Best Christmas Gifts

Posted on 20 December 2019

best christmas gifts

Best Christmas Gifts

Christmas is just a few days away!!! We've finally reached the home stretch! If you still haven't crossed every one off your list for presents this year we've got the penultimate list of everything from home decor, literature, electronics and more! This is the big one! There's still time to get those gifts wrapped and under the tree, so let's get to it!



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best christmas gifts for wife

Amazon Echo Dot

This small, yet powerful smart speaker can stream songs from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Sirius XM, and more, answer questions, read the news, check the weather, set alarms, control compatible smart home devices, turn on lights, adjust thermostats, lock doors, and more with compatible connected devices. The Echo Dot can also call almost anyone hands-free! This little speaker is practical and fun! Start the party or simply use it to get up to date on what's going on!





best christmas gifts for husband

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera

With this little beauty he can take candid snapshots of your life together and instantly print them out to be displayed in a photo album, strung along Christmas lights or anywhere else he wants. This is a fun gift that will capture memories in a way a phone camera can't. Add on an empty photo book or a board for them to pin their photos too to complete the gift!





christmas gifts for boyfriend

Kindle PaperWhite (Waterproof)

This updated version is now waterproof so if they accidentally knock their ice coffee over or get caught in the rain, they won't have to take extreme measures to protect it! They can choose from thousands of titles, including fiction, non-fiction, magazines, and news articles!





christmas gifts for boyfriend

Knit Bluetooth Beanie

Not only will this beanie keep them warm and fashionable for the winter, but they can also listen to their favorite tunes or podcasts while they're on the move! They can even control the volume or pause what they're listening to with the small subtle buttons on the side of the beanie! This beanie connects to Bluetooth so all they needs to do is pull out a device, turn on his playlist, connect it to his beanie and they're good to go!





christmas gifts for boyfriend

Steam Gift Card (PC Gaming)

Steam is one of the more popular homes for PC gaming, with thousands of titles to choose from. There's probably some game they've been itching to get but haven't been able to drop the money on just yet. Let them blow off some steam (ha) with a Steam gift card so they can finally download Red Dead Redemption 2 or Halo for their PC! A gift card might not feel like its super thoughtful, but trust me this will be something they'll really enjoy.




Wireless Earbuds

These little babies are all the rage right now! Significantly high quality sound without having to wear ginormous headphones that feel more like a hat. And best of all, they're wireless! So no more tangling the wires or getting them caught on things while listening to their favorite song or the latest installment of that true crime podcast they love. Super convenient, and easy to store in their own little case so they don't get lost!





best christmas gifts for husband

Leather Noise Canceling Headphones

These aren't just any old noise canceling headphones, these are sleek and chic! Not only can they hear what they need in the quality they want, but they'll look super trendy too.






photo gift ideas

Photo Canvas Print

Whether its your favorite shot from your wedding day, a picture of your newborn, a family portrait, a snapshot of the dog or anything else, transferring it from file to a gorgeous canvas print will really bring it to life! Standard photo canvas prints make great home decor and can be displayed in your living room, bedroom, home office, kitchen, even your bathroom! Canvas prints make a moment magical, and stand out much more than an average framed photo. Any loved one of your choice will love this gift!





christmas gifts for newlyweds

Night Sky Map

For the newlywed couple in your life, this may be their first house or apartment together! This night sky map depicts the constellations of the night sky on a date that you choose! Whether it be the night of their wedding, the night they met, the night they got engaged, or any other significant event! Furthermore, you can customize this art print with their names and the coordinates of their first home! Alternatively, you can customize the message and coordinates for a different location such as their wedding venue, where they met, where they went on their honeymoon or anything else!





christmas gifts for women

Live Laugh Love Wall Decor

If they're a fan of the phrase, Live Laugh Love, then some beautiful, high quality wall decor with that message is a perfect Christmas present for them! This wall art comes in three pieces with a modern marble print background, and the message, "Live every moment, Laugh every day, Love beyond words." This is a great reminder to the person reading it that life is precious and short, so living life to the fullest is important. This three piece canvas will also look just lovely paired with her other decor! Alternatively, this canvas also comes in a rustic wood print!





