Christmas Gifts for New Parents

Posted on 11 December 2019

christmas gifts for new parents

Did your best friend have her first baby? Did your sister just give birth to her fifth? Is your brother in law a new Daddy? If you know someone that just became a parent for the first time and you want to gift them something this Christmas to commemorate this special event, we've got your essential gift guide for what to give new parents for Christmas this year! Christmas is almost here, so let's get to it!

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Christmas Gifts for New Parents



 photo gift ideas

Photo Canvas Print

Choose an adorable family photo, a professional shot of their baby, their baby and older kids together or maybe even a photo from the couples pregnancy announcement shoot and have it turned into a beautiful canvas! This will be a precious keepsake that they can treasure forever and look back at as their baby grows older. This will look perfect in a living room, bedroom, nursery, home office or anywhere else they would like it displayed! Canvas prints really bring photos to life in a way they aren't seen on a computer screen or a glossy photo. Personalize it further with a name, date or sweet message!




christmas gifts for new parents

Custom Ultrasound Canvas

Perfect for a baby shower gift or a Christmas gift and can be give before or after the baby arrives! In addition to that photo canvas print, gift your loved ones a precious custom ultrasound canvas! This unique photo will be scanned and printed onto a high quality canvas and can be personalized further with names and a birth date. Even include a sweet message if you'd like! This is perfect for a nursery, to be hung in a living room, bedroom or anywhere else it can be admired! Ultrasounds are a precious moment in time and this canvas will be a keepsake they'll treasure forever!




christmas gifts for new parents

Baby's Heartbeat Soundwave Canvas

Gift these new parents something unique with this Heartbeat Soundwave Canvas! Just send in a recording of the baby's heartbeat and our canvas designers will transform the sound of the baby's heartbeat into an image that can be printed onto a high quality canvas! Choose any color you would like represented, and send in a name, date and message you would like included as well! This canvas is perfect for the baby's room, a living room, your bedroom, home office or anywhere else! Soundwave canvases are unique and make amazing wall art! Not to mention these are heartfelt (no pun intended) and sentimental!




baby's heartbeat and image soundwave canvas

Baby's Heartbeat and Image Soundwave Canvas

If you can't decide between a soundwave canvas and a photo canvas, we have the perfect solution! First choose a precious photo of the baby or your loved ones with their new baby. Then collect a recording of the baby's heartbeat. Send it in and our designers will transform that heartbeat into a soundwave image and print the photo on top it like the image seen above! You can personalize it further with names and dates or a message you'd like included. If you'd like certain colors represented, that can be done too! This canvas will blow them away when they receive it on Christmas morning!




christmas gifts for new parents

Growth Chart Ruler

They grow up so fast! Your loved ones new baby may be a little jelly bean right now, but they'll be sprouting tall before you know it! In the mean time, gift them this adorable growth chart ruler! This is perfect for new parents to measure their child's growth as they get older! And this is a beautiful keepsake they can hang on to forever! When their children are grown they can look at this and think back on simpler times when their kid was just a tiny little thing. This growth chart ruler canvas also comes in blue for boys!




christmas gifts for new parents

New Baby Necklace with Name and Date

For a new Mama, this new baby necklace with name and date is a thoughtful and beautiful gift. The necklace is made up of two circle discs and a heart charm with foot prints! On the two circle discs, you can include a name and birth date to represent your loved ones new baby! Now this new Mom can carry her baby's name with her everywhere she goes and be reminded of the sweet gift you gave her!




christmas gifts for new parents

Personalized Necklace with Kids Names

Did a friend of your have a baby recently but has older kids too? Then this necklace is perfect for a Mama with several kiddos of her own! This necklace is an open circle disc with a heart charm attached. Along the disc, you can personalize it with the names of all her children!  Now she can take all her children with her wherever she goes and keep them close to her heart!




christmas gifts for new parents

Baby Feet Necklace with Birth Stone

For an alternative to a circle disc necklace, we have this beautiful vertical bar necklace with space for an engraved name and a baby feet emblem! Simply personalize this necklace with the name of your loved ones new baby and it will be engraved onto this sterling silver bar necklace! For an extra special touch, include their birth month and our friends at Gracefully Made will attach a small gem in the color of that month! This is a beautiful gift for a new Mama or to even be worn by a proud Grandma! 





baby fingerprint necklace with date

Baby Fingerprint Necklace with Birthdate

For a necklace that's a one of a kind statement, we give you the baby fingerprint necklace with birth date from our friends at Sincerely Silver! This dainty bar necklace comes in silver (as shown above), gold and rose gold! Simply personalize the bar with the name of your loved ones new baby, their date of birth and send in a print of the baby's fingerprint or thumbprint and the design team will scan the image onto the bar! This necklace is so unique since no two fingerprints are alike. This Mama can wear this as an everyday necklace or dress it up for a special occasion!






