How To Hang A Canvas

Posted on 28 June 2018

You just received your much anticipated customized canvas in the mail..yay! You’ve found the perfect design, picked your ideal size, and now, it’s time to hang it up in the perfect spot. How do you do this? It’s actually pretty simple and only takes a few steps and supplies. Thankfully, all of our canvas’ come with a hanger already attached to the back of the canvas. All that really leaves for you to do is to pick where you want it hung up, hammer in a nail hook, and hang it up!


What you’ll need:

-1 screw




What to do:


1. Decide where you want your canvas.

Placement is everything, right?! Deciding on the perfect place to hang your canvas is super important, and fun!


2. Mark the wall where you’re going to put the screw.

Once you’ve decided where your canvas is going to go, use a pencil to mark where you’re going to place your screw into the wall.


3. Hang up your canvas.

Now that your wall hanger is up, all you have to do is hang your canvas up! Place the hanger that is on the back of the canvas on the screw, trying to keep it as level as possible.


4. Level it!

You’ve reached the final step (yay!!). To ensure that your canvas is straight, use a leveler and make any needed adjustments to make sure it’s just right.

There you have it! Just a few easy steps to hang up your new canvas. Any canvas, especially customized ones, are a beautiful addition to your home. A lot of effort goes in to designing it just right and creating it flawlessly. This simple guide to helping you hang it up is the last step to having your gorgeous canvas showcased.  

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