best christmas gifts for wife

Family Name Sign

To commemorate the home they've established together, give them this beautiful rustic family name sign! Just message us what last name you'd like to use and include the names of them, their wife, and any kids or pets they have! This is perfect for a living room or any other part of the house they wish to display it! Your loved ones will love seeing their families names across a high quality canvas for them to enjoy always!





photo gift ideas

Vows on Photo Canvas

For your spouse, whether you're newly weds or have been together fifty years, a photo canvas from your wedding day is sure to make them smile! Take it up a notch and include your sacred vows from your wedding ceremony! Remind your spouse of all the promises you made on that special day with a beautiful wedding canvas with your promises of love and commitment! This makes for great decor in the bedroom or living room!






christmas gifts for pet owners

Treat! By Christian Vieler

For a hilarious and entertaining time, just flip through the pages of Treat! This is literally a photo book with portraits of dogs reacting to being tossed...well, treats! If the cover is any indication of what's in store, then you know this will make a great Christmas present for anyone that loves dogs and photography books. So break out the hot cocoa, sit back, relax, and have a good time flipping through the pages of this hilarious photo book!





best christmas gifts for husband

Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

Whether or not they majored in classic literature, they're gonna thoroughly enjoy this literary inspired cocktail book! This book covers the ins and outs of the perfect cocktail, from the tools you'll need to cocktail terms and even how to decorate a drink! And that's all before even getting into the recipes! This book has a list of cocktails for women and men as well as cocktails for specific gatherings and even bar bites! Everything from "Gin Eyre" to "The Phantom Tolljuice", this is a book your loved ones will have fun with!





christmas gifts for women

The Finer Things: Timeless Furniture, Textiles, and Details by Christiane Lemieux

For the person with the eye for design, obsession with home decor, and romanticizes the finer things in life, this coffee table book by Christiane Lemieux is the perfect gift for the holiday season! This weighted literary treasure is the go to source for decor detailing that any aspiring interior designer should use. With full color photos and detailed descriptions, this designers bible covers all things timeless and modern and is a coveted reference guide for home decor. The Finer Things breaks down timeless furniture pieces, the history of rugs, wallpaper and so much more! This is every decorators fantasy mapped out and illustrated into a literary guide that they won't want to put down. 





best christmas presents for wife

Vogue: The Covers by Dodie Kazanjian

This is a stunning, full color photo book of every Vogue magazine cover there has ever been! Starting at issue number one back in 1892 all the way to now! Your loved one will love flipping through each page seeing how the standard of beauty has evolved over time and all the iconic women that have graced the cover of Vogue! Gift them a piece of history and fashion with this glamorous coffee table book!





best christmas gifts for wife

Cravings: Hungry for More: A Cookbook by Chrissy Teigen

America's favorite celebrity wife/mom/host/author and former model has done it again! This is the second cookbook by the mother of two and it's better than ever! This cook book comes jam packed with recipes for light snacks, healthier meals, comfort food and desserts that'll leave you lying on the couch happy and full! Chrissy takes her knowledge of good food and mixes it with a dash a humor and spice. This book makes for a great Christmas present for anyone looking to mix it up in the kitchen! 





christmas gifts for men

National Geographic: 50 States - 5000 Ideas

For the person that loves to travel, is always in the drivers seat on road trips, and wants to cross things off his bucket list, this is the perfect book for them! 50 States 5000 Ideas from National Geographic is the best selling book that maps out all the amazing places to visit in the United States as well as the best times of year to travel to them! This traveler's guide also includes 10 Canadian provinces to visit as well! This gift is the perfect reference and has everything you need when planning out their next trip!





christmas gifts for men

Man Up! 367 Classic Skills for the Modern Guy

For the guy who loves to read and is genuinely excited by knowledge, this everything you need to know guide by Paul O' Donnell is a great Christmas gift! Perfect for nights he can't get to sleep, between flights, or to be used as a reference! Learn everything from deciding what hair style is right for you, how to cook a steak, or even how to quit your job the right way! This book is written for guys, but its perfect for anyone!







