What Is Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Posted on 23 March 2018

There are many ways to print an image. 

Images can be printed onto plain paper, photo paper, card stock, metal printing, printing onto glass, etc. 

Another way to print and display an image is with a gallery wrapped canvas. 

But what is it? 

Look no further: 

A gallery wrapped canvas has a number of parts to it. In order to best explain what it is, we must define each part. 

Here are the parts to a canvas:

• Canvas Material

The canvas material is the substrate or medium that the ink is actually printed on. Professional canvas comes in large rolls hundreds of feet long. Here is an example picture of our canvas material rolls. 

• Wooden Stretcher bars

Wood stretcher bars are put together to make a square or rectangle shape. The canvas material is the stretched over the wooden frames until it is very tight. The canvas material is then stapled to the back of the wood frames and any excess material is cut off. 

• Hanging Hardware

The hanging hardware is attached to the back of the canvas to make it easy to hang the canvas on the wall. All Canvas Vow's canvases are shipped ready to hang straight out of the box. 


How to stretch canvas

The hardest part of making a canvas is the actual stretching of the canvas material over the stretcher bars. There are a few tools that can be helpful to make the stretching easier. 

• Staple Gun

• Stretcher tool

Using a staples gun makes stapling the canvas material much faster. It helps make sure you have a nice strong attachment to the wood. 

A stretcher tool is a simple hand held tool that allows you to grip are large portion of the canvas material. The grip on the tool makes it a lot easier to give a strong and tight stretch on the canvas material.


How to hang gallery wrapped art

Hanging a canvas is very simple, especially from Canvas Vows. We provide a saw tooth hanging set already attached to the canvas. All that is needed is a simple screw in the wall and the canvas will hang beautifully on it. The saw tooth hanging hardware will allow for slight adjustments in order to make sure it hangs straight and looks professional. 


Although there are a number of ways to print images, gallery wraps are a beautiful and professional looking option. 

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