Christmas Gifts for College Students

Posted on 16 December 2019

christmas gifts for college students


Is a friend of yours, a Grand-kid, a niece or nephew, your own kid, or a significant other away at college? That dorm life is all about cramming papers, naps when you can get them and living sparsely on your own for the first time. For the college kid you know that's hustling to get that degree, they deserve a little break. Give them Christmas gifts they can really use this year! We've got the best of the best for what to gift your college student this year, things they'll love and actually use! Christmas will be here before you know it, so let's dive in!



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Christmas Gifts for College Students




christmas gifts for college students

Personal Heater

The winters are hard on a kid eating ramen noodles and wearing fuzzy socks from last Christmas as everyday socks to stay warm. Especially if their college of choice was somewhere on the east coast. Plus, bunking with another college student and having polar opposite comfort preferences has gotta be tough. For all this and more, a personal heater makes for a great Christmas gift! Plus, they can take it anywhere! Whether they're hanging out in their dorm room or cramming assignments in the library, they'll always be warm!





christmas gifts for college students

Mike's Hot Honey

You can put this heaven sent nectar on everything! Wings, chicken sandwiches, burgers, pizza, stir fry... whatever needs a sweet and spicy kick! Send your college kid a pack of these babies so they can add a little flavor on those days where they need to budget their meals. This spicy honey has become increasingly popular, and your college kiddo will be so psyched when they see their supply!




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Personalized Travel Bag - Canvas Bag

For the college student on the go, this personalized travel bag is the perfect Christmas present! Get it personalized with his first initial for an extra special touch! It comes with magnetic snap and zipper closures and an adjustable shoulder strap for comfort. 16 oz and faux leather. Size: 22 7/8"(L) x 8 2/3" (W) x 16 1/8" (H)





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Indoor Electric Stainless Steel S'mores Maker

Okay, but who DOESN'T love s'mores?? If the college student you know adores s'mores (no rhyme intended) then this is the gift you've been looking for! This electric stainless steel s'mores maker is flameless, easy to set up, and has a 360° shelf at the bottom to hold all your s'more making favorites like chocolates, marshmallows, and graham crackers! A fun gift like this will be perfect for them and their friends to have a little s'more party! They'll be a hit on campus for sure!






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HyperChiller HC2 Patented Coffee/Beverage Cooler

College kids run on three things: sleep, ramen noodles, and coffee. For Christmas this year, gift your college kiddo the HyperChiller! This baby takes non carbonated room temperature or hot drinks (such as hot coffee, tea, alcohol, juice etc...) and makes them iced! And it does so in 60 seconds! This invention is also washing machine safe! Now they can make it on time to class and skip the line at the local coffee joint!





best christmas gifts for husband

The North Face Pivoter Backpack

 This baby can fit a device up to 15" long, has an LED loop, a D-door closure, two bottle pockets one on either side, extra pocket space and a padded handle. This a the perfect backpack for endurance, long travel and even longer use! Now They can carry books, their laptop, snacks, a tumbler or anything else they need all in one place that's durable and long lasting! Comes in twenty different colors!





christmas gifts for women

Women's Fashionable Backpack

For a student on the go...this fashionable backpack from Forever Anniversary is a perfect gift that's trendy and practical! Choose from four different colors such as black, grey (as shown above), blue and purple! Dimensions are approximately 11.6"L x 17.2"H x 5.4" W, with five total compartments, one main pocket with a laptop sleeve, two front zip pockets under the flap, and one bottle pocket on either side. This backpack is practical without being clunky, and fashionable without being too flashy. They'll love it!






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Leather Noise Canceling Headphones

For study sessions, all nighters spent writing papers, or just tuning out their dorm-mate, noise canceling headphones are a God send. These aren't just any old noise canceling headphones, these are sleek and chic! Not only can they tune out the world with their favorite music or podcasts, but they're convenient and high quality too! No need to keep the music down or have to listen to the shenanigans of the next dorm over!





Glass Essential Oil Diffuser

A calming scented environment is something to not be taken for granted. Especially if the stack of unclean socks and gym clothes are starting to really pile up. This Christmas, give your college student this amazing glass essential oil diffuser for Christmas! Match with some calming scents you think they'd like and give them a dorm room that's always feeling fresh! This diffuser has a wood base and a glass top so its high quality. This will keep their dorm smelling fresh and sweet all the time which is great for stress and aromatherapy sessions!