best christmas gifts for girlfriend 

TOFU Winter Scented Candles Set 

Don't let the name fool you, there's no tofu to be had here. This beautiful scented candle set comes with four uniquely scented wax candles in colorful tin jars with 100% pure plant essential oils. The scents included in this set are Spring, Lavender, Lemon, and Mediterranean Fig. The candles come in a lovely, colorful gift box so you don't even need to wrap it! They'll love this five star rated aromatherapy candles! They can light them while studying, taking a bath, doing yoga, or just hanging out on the couch! Good smells are never a bad idea when it comes to gift giving! 





christmas gifts for boyfriend

Weighted Blanket

These have been the talk of the town lately! Weighted blankets are perfect for keeping warm at night and for reducing stress! The extra added weight of the blanket has been proven to reduce stress in individuals at night, help aid insomnia, and overall just be comforting and comfortable! A weighted blanket is like an all night hug. It's so cozy, they'll probably never want to get out of bed ever again!






Bamboo Wood Bath Caddy

Spoil them this Christmas with this amazing bamboo wood bath caddy! This is the perfect gift for someone who enjoys long soaks in the bath and catching up on the latest episodes of their favorite shows too! This bath caddy can hold everything from their phone, a tablet, bath salts, bubble bath, a small scented candle, loofah, or even a glass of wine to enjoy! This gift can hold so many of their favorite things they may just never leave the bath again! Bonus points if you throw in some of their favorite soaps, bubble bath mixtures and tea candles to complete the set!





christmas gifts for dad

Massage Pillow

For those days they're feeling beat or just wants to unwind, this massage pillow will be just the thing he needs! They can get a deep tissue massage right from the comfort of their own home and without having to ask anyone for favors! With this massaging pillow they can get out the knots in their back, shoulders and even their feet! A gift so great, everyone will be asking to borrow it!







christmas gifts for college students

Personal Heater

A personal heater makes for a great Christmas gift! Plus, they can take it anywhere! Whether they're hanging out in their bedroom, living room, or out on the porch, they can be warm and cozy always!





christmas gifts for men

Old Fashioned Shaving Kit

If your man has an uncanny likeness to a Sea Captain, Wizard, or Santa Claus, then an old fashioned shaving kit may just do the trick! This kit comes with a safety razor and ten blades, a shaving badger hair brush, sandalwood shaving soap, a shaving stand, a stainless steel bowl, and a canvas dopp kit. Now your bearded beau can upkeep their facial hair like the gentlemen of yesteryear!



best christmas gifts for wife

HAUS LABORATORIES by Lady Gaga: HAUS of Collections: 3-Piece Set

For the glam goddess in your life, get her the cosmetics she's been raving over since they were unveiled online...Haus Laboratories by Lady Gaga! This particular set comes with Glam Attack Shimmer Powder, RIP Lip Liner, Le Riot Lip gloss, and a reusable clutch! This gift collection comes in seven different color combinations such as: Angel Baby (as seen above), Haus of Dynasty, Haus of Goddess and more! She's sure to feel like a queen with this star quality cosmetics set!






christmas gifts for men

Craft Beer Making Kit

Do you know someone who's a beer fanatic? Do they love sampling local brews and have an extended knowledge of Stouts, Lagers, and Porters? Give them a buzz and a science project with this craft beer kit! This kit comes with everything they need to make their own beer! This kit is sure to be a hit with them and they're sure to create fun memories brewing their own beers together!





best christmas gifts for boyfriend

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

Break out the tequila, salt, and limes! These Himalayan salt shot glasses are so unique and will add a touch of modern class to any cocktail party! Himalayan salt is said to have healing and cleansing properties which is why so many people have started displaying Himalayan salt lamps in their homes. It's said drinking from a Himalayan salt glass will help you reap the benefits directly which is why these shot glasses are not just trendy but spiritually healthy!





