their pet, their kids, their partner, or anything else you would like laser etched onto the glass! (Just look how adorable that dog looks on that wine glass! You know you want one too!)





photo gift ideas

Pint Glass with Laser Etched Photo

Alternatively, if you'd like to gift someone a different kind of glass, then a pint glass with photo print is a great Christmas gift! Pint glasses are great for beer fanatics, or for anything else like a nice iced tea or a lemonade! Like the stemless wineglass shown above, just choose any photo you think the recipient would like and it will be laser etched onto a pint glass! This makes for a great addition to their drinkware, or as a lovely collectible they can keep on their desk or a bookshelf!





best christmas gifts for girlfriend

Floating Sparkle Water Picture Frame

Snow globes are cute, traditional and fun...but what if you took the concept of a snow globe and turned it into a photo frame with a memorable photo! The concept is a reality now with this precious floating sparkle water picture frame, that when shook, looks like falling snow! Choose a photo you love, like one of you with your partner, your kids, a pet, or anything else, slide it into the frame and watch the magic happen! The recipient of this gifts will love this keepsake photo that they can display on their desk, their nightstand, a book shelf, or anywhere else they'd like!

best christmas gifts for girlfriend

Lucky to Be in Love Romantic Gift Picture Frame

If you consider your girlfriend, wife, husband, boyfriend or partner to be your best friend, then this picture frame will really make her Christmas special! This photo plaque is an 8x10 frame that holds a 4x6 picture of your choice! You can stand it up on a desk or shelf with the attached easel or hang it on the wall! they'll love looking at this frame on their desk at work, on their shelf, in their living room, on their nightstand or anywhere else they want to display it! This gift is sweet, romantic and will look great with their decor!




photo gift ideas

Custom Photo Candle

If you're really not sure what to get someone, candles are always a great last resort. But you don't want to gift your Aunt or your Sister just any old, make your candle gift really stand out with a personalized photo! Choose a photo of them with their spouse, their kids, their pets, or a picture of the two of you together with a sweet message attached! If it's a photo of them with their spouse, you can label it like the photo shown above with their anniversary date! The recipient of this gift will love that you went above and beyond to make their Christmas gift special! And this custom photo candle can be displayed just about anywhere!




photo gift ideas

Which of our photo gift ideas was your favorite? Have any ideas of your own? Let us know down in the comments!




Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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