Leather Toiletry Bag - Personalized

To keep all their little bathroom things organized and safe from being lost, we present to you the all mighty personalized toiletry bag! This leather bag will keep their toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mini mouth wash, tweezers, nail clippers, and anything else that's essential to them all in one place and easy to carry with them to that dreaded shared bathroom. You can event personalize this bag with their name or initials for an extra special touch! This little bag is more useful than it looks and this college student is sure to love it!






Glass Tea Infuser Bottle

If the college student you're gifting for is a big tea drinker, then this glass tea infuser bottle is a perfect gift for them! This bottle makes tea on the go and is very chic and sophisticated looking! Either using a tea bag or loose leaf tea, they can place it in the infuser capsule, pour in hot water and let the bottle brew delicious tea for them as they head off to class. For iced tea, simply brew hot first then add ice! Or, stick in the fridge overnight! Send them some of their favorite teas too so they'll be stocked up this semester!





Mini Espresso Machine

They've been wanting it, and now you've got it. The perfect way to start their day! This Christmas, surprise your this college student with this mini espresso machine! No more dreaded trips at the local coffee joint waiting in line for twenty minutes and barely making it to class on time. It's mini, so sthey won't have to worry about clearing too much space to fit it in their dorm room. Take your gift giving up a notch by throwing in this french press coffee maker to make it a set!





Christmas gifts for college students

Recipes Every College Student Should Know by Christine Nelson

As the title clearly states, these are recipes every college student should know! All recipes for meals that are cheap and easy to make on limited means and tools! Everything from smoothies to pasta, to salads, and even cake in a cup! The college student receiving this will be so grateful and have so much fun making these quick and easy meals and snacks while they're away at school! For bonus points, add a care package of non perishable food items for them to take back to college!






christmas gifts for college students

16 Piece Drinking Games Kit

Now this college kid can be prepared for any snow day, party, small gathering, whatever they want! This 16 piece drinking games kit comes with four shot glasses, dice, a bottle opener, cards, pong balls, and a booklet of drinking games! All of these tools come with an easy to carry case to keep all of these pieces together and easily stashed away. This gift is also great for travel or just to keep at home!






christmas gifts for college students

Mini Clothes Steamer

Perfect for steaming out wrinkles, cleaning clothes that aren't meant for the typical washer and dryer or even cleaning a mattress or other furniture! This small and portable tool is so handy for a college student that doesn't have time to head to the laundromat or just wants to make their clothes look more presentable. This mini clothes steamer is easy to use and the perfect size for storing away without taking up much space! Your college kiddo will thank you!






christmas gifts for college students

Instant Pot Duo Mini 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

This mini pressure cooker will be this college students new best friend! It's small enough for one, won't take up too much space, and makes everything from soup to rice to pasta and beyond! All they need it some ingredients and an outlet to plug it in! This student will be making meals that make them feel like they're back at home!






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Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

For music fans, podcast listeners, or anything else that needs to be heard loud and proud, a wireless Bluetooth speaker will do just the trick! Now your college kiddo can play their favorite tunes during gatherings, spontaneous dance parties, workouts, or even bring this speaker to a party! Whenever and wherever they want, they can play their favorite music easily from their phones right to their new wireless Bluetooth speaker!






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Knit Bluetooth Beanie

Not only will this beanie keep them warm and fashionable for the winter, but they can also listen to their favorite tunes or podcasts while they're on the move! They can even control the volume or pause what they're listening to with the small subtle buttons on the side of the beanie! This beanie connects to Bluetooth so all they needs to do is pull out a device, turn on his playlist, connect it to his beanie and they're good to go! Perfect for wanting to listen to something without having tangled earbuds in all day or during classes where they want to listen to their playlist without the professor knowing ;)






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Steam Gift Card (PC Gaming)

If this college kid is a gamer, there's no doubt they have a steam account to play their favorite games. Steam is one of the more popular homes for PC gaming, with thousands of titles to choose from. There's probably some game they've been itching to get but haven't been able to drop the money on just yet. Let them blow off some steam (ha) after finals with a Steam gift card so they can finally download Red Dead Redemption 2 or Halo for their PC! A gift card might not feel like its super thoughtful, but trust me this will be something they'll really enjoy.






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Kindle PaperWhite (Waterproof)

Give them a break from lugging all those heavy books with the power to access them all in one light weight device! Get them a Kindle! This updated version is now waterproof so if they accidentally knock their ice coffee over or get caught in the rain, they won't have to take extreme measures to protect it! They can choose from thousands of titles, including fiction, non-fiction, magazines, and news articles! So they can access their school books and be entertained! Win, win!




christmas gifts for college students

What was your favorite gift on our list? Let us know in the comments!




Happy Holidays!

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