best christmas gifts for girlfriend

Moscow Mule Mug Set

This set comes with four drinking glasses plated with copper. The glasses hold up to 530 ML for just the right amount per drink. To make this gift more presentable, add on a bottle of their favorite vodka, some ginger beer and some lime juice! Now once they've opened their new gift they'll be all set to go! Cheers! 





christmas gifts for men

Personalized Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

 For the person that doesn't have time to rummage around for a bottle opener, this personalized wall mounted one will do the trick! Simply choose the name of the person you'd like to gift this to and you'll get it carved into cedar wood with his name printed and a monogram of his first initial. This gift is practical and fun! (Comes with pre-drilled mounting brackets and screws!)





christmas gifts for men

Retro Liquor Dispenser- Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser

Now THIS is cool. Blow them away with this retro liquor dispenser, modeled to look like a old school gas pump! Perfect for the person who's a fan of whiskey, rum, brandy, or anything else they'd like to put inside it. This liquor dispenser is great for the kitchen or a man cave, and will be a hit at parties! It's all about presentation after all!





christmas gifts for men

Glass Ship Whiskey Decanter

For the Captain in the family, or a whiskey enthusiast, we've got the perfect gift. Level up their decanter game with this glass ship whiskey decanter with 4 laser etched glasses! Such a classy and unique gift! 





christmas gifts for college students

16 Piece Drinking Games Kit

Now this party animal can be prepared for any snow day, party, small gathering, whatever they want! This 16 piece drinking games kit comes with four shot glasses, dice, a bottle opener, cards, pong balls, and a booklet of drinking games! All of these tools come with an easy to carry case to keep all of these pieces together and easily stashed away. This gift is also great for travel or just to keep at home!







christmas gifts for mom

Pet Picture Frame and Paw Print Kit

Whether they're a cat parent or a dog parent, this paw print kit with photo frame is a perfect way to memorialize their special furry friend forever! Insert a photo of their pet and offer to dog sit and get that paw print embedded so you can present them with the finished product on Christmas! If you can't pull that off without them knowing, they'll still love that you got them the kit all the same and will have fun putting it together to display on their desk, nightstand, shelf, or anywhere else they can admire it!





christmas gifts for pet owners

Portrait Pet Mug

How cute is this?? For the pet lover in your life, gift them an adorable portrait coffee mug of them and their pet! Just send in the photo you want to use and the artist will make a print of of the pair to admire on a cute coffee mug! Undoubtedly this will be their favorite mug they own! This will definitely make waves in your circle and you'll probably want one too!






christmas gifts for pet owners

Embroidered Dog Mom Denim Baseball Cap

For the dog mom on the go, an athlete, a tomboy, or anyone who wants to show off their dog parenting, this Dog Mom baseball cap will be the perfect gift for them this Christmas! It's cute, it's trendy, it's great to showcase a ponytail, perfect for a jog, hiking, watching your kids little league game, hitting up the grocery store, or any other time you want to wear a cute hat! This cap comes in TEN different colors, so you can choose their favorite or the one you think will go best with their wardrobe! Score!




christmas gifts for pet owners

Corgi Butt Coin Purse

I mean, the name says it all. If we know anything about Corgi's it's that the internet loves a good Corgi butt. And now the pet owner you're looking to gift for can carry one with them wherever they go with this fluffy and adorable Corgi Butt Coin Purse! Perfect for carrying change, cash, credit cards, chapstick, keys, or whatever little things you want to keep with you. This coin purse is sure to make them smile when they receive it on Christmas day!






christmas gifts for women

Initial Necklace

Initial necklaces are very in right now! Celebrities like Taylor Swift to royalty like Meghan Markle wear them and the woman you're looking to surprise should too! Just choose the first initial of the person you're going to give this necklace to and choose between a gold, rose gold (as seen above) or silver color and watch them light up on Christmas day when they open their new everyday accessory! Initial necklaces are all about owning your style and personalizing your look. They can also be a nod to a significant other, a child, parent, pet or anyone else! Get creative!