christmas gifts for new parents

Our First Christmas Mommy & Daddy 2019 Ornament

The first Christmas with a new baby is such a special time. Even though the baby won't remember any of it, it's special for the parents to enjoy the first of many Christmases with their child. What better Christmas present for these first time parents than a sweet ornament to put on their tree? This beautiful circle disc ornament comes with the words "First Christmas as Mommy and Daddy 2019" printed on the front with a cute snowflake! This porcelain ornament is a sweet addition to their Christmas tree and will be a keepsake they can hang onto forever!





christmas gifts for new parents

Our First Christmas as a Family of Three Ornament

As an alternative to the ornament previous to this one, a great gift for new parents is this lovely "Our First Christmas as a Family of Three 2019" ornament! Similar to the former, this is a porcelain disc style ornament with a lovely wreath print and lettering. This will be a wonderful keepsake for them and will look so pretty on their Christmas tree!






christmas gifts for new parents


Willow Tree Hand-Painted Sculpted Figure, Our Gift - Personalized

This beautiful statuette by Willow Tree portrays a mother and father adoring their newborn baby atop a personalized plaque. Simply choose the name of your loved ones new baby and their birth date to be engraved onto the plaque! If you can, even include the time of birth and their weight! Your friends or loved ones will love receiving this beautiful statue honoring their first child together. It was be displayed on a desk, bookshelf, nightstand, or anywhere else it can be appreciated! If they ever have baby number two, look out for more of the Willow Tree collection to add to their mantle!




christmas gifts for new parents


Baby Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Photo Frame Kit

 For a keepsake gift that's unique to their child and their child alone, give them this wonderful baby handprint and footprint keepsake photo frame kit! If possible, you can obtain the baby's hand and footprint and give it to them already made, or if you can't, the kit will resonate with them just the same! This is a perfect keepsake for new parents that they can look back at years later and remember the early years fondly.



christmas gifts for new parents

Mama Bear & Papa Bear Mugs

For those mornings the baby awakens at the crack of dawn, hot cocoa cuddles, or any other time a mug is necessary, this is a great Christmas present for new parents! These Mama and Papa Bear mugs are adorable collectibles that will be your loved ones go to for hot coffee, hot chocolate, tea or even eggnog! These mugs hold 14 oz of liquid and are microwave and dishwasher safe.





christmas presents for new parents

What to Expect: The First Year by Heidi Murkoff

From the people that brought you What to Expect When You're Expecting comes a new book about everything you need to know about your baby during that first year! Most couples spend a lot of time preparing for the birth, but once the baby is home they realize there's more to raising a baby than just feeding it and changing its diaper. This essential guide to everything baby is a great Christmas gift for parents that are expecting or that are a few months into parenthood. There's a lot to learn but you've got them covered!




christmas gifts for new parents

As You Grow: A Modern Memory Book for Baby by Korie Herold

This is unlike any other memory book for babies you've probably ever seen. As You Grow is a memory book with room to write down every little detail of a babies life. Everything from what songs the parents used as lullabies to a page for them to fill out the story of their child's birth. Nothing will ever be forgotten when they fill this out. The book beautifully printed and has a very chic and modern look to it. The book is a keepsake on its own, and your loved ones will love it!




christmas gifts for new parents

Tiny Miracle Engraved Natural Wood Picture Frame

For a simple gift new parents will love, gift them this cute wood picture frame with the words "Tiny Miracle" etched across it. Print out a copy of their ultrasound photo or any other picture of their baby and present it to them in this frame! This is a thoughtful and sweet gift they can display anywhere they like!




christmas gifts for new parents

Love at First Sight Sonogram Keepsake Frame

An alternative to the frame before this one, this "Love at First Sight" frame is perfect for new parents to remember where it all started. Simply take a copy of their baby's ultrasound photo, slide it into the frame, wrap it up and see the look on their faces when they open it! This picture is more than a fuzzy ultrasound. this was a big moment for these new parents. The first image of their child. It's a moment that deserves to be cherished forever!





christmas gifts for new parents

Mom & Dad Matching Ugly Christmas Sweatshirts Set

Make their title of Mom and Dad official with these matching ugly Christmas sweatshirts! They're cozy, warm, festive, personalized, and perfect for that holiday family photo!  You could even throw in a festive onesie for the baby! Ugly Christmas sweaters are a timeless tradition that only gets more popular every year. We don't think these are ugly, just full of personality!




Glass Essential Oil Diffuser

With a new baby comes a lot of new of which is new...smells... Do your newly parented friends a favor and give them this amazing glass essential oil diffuser for Christmas! Match with some calming scents you think they'd like and give them the gift of fresh air! This diffuser has a wood base and a glass top so its high quality. This will keep their house smelling fresh and sweet all the time and might even relax them a bit on those days they just can't get the baby down for a nap. It's zen, it's calming, and it blends in with any decor! Yay!





christmas gifts for new parents

 What was your favorite gift on our list? What did you get for the new parents in your life? Tell us in the comments!




Have a Magical Christmas!

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