Choosing Wall Decor By Room (6 Most Important Rooms In Your Home!)

Posted on 09 May 2019

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Not sure how to choose wall decor by room? There are 6 most important rooms in your home for wall art: living room, bedroom, nursery, kitchen, bathroom and office. Though there are other rooms in your home (e.g. the laundry room, the den, hallways or the gym), not all homes feature all these rooms and also, they are less crucial when deciding on wall art for your home. Keep reading for Canvas Vows’ professional guidelines for choosing wall decor by room!  

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1. How To Decorate Living Room Walls

how to decorate living room walls

The living room as a whole is all about family, connection and your collective personality. What are your likes and dislikes as a family? Where do you frequently spend your time outside of the home? Do you go on vacation as a family a lot? What do you enjoy to do together? The living is the most fun room to decorate with wall art, but also the most intimidating.

Why is this?

Because this is the room that your guests will see most frequently. Not only do you have to represent your familial interests accurately for yourselves, but also for other who may come in, like family friends, neighbors or distant relatives. Choosing the right piece of wall art for your living room is elemental in starting a conversation.

Do you want it to feel formal or relaxed?

Inspiring or whimsical?

Consider what you do most in that space: do you have parties? Do you host family or guests? Do you lounge with your immediate family and watch movies all night long? Don’t worry about matching your living room wall art to the other living room decor (e.g. pillows, blankets or furniture items). Find the wall art that reflects your own family desires and it will all flow together.

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2. How To Decorate Bedroom Walls

how to decorate bedroom walls

First thing’s first: how much space do you have on your bedroom walls to allow for wall art? If you’re unsure how to decorate bedroom walls, what matters most is the appropriate sizing of wall art. Second most important is the contents of the wall art: the bedroom is where you spend your relaxing moments, and so, you want your wall art to reflect that. For limited bedroom wall space, consider smaller wall art in sets of 2 or 3, or a narrow panoramic artwork.

If you’re unsure how to decorate bedroom walls, consider the fact that most wall art is used to express your personality, as well as to tie the room together.

Thus, a large abstract painting over the bed with two smaller, complimentary images over the side tables works beautifully. Additionally, consider wall art that speaks to your relationship with your spouse: the bedroom is the best room in the house to celebrate your relationship and to cultivate artwork that addresses your unique bond.

When you’re trying to figure out how to decorate bedroom walls, consider these 3 things:

1. Arrangement of wall art
2. Space on walls
3. Content of the wall art

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3. How To Decorate Nursery Walls

how to decorate nursery walls

It goes without saying that your nursery is all about your gorgeous little newborn. If you’re not sure how to decorate nursery walls, there’s a couple things you can do.

For instance —

1. Pick a color scheme based on your baby’s gender.

2. Choose wall art for their cheerfulness, stimulation and entertainment.

3. Choose a theme, like nature, animals or superheroes.

4. Opt for wall art that tells a story. For instance, consider nursery wall art that features a little girl in an enchanted forest enjoying her magical, talking-animal friends.

5. Find wall art that teaches. Utilize interesting shapes, designs, colors and even sounds!

Don’t be afraid to place some sophisticated, adult wall art in your nursery. It is never too early to introduce a baby to great art and, often, this can stimulate their minds and promote development.  

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4. How To Decorate Kitchen Walls

how to decorate kitchen walls

Trying to figure out how to decorate a dining room wall, or perhaps, how to decorate a large kitchen wall? The kitchen is often the busiest room in the house. You eat there, cook there, socialize there, work there. Though every other room in your house has a more specific purpose (i.e. living room is for socializing and relaxing, bedroom is for relaxing and sleeping, office is for working, and bathroom is for taking care of bodily functions), the kitchen has the ability to serve all of these purposes and more (except for maybe the bathroom’s functions!).

You’re kitchen really is the heart of the home.

Furthermore, in the kitchen, there are often a variety of objects that compete for your attention: shiny objects, fancy appliances, decorative dishes and practical items like calendars or key hooks. Despite all of these other items, it is important to include kitchen wall art that makes a statement. Unify your kitchen with wall art that touches on the common theme of the room: eating and drinking!  

Not sure how to decorate kitchen walls?

If you’re unsure how to decorate a large kitchen wall, how to decorate kitchen walls in general or how to decorate a dining room wall, lean towards smaller items that compliment the space but do not overwhelm it. Alternatively, for a large kitchen wall or dining room wall, opt for one medium to large wall art item in the center and a variety of medium to smaller wall art items surrounding it. Don’t hesitate to hang your kitchen wall decor above the countertop, cabinets or even the sink (assuming there’s no window there, of course!).

Let your tasty kitchen wall art inspire a midnight snack, a delicious gourmet family dinner or a dinner party among friends and family.

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5. How To Decorate Bathroom Walls

bathroom decor

The bathroom is the room in the house that we often spend a lot more time than we think, getting ready for the day or unwinding from all of its events. Though it is not frequently thought of as a location for great, big pieces of wall art, the bathroom is an important location for soothing, relaxing and calming wall art. Do not neglect your bathroom in terms of wall art — despite its limited space, your bathroom is still a great space to feature your creative side.

For instance —

Are you looking for a soothing retreat? Draw inspiration from water by choosing art with a blue theme or reclining figures. Choose art with a nature or botanical theme to remind you of fresh air and peace. For powder rooms, consider fun, bright and whimsical pieces. For the master bathroom, consider serene and calming images. For any bathroom, smaller pieces of wall art in sets of 2 or 3 work best as they can be set side by side and fill up the space, but still appearing as though they are not too large in the small space. Knowing how to decorate bathroom walls isn’t too difficult — just keep in mind the space of the bathroom and its location in your home.

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6. How To Decorate My Office Walls

how to decorate my office walls

Not sure how to decorate my office walls? If you have a home office, this space is a great place to show off you — your likes, passions, inspirations, desires, hopes, dreams and loves. Personalize your office walls with wall decor that makes you enjoy the space and promote your work. For example, envision your office walls as a mood board to inspire you. Include artists, politicians or business executives who inspire you; places that you love like your family cabin or a favorite vacation spot; or events from around the world that represent your work. The most important thing about your office wall decor is to focus on you and on what motivates you on a daily basis.

Don’t overthink your office wall decor — you’ll know it when you see it.

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And there you have it!

Your complete guide for how to choose wall decor by room. Want to know how to choose wall art for your home? Check out our Complete Guide: How To Choose Wall Art For Your Home (Top 7 Tips!).

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