christmas gifts for mom

Gold Handwriting Bracelet

This lovely knot handwriting bracelet is the perfect Christmas gift! Choose a sweet message like, "I love you," or "Best Mom Ever" and on the back, "Love, Y/N" or anything else that will fit on the disc! This bracelet is also available in rose gold if your Mom likes rose gold jewelry! This bracelet will go perfectly with any fashion sense and can be worn dressed up or for everyday wear! 





actual handwriting necklace

Actual Handwriting Necklace

Personalized necklaces make a great gift for any woman, at any age. Whether its for your girlfriend, wife, sister, best friend, Mom, Aunt, Grandma, or anyone else you can think of, she's sure to love it! This particular necklace is a double circle disc necklace with space for a short message and a signature. Our friends at Sincerely Silver can actually take a real handwritten note from you and engrave it onto the discs as if you did it by hand yourself! Amazing! Say something sweet like, "I love you" or "Always in my Heart" or "Best Mom Ever" whatever you'd like! Follow it up with a signature for the smaller disc and you have a Christmas present that's one of a kind and sentimental! Comes in silver (as seen above), gold, and rose gold!





christmas gifts for mom

Mama Bear and Cub Necklace

For a fierce Mama that would do anything for her cubs (all Mama's of course!) this Mama Bear and Cub Necklace is a perfect Christmas gift for the woman that made you who you are today! This sweet and subtle pendant comes in silver and rose gold so you can choose the color that best suits her wardrobe and personality! Your Mama will be proud to wear this beautiful and heartfelt Mama Bear necklace for special occasions and everyday wear!








best christmas gifts for husband

HyperChiller HC2 Patented Coffee/Beverage Cooler

For Christmas this year, gift your loved one the HyperChiller! This baby takes non carbonated room temperature or hot drinks (such as hot coffee, tea, alcohol, juice etc...) and makes them iced! And it does so in 60 seconds! This invention is also washing machine safe! Now they can make it on time to work or class without having to stop for overpriced coffee!




christmas gifts for women

Indoor Electric Stainless Steel S'mores Maker

Okay, but who DOESN'T love s'mores?? If you know someone who adores s'mores (everyone) but doesn't have a fire pit accessible to them, then this is the gift you've been looking for! This electric stainless steel s'mores maker is flameless, easy to set up, and has a 360° shelf at the bottom to hold all your s'more making favorites like chocolates, marshmallows, and graham crackers! A fun gift like this will be perfect on Christmas night or anytime the recipient wants to have a little s'more party! Pair with the chocolate fondue fountain for a decadent duo!





christmas gifts for men

Hot Sauce Making Kit

Do you know someone OBSESSED with hot sauce? Does he insist Sriracha and Tabasco goes on EVERYTHING? This year gift them this amazing hot sauce kit! It comes with recipes, funnels, squeeze bottles, sauce bottles and all the spices they'll need to create his one of a kind hot sauces! On a cold winter night, hot sauce will warm them and whoever else dares to try them!  





best christmas gifts for girlfriend

Fondue Pot

With this fondue pot, they can be the hostess with the mostess, the hit at the potluck, or your favorite dessert chef on date nights! Imagine all the things you can cover in chocolate and has us salivating just thinking about it... break out the marshmallows and strawberries! It's time for fondue for two!






christmas gifts for college students

Instant Pot Duo Mini 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

This mini pressure cooker has all the quality of Mom's homemade cooking with the convenience of throwing it all in one pot!  It's small enough for one, won't take up too much space, and makes everything from soup to rice to pasta and beyond! All they need it some ingredients and an outlet to plug it in! 





 gifts for men



christmas gifts for men

Walnut Wood Phone Docking Station

For the man that is always losing his keys, spends ten minutes looking for his sunglasses (even though they're on his head), and is always shouting at you across the room to call his phone, we present to you...the walnut wood phone docking station. Now Dad, your husband or anyone else you know with an organizational problem can put all their important items in one convenient place! Never again will Grandpa have to turn over every cushion and decorative pillow to find his wallet. Gone are the days of having to copy your house key because Mr. Right lost his...again. Not to mention this docking station comes in a nice walnut wood finish!




best christmas gifts for boyfriend

Meat Sampler Gift Box

If the guy you're gifting for is into hunting for food purposes, is a fan of exotic food, or has been talking about how he's never had venison and wants to try it, then we have the perfect gift for him! This meat sampler gift box comes with venison steak, pork sticks, jerky sticks, pork chomps, epic pork rinds, beef bars, chicken, ostrich and traditional jerky! This kit is great for snacking and trying new things! We're salivating just thinking about it!





best christmas gifts for husband

Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater

If this guy is a fan of Star Wars (and he probably is) he'll be fan-boying over this awesome Star Wars ugly Christmas sweater! This sweater pictured above is a black cotton polyester blend with an image of Darth Vader encircled by a Christmas wreath with two red light sabers crossing beneath. But this isn't your only option. There are fifteen different designs in this collection! So whether he's a Darth Vader guy or LOVES R2-D2, there's a perfect sweater here for him. May the force be with him this Christmas!  




best christmas gifts for husband

Bewell Men's Wooden Watch

If they're a fan of watches or has just been itching for one, getting him a watch is a great idea for a Christmas present. But, there's a lot of watches out there. For a man whose tastes are more on the rustic side, but also likes a touch of class, this Bewell Men's Wooden Watch is an excellent choice! This fashionable men's watch comes in four stylish color combinations: ebony and red sandalwood (as seen above), ebony, maple and red sandalwood, and red sandalwood. They'll certainly stand out with this beautifully handcrafted watch on his wrist!









best christmas gifts for wife

Kate Spade Hayes Mini Leather Satchel Women's Handbag

You really can't go wrong with Kate Spade. It's a treasured brand by women everywhere. From bags to jewelry and everything in between, this luxury brand has something every woman will love. That includes your the woman you're gifting for! This Kate Spade handbag is just one example of the many handbags to choose from this holiday season. She'll feel fashion forward and spoiled when she opens this!



christmas gifts for wife

Elizabeth Arden Red Door 1.7 oz 3 Piece Fragrance Gift Set

Spoil her this year with this luxurious Red Door Fragrance Gift Set from Elizabeth Arden. This set comes with a mini eau de parfum spray, a 1.7 oz eau de parfum spray, shower gel and body lotion all in a gorgeous red gift box! The scent is described as follows, "Each note, from top to base, delicately makes a statement. Wild Violet is sweet, but never demure. Red Rose is classic, yet bold. And Honey is tempting, yet surprising." When she sprays this perfume or uses this shower gel she'll feel glamorous and refreshed.





best christmas gifts for girlfriend

Mermaid Tail Blanket

Make her mermaid fantasy a reality and keep her warm and cozy at the same time! This beautiful crocheted mermaid tail blanket is the perfect gift for the girl who's got magic in her and wants to stay comfortable while she's relaxing on the couch. Her feet will never be cold again when she has this on! The mermaid tail blanket comes in a variety of colors and measures at 71''x35". Now she can feel like a mermaid queen in the comfort of her own home!





christmas gifts for women

PUMA Women's Fenty x Chelsea Sneaker Boots

Finally on our list, the brand that has made waves for the last few years. Singer, songwriter, actress and now entrepreneur Rihanna took the world by storm with her brand, Fenty. Everything from cosmetics to lingerie to athletic wear. This boss lady is truly a tour de force. Fun fact: Rihanna is now the creative director of the Puma brand! Which means the power of Fenty has combined with the classic Puma style to change the game AGAIN. A perfect example are these platform chelsea sneaker boots. Chelsea boots have been on trend for a few years now, but a platform? Just take my money now! For the fashionista in your life, these shoes will knock her socks off!





best christmas gifts

 And that's a wrap! We hope you have a very Merry Christmas full of fun, laughter and great gifts!




With love, your Canvas Vows crew


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